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Whitelist Server [[Mature Modded Minecraft]] ✘ TPPI ✘ Whitelist ✘ Mature and Friendly ✘ PvE ✘ Regular Backups

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Deven1

    Deven1 New Member

    Name: Deven
    Minecraft Username: mrthemaster10
    Why I want to join: I have played Minecraft for about 4 years now and TPPI seems like the best pack for me, but I'm not a single player guy. I love playing and interacting with others through Minecraft and I like small servers where you get to know everyone and it's all peaceful, so this seemed like they right type of server for my taste!
    My References: Found you guys right here on the forums!
  2. InFro

    InFro New Member

    Name: Ruairi
    Minecraft Username: RuairiV
    Why I want to join: Server that i've been playing on for some time has just closed and i'm looking for a new server to build and have fun on. Server experience has ruined singleplayer for me so I'm looking forward to the community feel.
    My References:
    No official references but been on several whitelisted servers including Zerro (one that just closed) and On The Edge Gamers.
  3. nicksunnyiscool

    nicksunnyiscool New Member

    Name: Nick or Vash doesn't matter
    Minecraft Username: nicksunnyiscool
    Why I want to join: Looking for a decent modded mc sever for a while.
    My References:
    (If any) N/A
  4. athmonkey7

    athmonkey7 New Member

    Name: Austin
    Minecraft Username: athmonkey
    Why: because im looking for a friendly modded community without griefers to play on
  5. MrJoyTime

    MrJoyTime New Member

    Name: Nick
    Minecraft Username: MrJoyTime
    Why I want to join: I'm very interested on playing on the server where I can feel free to have fun, enjoy playing and communicating to the lovely community. I see it interesting to explore, build and create with your friends. FTB modded servers are very fun and good, as it is extended version of Minecraft, where you are not in some sort kind of frame you can't get out of it. Modded version can give you abilitys you've never dreamed about in Vanilla. Of course playing wouldn't be as much enjoyable as with friends and lovely players.
    My References: N/A
  6. mjacobinc

    mjacobinc New Member

    Name: Kristjan
    Minecraft Username: ESTP
    Why I want to join: I want to join because i want to have fun like others, and i would love to do stuff as a community, not alone on single player. Single player has it's benefits, but also it gets pretty boring quickly, so this is the reason why i'm looking for a server. I have been playing minecraft since ages, and i used to play with mods way back when redpower2 was still a thing, so i kinda know my mods and what i'm doing, i also know how to behave on servers, as i have been even a owner, for couple of them. I hope you guys accept my applicant, and I would be glad to play with friendly community.
    My References: None.
  7. Legendaryman56

    Legendaryman56 New Member

    Name: Legendaryman56 (Feel free to shorten if you talk to me) ex: Legend
    Minecraft Username: legendaryman56 (Friend connada9)
    Why I want to join: im looking for a good mine-craft server me and a friend can play on were we hopefully don't have to worry about Griefers
    My References:
  8. Vots

    Vots New Member

    Name: Vots
    Minecraft Username: Vots995
    Why I want to join: i have played many minecraft modpacks and i got quite boring solo... so wanted to find a friendly server
    My References:
    used to play in a whitlisted server (cubidawa) but stopped playing for a few months so i was too far behind to catch up to others.
  9. Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.)=Master TAK
    Minecraft Username: Mastertak14
    Why I want to join: I love modded servers and i wanna play with people
    My References:
    (If any)Lets skype this talk!!!!
  10. Veggetossj

    Veggetossj New Member

    Name: online name is VeggetoSSJ, if you want my real name, PM me.
    Minecraft Username: VeggetoSSJ
    Why I want to join:
    Looking for a new and non mainstream server to play on.
    My References:
    Been part of several communities, but was forced to move on due to decline in active players.
  11. Triganley137

    Triganley137 Guest

    Name: Brant
    Minecraft Username: Triganley137
    Why I want to join: Looking for a new experience in minecraft, and every server is the same, full of people who are unmature and really just rude and so I would like to join a more "mature" group.
    My References: N/A
  12. Maeve333

    Maeve333 Guest

    Name: My real name is Maeve but my friends call me Mae or Mavis
    Minecraft Username: maeve333
    Why I want to join: I've been playing minecraft for about 3 and a half years now. All I want is a survival server with a tight knit community. I've had a really hard time finding one since I left this server I used to play on all of the time. After I left that server I made my own. I'm sick of the pressure of owning a server, I just want to have fun.
    My References:
    I've owned 2 servers in the past. Both ended because for different personal reasons,
  13. Madcreed

    Madcreed New Member

    2 wanting to join you server

    Name: Madcreed
    Minecraft Username: madcreed
    Why I want to join: want a good FTB experience.
    My References:Found you on the forum

    Name: Jenny2point0
    Minecraft Username: Jenny2point0
    Why I want to join: i want a fun FTB experience
    My References:Found you on the forum.
  14. Njordin

    Njordin New Member

    Name: Marcel
    Minecraft Username: Njordin
    Why I want to join: I´m really looking for a mature community and a good and big modpack like this, since i´m dad and going straight for the 30s, i dont want to waste time with kids griefing all over the place =)
    My References: Played a long time on the Civilization forum servers (mature community but vanilla) and then a lot on my own server (tekkit, then custom FTB), had to shut it down because of time issues.

    Really looking forward to visiting this server.
  15. auris331

    auris331 New Member

    Name: Aurimas
    Minecraft Username: auris331
    Why I want to join: The reason is simple, I want to be part of a mature and friendly community and play on a server where I can have fun and take my time doing things and not worry about being griefed or trolled. Also TPPI is a new pack for me(Although I know most of the mods in it) and I think it'll be a fun experience playing around with it and building some nice contraptions/buildings
  16. LadieSweet

    LadieSweet Guest

    Name: Sarah
    Minecraft Username: LadieSweet
    Why I want to join:
    I'm looking to rejoin the minecraft community. Hoping to find a server to nestle into.
    My References: The googles. ;)
  17. thuha163

    thuha163 Guest

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.): nguyenha
    Minecraft Username: hantt163
    Why I want to join: I have recently got back into playing modded minecraft and have been looking for a server to play on, this server caught my attention and it looks like a great server. I played minecraft since alpha and FTB around the time it came out so I know some of the mods. I quit playing FTB and minecraft around the time that FTB unleashed came out and wanted to relearn the new mods that have come our and enjoy playing on a server
    My References: (If any): None
  18. gomo66

    gomo66 New Member

    Name: kevin
    Minecraft Username: gomo66
    Why I want to join:
    i want to get back into minecraft and would think that a white listed server is a good place to start. played on a bunch of servers and think that one with a custom modpack sounds god
    My References: none (old servers are no longer running)
  19. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    Name: Austin or Wacko
    Minecraft Username: Wackoman6789
    Why I want to join: I'm looking to get back into MC after a few years of being away
    My References:
    its been years :/
  20. Darkisee

    Darkisee Guest

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Thomas.
    Minecraft Username: Darkise
    Why I want to join: i'm looking to get a good sv
    My References:
    (If any) none.

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