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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by captainnana, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Tom.cauchi

    Tom.cauchi New Member

    dude im 13 i arent using shit it isnt there for me it only says bronycraft,voxelcraft and universal electricty pack,ftb retro and ftb SMP theres no mindcracked for me ?[DOUBLEPOST=1361329329][/DOUBLEPOST]???
  2. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    Mate, first of all calm down, secondly cursing is the spice of language yet only the rotten meat needs lots of spice.

    • Have you tried re-downloading the launcher?
    • If so, could you provide us a screenshot of your launcher interface.
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  3. Tom.cauchi

    Tom.cauchi New Member

    i have reloaded it 15 times still not there. and how do i screenshot it ?
  4. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    There are several ways, you can use paint.

    You can also use sniping tool.

  5. headhunter4444

    headhunter4444 New Member

    i cant open it on my mac osx version 10.7.5. i had it working before but that was with a run code i found from youtube. if you could please reply with a solution that would be greatly appreciated, But I am glad that there is an update!!!
  6. reinier

    reinier New Member

    hello people from fead the beast the nano saber does't work very well i can't see the fikkering
  7. Sirbab

    Sirbab New Member

    Are you familiar with how it works?
    Remember to:
    Power it, and turn it on, otherwise it will not flicker between colors.
    It worked just dandy for me, last i checked.
  8. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    Mate, do not make fun of the guy. It isn't working for me as well, it acts as if it has no power or looks that way still power bar is light green. I have yet to make creative worlds and test it or reinstall everything and try yet it isn't working.
  9. Davheedw

    Davheedw New Member

    Maybe he was not making fun of him? I'm sure some people that are new to FTB don't know of some of the simple usages of certain items. But you're right, it isn't working for me either.
  10. ScottKillen

    ScottKillen New Member

    Legend Oaks in the banner for the win! Awesome!
  11. kolikooo1

    kolikooo1 New Member

    "new features and more customisability" i wonder what can it be launcher is perfect!
  12. yuuwolfman

    yuuwolfman New Member

    i still want to know when its coming out
  13. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    When what is coming out?
    The answer will be the same regardless: when it's done.
  14. yuuwolfman

    yuuwolfman New Member

  15. jjw123

    jjw123 New Member

    there are a few things..

    people dont like the fact that the launcher is tabbed, so everything isnt on the screen at once, so that will be fixed while not overtaking the screen with too much information.

    there are quite a few other things that could have been done better (implementation wise)

    one other thing is that the launcher is very static, with no customisation at all, what we tell you to look at is what you look at, we want to fix this and let you choose what you want where (within reason, of course)
  16. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    I love the fact that the launcher is tabbed. If all of that information was all in one screen it would feel too cluttered
    Could I implement tabs?
  17. jjw123

    jjw123 New Member

    like i say, we have a way around the cluttered feel, and it depends on that one, i'll have a play around with the extent i want to go with the customisation ;)

    another option i was thinking about is having the launcher current GUI as an option to switch to on the new launcher, cos i realise that some people dont like change, so i'll possibly do that (but make it resizable this time :D)

    no promises on anything i say here btw, im kinda just giving an indication as to whats coming without giving too much away :)
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  18. paul90133

    paul90133 New Member

    some are friendly but I bet u can pick the a holes out prity easy : )
  19. darkstone711

    darkstone711 New Member

    not sure i should post it here but what the hell u did with new update some texture not matching texture pack and way points are horrible
  20. afa7336

    afa7336 New Member

    Which Minimap are you using? Have you customized the setting to make it look like they should??

    Also Textures not matching, uhhhm, in Vanilla textures it is fine for me. If you are using a texture pack other then Vanilla, this isn't in anyway due to FTB nor the mod authors. Check with the texture pack you are using, and see if they have updated to the new items that were added, etc.

    One question for this, are we going to see a .app anytime soon or will I have to keep making my own .app myself?
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