[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. aaaaa

    aaaaa New Member

    Just put the water from bottle into a barrel, then use a bucket to pick the water
  2. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    The first way you have is using the "Wooden Barrel" from exnihilo. Use the waterbottle on the barrel and it fills the water into it, then use the bucket to get a bucket full of water.
    Same with tanks. However be careful here, since using the water bottles directly with a tank (Ender Tank, open blocks tank, drum, etc.) will destroy the bottle. So you might want a way to pump the water from a wooden barrel into a tank. Or use the liquid-hopper from pneumaticcraft, you can use the bottles directly with it without destroying them.
  3. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 New Member

    You can use a Mariculture Pressure Vessel which is a fluid tank. You can use hoppers/pipes to put buckets/bottles into the Pressure Vessel which will fill them with water and then hoppers/pipes to pull out the filled buckets/bottles.
  4. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    :eek: just restarted on 1.14, the area below the base is gone. Before there was that dungeon nearby, with a furnace and a bed.
  5. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    Thanks to this mod I finally began with working on drones. Really fun to think about all the stuff you can do with them. Especially with all the conditions, like my sugarcane-farmer-drone stops when the chest is almost full and such things. ^^

    Really thanks alot for this mod, makes so much fun to be forced to think not the "usual" ways with mods that makes things so much easier :D

    Anyone knows if the Agrcarnation (this fertilizer-flower from Botania) works with mycelium/mushrooms?
    (tried to use it, but seeing the effects is kinda difficult with all the ffects of the mycelium ^^")
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  6. bsaksida

    bsaksida New Member

    What module do i need for steve's cart to harvest sugar cane, pumpkin and melon?

    PS: External Distributors are bugged as hell. They lose configuration upon re-log. And they are very essential for steve's cart farm
  7. Tsuke13

    Tsuke13 New Member

    Also, through Botania you will find a way to create water blocks that doesn't involve bottles of water which makes it much easier than heating up snow and such.
  8. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    No real module for harvesting these three. If you want to use steve cart's you can make a similar "work around" with the drill with it. Setting it up so the drill only harvest the top two of sugar cane or melon/pumpkin without destroying the plant of it. Like this:


    Or using drones for that.

    (Is there a way to post the picture a bit smaller?)
  9. Snickering

    Snickering New Member

    Thank you to everyone for all the responses! I tried the crucible and several other things, but never thought to try the barrel.
  10. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    You can get Oil from the natural gas
  11. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    I thought there was a farming module on steve carts for that?
  12. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    This only works for potatoes, carrots and wheat. Though I might have to try a "semi-automated" way, maybe works when the melon/pumpkin is build outside of it's range... though every information I found only talked about these three crops to be used.
    Sadly aswell you pretty much can only use one of the three, since it uses always slot #1 for replanting and so usually the field ends up completly in 1 crops... so fine when you only need one in masses (like for making hootch from ender io) but not for all three.
  13. RehabOholic

    RehabOholic New Member

    Was the only reason MorePlanets Mod was removed because of the mineral water?
  14. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    Alright, tested it:
    The Farmer-module really completly ignores sugar-cane, melons and pumpkins, even when you plant them by hand. So only steve's carts ways seems to be the drill.
  15. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    It was because you couldnt get to the planets at all due to some sort of Galacticraft issue that doesnt let you zoom out to see the planets, so it was kind of obsolete XD
  16. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Could just use pistons for those, or block breaks =3
  17. 80sing

    80sing New Member

    I'm going to restart, should I wait till the city's are added in the next version?
  18. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    City version will be too long, just restart ;p
  19. 80sing

    80sing New Member

    Haha okay
  20. RehabOholic

    RehabOholic New Member

    I stopped playing this pack mainly cause I get very little play time compared to what I use to:( This pack just kept getting harder as updates rolled out. So what would take average players a few days to a week to get grind/y boring things automated it would take me a month. "NO Joke" Love the pack, just the few minutes at a time makes it hard to remember what you were doing, only to die and have to start over. lol

    I'm wanting to try it again, but need help. I have read that infinite water sources anymore, and that seems to have put a hitch in the steam boilers rear so to speak.lol The thing is, out of all the post I have read I haven't seen anyone say anything about the Archimedes Screw. Does that not work now as well? I guess That's really the only thing I needed to know before jumping back in. Last, is there a resource pack that is floating around that players would recommend? Thanks for any help given, and it really is a great pack.

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