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Whitelist Server [[Mature Modded Minecraft]] ✘ TPPI ✘ Whitelist ✘ Mature and Friendly ✘ PvE ✘ Regular Backups

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member


    We have a lovely website where you can interact with your fellow community members. Feel free to post about your adventures on the server, games you're playing, or anything else!​

    This is a TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) server designed with one goal in mind: a friendly community-ran experience that everyone can enjoy. There are a few staff members to keep everything under control, but for the most part everything is ran by the players. A friendly community, mature staff, and a stable server is what you'll find if you play on this server.​

    - Don't be an -
    - Don't leave huge quarry holes in the overworld -​

    Really, that's it. Just use your common sense and you'll be fine here. Don't grief, steal, troll, etc. We aren't afraid to swing the banhammer at the first sign of misbehavior. This sentence right here is your first and only warning. Act like an and you're off the server. No second chances, no do overs. If you ruin the experience of the game for the rest of the server, then you will be out of here faster than you can say "lol".​



    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.)
    Minecraft Username:
    Why I want to join:
    My References:
    (If any)
    How to play: First submit the above application. Did you get accepted? Great! Go download the FTB Launcher if you haven't already. Next, go HERE and follow the simple instructions. Awesome! You have TPPI! Just add tppi.otakuview.com to your server list and you're ready to go!

    TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) is a FTB pack designed and maintained by the FeedTheBeast Reddit community. It is extremely balanced and loads of fun to play!​
  2. LeonCAr

    LeonCAr New Member

  3. Psylia

    Psylia New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Kevin
    Minecraft Username: unoriginalv1
    Why I want to join: Just looking for a decent TPPI server with mature respectful people to play with
    My References:
    (If any) N/A
  4. malak259

    malak259 New Member

    Name: James
    Minecraft Username: optimal_muffin
    Why I want to join: I've been checking out the 1.6.4 modpacks, and TPPI seems to be the best one. It has all of the mods I'm looking for in a pack. I do not really enjoy playing singleplayer, because it is too empty. Even if I'm not living with somebody on the server, I still like to be able to interact with other players. This seems like a great server to do that.
    My References: Found you guys right here.
  5. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    All 3 of you have been approved. Welcome to the server! Hope to see you online soon!
  6. ReqRep

    ReqRep New Member

    Name: Most of my gaming friends just call me Req.
    Minecraft Username: ReqRep
    Why I want to join: I've been out of Minecraft for a little while now and am definitely getting the itch to start playing again. I spent a significant amount of time playing FTB back in its old days, and i'm quite eager to see how the game has evolved since then. I've heard a lot of positive things about TPPI, and would very much like to play on such a server. I have run a multitude of Minecraft servers over the past few years, so I know the importance of having mature and well manners players. I can assure you that I will bring such qualities to your server.
    My References: As stated above, I've run a number of Vanilla and Modded MC servers over the past few years. Kevin/Unoriginalv1, whom you just accepted, has been playing with me on those servers since almost the beginning. I'm sure he'd be happy to attest to my level of maturity, friendliness and decent demeanor.
  7. ICsMouse

    ICsMouse New Member

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.) Marianne or Mouse (you decide)
    Minecraft Username: ICs_Mouse Most gamers just call me Mouse
    Why I want to join:
    Honestly, I'm just looking for a place to build & visit with people. I don't do combat very well, I don't like the whole dying thing LOLI use to be an admin on a server for about 6 months. We all got pretty burnt out after the last griefing incident & the server never really recovered from it. I've spent the past few months on a server playing a really unique modpack, but their last map wipe & modpack update left me feeling very overwhelmed.
    I'm most familiar with Unleashed 1.5.2, but I can adapt, if I have to LOL

    My References:
    (If any) Can we talk about that later, please?
  8. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    You two have been approved as well! Have fun!
  9. Zaenyea

    Zaenyea New Member

    Hello! I am applying for two of us please.
    Ill go first!!

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.)
    Zae is what I mostly answer by these days.
    Minecraft Username:
    Why I want to join:
    We are looking for a mature community to play with on a server that has the mods we enjoy. This looked like it!!

    Second player:

    Name: (Your real name or what you go by on a regular basis.)
    Minecraft Username:
    Why I want to join:
    Looking for a group of people that are respectful and mature.

    We are over 45 and tho playing with 9 and 10 yr olds is fine, it can get tiresom. The griefing on public servers is stressful and so unnecessary. We just want a place to settle without all the hassles of a public server. Thanks!!
  10. Kupperu

    Kupperu New Member

    Name: Vapo
    Minecraft Username: vapouriser56
    Why I want to join: I am interested in TPPI and I prefer to go on whitelisted servers than the normal servers. Also, multiplayer is more fun than singleplayer!
    My References:
    (If any)
  11. Dame_xD

    Dame_xD New Member

    Name: Damian, people call me Dame for short.
    Minecraft Username: Dame_xD
    Why I want to join: After looking at the modpacks TPPI really interests me as it has alot of the magic, tech and building mods together... I would really like to get into the maic side of FTB as I have not done much of that, I started playing Single Player but it got boring quite quickly which is the main reason I would like to join your Multiplayer Server :) Thankyou!
    My References:
    (If any)
  12. Bios Element

    Bios Element New Member

    Thanks for confirming I made the right call daeliee. :)

    Zaenyea, Gamertoo, vapouriser56 & Dame_xD are approved. I'd highly recommend you check out our website for further details, possibly join us on Mumble, but it's not mandatory.
  13. Zaenyea

    Zaenyea New Member

    Wow ok guess this isnt the server I imagined it to be. Nothing like logging in and dying ..over and over and over again...so whats the point...and the only comment I get from someone is "ya get used to this bs". No ..no cant say I will get used to that bs..sorry.
  14. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Someone thought it would be smart to start an Enderpocalypse. We've since killed the Ender Demon and everything is back to normal. Sorry you hard such a bad first experience! I recommend you come back on and play a bit without rampaging endermen running around. :)
  15. Adrak

    Adrak New Member

    Name: Drak
    Minecraft Username: Adrakal
    Why I want to join: looking for a different way of playing minecraft then normal
    My References: N/A
  16. 3nd3r w1gg1n

    3nd3r w1gg1n New Member

    IGN: 3nd3r_W1gg1n

    i have been playing single player agrarian skies lately, but I like to be able to go exploring when I am not in the mood to build. So i am looking to find a server with a mature community running tppi to play with. I am pretty good with most mods.

  17. Sanifu

    Sanifu New Member

    Name: Tony
    Minecraft Username: Sanifu
    Why I want to join: Looking for a new place to call my home. This mod pack seems quite extensive, although i know most of the mods, there are stil a few i want to explore. There is no better way having fun in minecraft then with a lil interaction with others.
    On first sight this server seems to be serious, i'm a little older and looking for more then a public server with 12yr old griefers.
  18. RakdarTheBrony

    RakdarTheBrony New Member

    Name: Rakdar
    Minecraft Username: Rakdarian
    Why i want to join? Ive played with Ultimate for a long time, like since it started, long time. So way back when it started to now. So with that mudh experience i thought it would be nice for a change in pace. Failed miserably everything was too easy when it came to tech without gregtech. To the point that i won't play a tch pack without gregtech. Then i catch wind of tippi, Which is a godsend. The way these mods are layered and balanced makes this pack an utter joy to play. So with this in mind i set out on single player, which was closer followed by public maps. public was.... no. which now we come to the reason I'm here i would like to join your server because it seems serious, and seriousness is something i like.

    (oh and about being an . Are witchery curses not allowed)
  19. Bios Element

    Bios Element New Member

    3nd3r_W1gg1n, Sanifu & Rakdarian are approved. Be sure to register on our site for the latest updates and join our community!

    Adrakal, I'm afraid you're denied as that application is far too short.
  20. mmmBoost

    mmmBoost New Member

    Name: Matt
    Minecraft Username: mmmBoost
    Why I want to join: Looking for a laid back enjoyable place to play and build with people. I was an admin prior with IC's_Mouse on Carpet Craft.
    My References:

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