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Whitelist Server [[Mature Modded Minecraft]] ✘ TPPI ✘ Whitelist ✘ Mature and Friendly ✘ PvE ✘ Regular Backups

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. itsstoby

    itsstoby New Member

    Name: Toby
    Minecraft Username: General_Toby
    Why I want to join: I have been playing solo for awhile now and i wanted to play on a server with actual people, and not villagers and customnpcs, and just hang out and play the game.
    My References:
    (If any)
  2. Name: Aaron
    Minecraft Username: KnightofDusk
    Why I want to join: I am looking for a well maintained community server that I can make some new mates on, and just have fun on.
    My References: N/A
  3. Name: John
    Minecraft Username: MrFoxFire
    Why I want to join: I've Heavily gotten into modded minecraft and Id like a solid community to play with
    My References: N/A

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