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Whitelist Server [[Mature Modded Minecraft]] ✘ TPPI ✘ Whitelist ✘ Mature and Friendly ✘ PvE ✘ Regular Backups

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Bios Element

    Bios Element New Member

    Approved. Welcome to the Community.

    I'm afraid I've been forced to deny Abuki and Adib.
  2. mew2keegan

    mew2keegan New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Keegan, nick'ed Mew
    Minecraft Username: mew2keegan
    Why I want to join:
    I would like to join a server that has a large variety of mods. I am very well versed in all of the original mods, such as EE, IC2, Buildcraft, and Thaumcraft. I have experience in Botania, Applied Energistics, Natura, and Mystcraft. Whether or not I will be able to play often depends on whether or not my modpack decides that it would like to work on a daily basis. My computer runs most modpacks at a good 20 FPS, and for some reason it's faster on servers. Hopefully, I'll be able to play often (If accepted).
    My References: (If any) None.
  3. Acrean

    Acrean New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.): Colten
    Minecraft Username: Acrean
    Why I want to join: I have recently got back into playing modded minecraft and have been looking for a server to play on, this server caught my attention and it looks like a great server. I played minecraft since alpha and FTB around the time it came out so I know some of the mods. I quit playing FTB and minecraft around the time that FTB unleashed came out and wanted to relearn the new mods that have come our and enjoy playing on a server
    My References: (If any): None
  4. Feeka

    Feeka New Member

    Minecraft Username: FE3KA
    Why I want to join: Looking for a nice and stable server with a good community, I played alot of ftb in the past and I got interested in this pack because it has some new mods with some nice challenges.
  5. Bios Element

    Bios Element New Member

    Sorry for the delay. mew2keegan and acrean are both approved.
  6. kenny

    kenny New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Kenny, but go by Kor or KorTa.
    Minecraft Username: kortadrac
    Why I want to join:
    I've been looking for a good ftb server with a good community for a while and I'm bored of playing on singleplayer.
    My References: (If any) None.
  7. Minitaz2001

    Minitaz2001 New Member

    Name: People call me mini, irl and in game but you can also call me Travis or Trav, or basically anything that starts with T
    Minecraft Username:Minitaz2001 (2001 is NOT my birth date)
    Why I want to join: Looking for a mature friendly TPPI server, the last server I was on I thought was fun, but I didn't quite like it, so I'm looking forward to a fresh start with friendly people. I also want to have a place where I can have constructive criticism for my builds, and hope to be come more acquainted with mods ive never used before
    My References: Does google count, if so yeah, my good buddy google :p
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2014
  8. SouperCookie

    SouperCookie New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.): JT or Cookie is fine
    Minecraft Username: SouperCookie
    Why I want to join: I am actually pretty new to modded minecraft. I have been playing on several FTB modpacks to try and learn everything, still have a lot to go. lol But I enjoy it, and definitely would like to join a mature, patient and helpful community that I could further my experience with the mods.
    My References: (If any): None
  9. scotty121

    scotty121 New Member

    Name: scot
    Minecraft Username: scotshepherd
    Why I want to join: looking for a mature server so i can record as i do utube and u seem to have what i want
    My References: shrek is love shrek is life
  10. CrissHill

    CrissHill New Member

    I found this on their website, the server has been shut down so if you applied here and they're not replying, there's the reason :)
  11. redracer7

    redracer7 New Member

    Name: jace

    IGN: redracer7

    Why I want to join: wanting to play modded SMP with friendly people
  12. Son_of_Azereth

    Son_of_Azereth New Member

    Name: Hunter
    Minecraft Username: Son_of_Azereth
    Why i want to join: I like community servers and have always wanted to be apart of one. I have played another tppi server but it wasn't all that good so i have been looking for a good one!
    My References: N/A
  13. mikalosa

    mikalosa New Member

    Name: michael
    Minecraft Username: mikalosa
    Why I want to join: looking for a TPPI pack where i can start fresh (i hate returning to the same game after >1 month of inactivity)
    My References:
  14. GreekAnalyzer

    GreekAnalyzer New Member

    Name: Greek
    Minecraft Username: GreekAnalyzer
    Why I want to join: TPPI is one of my favorite packs and this looks like a great community
    My References: I own and operate a private vanilla server, and have been on many different servers.
  15. Noobbuster10

    Noobbuster10 New Member

    Minecraft Username: chanmii
    Why I want to join:I really like Small communities. and would like to join this one.
    My References:
    (If any):Not any :p
  16. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 New Member

    Name: Just call me Salami or Dar
    Minecraft Username: Salamileg9
    Why I want to join: With my internet now fixed, I've wanted lately to get into TPPI pack, and I figured a mature server to join would be the best way to do that. I've also wanted to play the new Gregtech, as I've heard very good things about it. I admit that I don't really have much experience with tech mods, and though I see that there's a lot of my favorite magic mods here, I feel like it would be wrong (if not impossible) to play it without dipping into the tech pool. And on top of it all, I've been playing singleplayer too long and might go insane without interaction.
    My References: None.
  17. samcat000

    samcat000 New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Evan
    Minecraft Username: samcat000
    Why I want to join: I just want a good modded community where i can talk and make friends. Also I really like playing modded Minecraft.
    My References:
    (If any)No reference
  18. PaXLaBa

    PaXLaBa New Member

    Name: Misha
    Minecraft Username: PaXLaBa
    Why I want to join: I want to play on server, where i would not afraid of being greefed or killed. I want to play on the server, where no (or almost no) items banned, so i could build some AWESOME and CRAZY things.
    My References: No reference.
    P.S: English if foreign for me, so i may have some mistakes
  19. PunyPwner

    PunyPwner New Member

    Name: Mitchell
    Minecraft Username: PunyPwner
    Why I want to join: Just looking for a good experience, making friends, and having fun with other players. Can also help out if needed for anything.
    My References:
    (If any)No reference.
  20. Le_Joueur

    Le_Joueur New Member

    Name: It's a long story: Fang is really my middle name.
    Minecraft Username: Le_Joueur
    Why I want to join: Like it says below, I'm a quiet artist looking for some place conspicuous to build.
    My References: ICs_Mouse / Mouse / Marianne

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