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    Hey, would you be interested in working on Resonant Rise? If so, hop on the Discord (That's a temporary link, talk to me if you need a new one.)
    Well, looking to get back into modded minecraft. A lot has changed tho :eek:
    Samuel Roy
    Hey, would you like to join Resonant Rise's modding team? I remembered you from back in the day, so I convinced the guys to give you a chance.
    BTW, how was your training? I completely forgot to ask ;)
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    I've been screwed over by the army a few times now. I know my way around. Keep head down, won't get hit when shit hits fan :p
    I'm a 25U... well... was. I was also in the guard. (My wife is in now, she's a 25B) Glad to see peeps out there still enlisting.

    Ashzification. AGREED. lol
    Grats on coming back dude! We all missed you!
    kyle i cant seem to join the server due mod version incorrect etc. but i also cant update the new world modpack any help?
    Can you add Optifine in the next update, that would be great, love the modpack.
    Darth Sith
    Not going to happen, the creator doesn't like his mod in modpacks, also you can add it yourself :p
    What he said ^
    Is there any chance that you could add MMMPowersuit mod to FTB New World? Its my favorite modpack and with the 1.5 update its simply amazing!
    Please reply ;)
    Hi Kyle, it's that guy with the New World LP :D

    Loving the Pack, so I thought I'd follow you on here to get first hand knowledge on any changes you make in updates, and perhaps make contact so you and I can have a chat sometime about it all.
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