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Whitelist Server Infinity Small server with spawn town Hermitcraft(europe)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by muruler, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    Also my IGN is KyaniteArcher
  2. muruler

    muruler New Member

    accepted ip in the message
  3. muruler

    muruler New Member

  4. Stiraan

    Stiraan New Member

    Hi, the server had a crash issue and Muruler had to reset the whole server, because the last backup was 1 week ago. I hope you guys understand!

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member


    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    If anyone has OP access.. please please please. Tp me out of this hell... I went to a castle in the twilight forest. Tried to kill the Twilight linch, but then encased myself in a 3x3 box that regenerates after broken since im in the castle.... no way out... no starvation... no books... im litteraly stuck.... its hell... ill leave my profile on so if anyone with op permissions please tpx me out of this hell.... thank you

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    I tried using the spider string to strangle myself... didn't work...
  8. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    I would be interested in joining your sever if possible.

    I'm 15 but highly mature for my age and live in Australia.

    I have been playing modded mine craft since the tekkit classic days (back before it was even called 'classic') and even plan to attempting mod making myself in the near future, therefor i am quite familiar with the modded environment.

    I have been playing single player for about a week now and have gotten to i would say the mid game stages but would greatly like to play with others, i'm friendly and always willing to help. I know in some players eye's i am too young to be mature and respectful hopefully this isn't how you see things but if it is then I've recently quit the vanilla server i was playing on as i was bored of vanilla (My profile for the server). as you can see i was trusted enough to be promoted to 'senior member' which meant i was a role model for newer members and i also happened to have a high reputation provided by players i play with (my reputation of 2701 is higher than most of the server's moderators). together i hope these things show you i am capable of being a mature respectable player.


    P.S. RFtools is OP (generated a flat world of entire nether iridium and nether uranium ore and powered big reactors infinitely via them :))
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    minijordanh is the absolute hero of the day. he save my sorry self... thank you minijordanh... omg 12 hours trapped...
  10. Nomaska

    Nomaska New Member

    Salutations, my name is Kolton, and I am from USA. I am currently sixteen, and I would like to bring the skills of building that I have, along with the friendliness and respectful nature that is entailed with me. My username is c0d3br3ak3r. My friend, Roadkill919, recommended me here as well.

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    Server is down. Just letting you all know
  12. mecnor

    mecnor New Member

    Hi my name is Dejan and i'm from Sweden and i'm 14. I've benn playing modded minecraft for over 7 months and I have been looking for a small server like hermitcraft where I can play ftb infinity. I build very good.

    IGN: Nooby92_2000
    Skype: dejan.nuhija
  13. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    When's it going to be up???
  14. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    The server is going to update or no?
  15. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    it should be up currently, it came up shortly after SPINT sent that message. he just never updated it as he sort of rage quit upon finding out the crash had lost anything and everything at new spawn that wasn't chunk loaded. (you should be fine as you hadn't moved to new spawn. old spawn was untouched so nothing of yours should be lost)

    i have asked this question on the discussion board and am awaiting a reply from the server owner although he seems to be off the grid.
  16. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    Is the server going to be down forever now??????????????????????????????????????????
  17. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    FYI anyone reading this, i'm fairly certain this server has bit the dust. after a crash resulting in significant loss of data many players (including the owner) distanced themselves from the server and the owner has been off the grid for two or so weeks now. yesterday the server either crashed (again) or was terminated by the host at the end of the montly period. Even if it was just a simple crash since everyone bar 3-4 players has distanced themselves from the server there is no one left with access to console/ the ability to restart the server.
  18. Legolessed

    Legolessed New Member

    Can i join please, I love hermitcraft servers and love making community builds! I promise i will follow all rules and will never greif or steal. I mean who wants to build some amazing thing and then have someone destroy it the next day.
  19. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    did you not read my last post? after crashing and losing data this servers owner distanced him self from the server. the server has since fell and is no longer active.
  20. Blake Ciriaco

    Blake Ciriaco New Member

    hi my name is Blake. I'm from florida I'm 21 and i love mods I've created my own servers before and i love building


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