More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Zexks

    Zexks New Member

    I'd be very curious as to Mojang's thoughts on this would be.
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  2. MachineMuse

    MachineMuse New Member

    This is a bizarre development.
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  3. xecaquan

    xecaquan New Member

    I for one need more awesome t-shirts! Long as the Ads don't become overwhelming I am sure your client base will adjust.
  4. MachineMuse

    MachineMuse New Member

    And the product is T-shirts and coffee mugs, not the mods themselves. Did you even read the OP?
    People will never ever be asked to pay to use the FTB launcher, to download any mod pack or for any updates.
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  5. Chaos_Therum

    Chaos_Therum New Member

    I'm glad that so many people support this. I think this is a great idea I think I'm gonna buy the hoodie and shirt ASAP I would also love to get a applied energistics t-shirt and buildcraft seeing as I've been with buildcraft since before the quarry was even a thought.
  6. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    I can honestly say I fully support this move since it is only a merchandise endeaver. I would love to see mod authors to be able to sell tees and other things to help fund themselves for what they otherwise provide to us free of charge.
    With merchandise specifically geared toward helping fund the development of the launcher and better quality modpacks is great as long as the launcher remains free and the money goes to help those working on them.

    As much as he may hate me for this, I would also like to formally recommend Vauthil to help you with coordination of the efforts to make FTB better. I think his mentality and knowledge of how things work are a perfect match for what you intend for the future.
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  7. MrBrunty

    MrBrunty New Member

    As any server owner will tell you, donations are key to the survival of a server. Surely thats the same for any time consuming endeavour? Obviously FTB itself is on a much larger scale than that of any server, so HELL YEA I support this move. Anything to improve modpacks even more :p Not to mention that there are currently hundreds of sever owners making ALOT of money off of your hard work, why shouldn't you? :p

    What I would like to add though, is perhaps add in a straight up donation option. I love FTB and everything, but I don't particularly want to wear a shirt in the high street - would ruin my street cred :p But at the same time I would want to give something back to a modpack that has given me countless hours worth of joy xD Lets be honest, the concept of V.I.P tags on the forums is damn awesome xD

    One thing I would love though, PLEASE delve into plugin development!!! make custom plugins for the community to help with FTB server management, I'm lucky enough to have a server member whos willing to do it for me, but I know other servers don't and there is very limited content out there :p
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  8. BananaSplit2

    BananaSplit2 New Member

    I have confidence that mod packs won't have to be paid for. That would be a retarded decision, I'd just go make my own if that was the case. And I believe that would go against Mojang ToS. Making money with solely distributing mods would make Mojang legally mad.

    So no worries

    I'd say it's really borderline. I don't know what they'll do, but I doubt they'll strike for just selling FTB merchandise
  9. setesh

    setesh New Member

    well, i don't know if it's really anything that mojang would ever interfere with, due to the massive flag they would recieve from fans all over. for mojang to take legal action against the FTB merchandise store would be the same as saying that direwolf, any of the mindcrackers or the yogscast(to mention a few), would have to face same legal action for their merchandise. but then again, i can't see how they would have any legal right, because they are not selling minecraft merchandise, they are selling...will be selling FTB merchandise. they're selling the brand.
  10. GLaDOS

    GLaDOS New Member

    i dont wanna sound like a jerk but maybe add sphax texture pack because on every update i have to find all new textures and all its not fun
    but for the rest i love you guys keep up that good hard work and becoming a company makes me all happy
    because now i can continue streaming on twitch and youtube
    but please dont get trown in the water like tekkit that would be a waiste :(
  11. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    They can't. It's against the BDCraft terms of use and distribution policy.
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  12. GLaDOS

    GLaDOS New Member

    what is bdcraft terms ?
  13. Sub

    Sub New Member

    Im guessing this is why jaded left the team. And I don't blame her she was a volunteer putting extra time on the project and didn't want to turn it into a business and work full time.
  14. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Actually he just recently changed his policy. I did not know this.
  15. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    I've honestly been waiting on this to occur for a while. It seemed inevitable.

    I suppose general concerns will be user base expectations about a branded, for profit entity.
  16. Ember Quill

    Ember Quill Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I would love to own a FTB Unleashed T-Shirt (plus, providing a platform for other mod devs to sell their own merchandise sounds like a great idea). As long as you don't start selling mods or modpacks (which you've already said you won't do), then this sounds like a great idea.

    One thing I've always appreciated about FTB that Technic/Tekkit never had is openness and transparency. When you guys make a big decision about FTB or anything related to it, you always post some news about it that goes into great depth about the decision that was made and the reasoning behind it. And occasionally, you even involve the community in the decision-making process. I'd like to thank you and the rest of the FTB staff for continuing to keep us informed.
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  17. NosePicker5555

    NosePicker5555 New Member

  18. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    I am not going to go into the reasons why. However I will say that this is totally unrelated to Jaded leaving the team. The fact that these have been announced on the same day is totally coincidental.
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  19. Sub

    Sub New Member

    I understand. And don't take it as an attack either as it was just an assumption and I do totally support this change for FTB's future.
  20. setesh

    setesh New Member

    i will probably get quite a bit of flag for this, but i'd personally prefer that if they were to include a texture pack, that it shouldn't be sphax, or at least have more than sphax as an option. i have nothing against the person/team behind it, i just can't stand looking at it. i'm sorry for saying this, but that's really my version of spring green(most streamers know what i'm refering to)
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