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Whitelist Server Infinity Small server with spawn town Hermitcraft(europe)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by muruler, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. The Snipe

    The Snipe New Member

    Woo I won't be the only paddy anymore! :D
  2. 12martin107

    12martin107 New Member

    Hi my name is Martin, I am from Canada and I am 15 and I love to build cool building and really good a mods. I have been play modded minecraft for a really long time but only got back in to it about a months and I always want to play on a server Like hermitcraft
    IGN 12martin107
    Skype N_martin12
  3. xTiMBo

    xTiMBo New Member

    hi my names tim 30 years old from australia recently let my servers go as noone was wanting to play so im looking for a server to call home
    my IGN is xTiMBo hope to see u on the server soon

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    Name is Spenc I'm from the Netherlands, 20. Same as everyone else want a server to called home. Thanks

    IGN FAPCAKE147 ... don't laugh
  5. jurgenroo

    jurgenroo New Member

    hi im 41 playing minecraft for many years always love playing on servers but always dreamed of a real community like forgecraft or hermitcraft community as its something special playing in such a community , im from belgium i play almost everyday minecraft and would love to be part of the group, also i have never been banned and always get along with other people :)

    ign mcdreamer1
    skype jroofthooft
  6. JodaVz

    JodaVz New Member

    any idea why the server is down o_O?
  7. The Snipe

    The Snipe New Member

    Been down for a while, been trying to get on all day :(
  8. minijordanh

    minijordanh New Member

    hiya minijordanh here. what is up with the server. it says in the screen that it can't connect to server. is it down?
  9. Stiraan

    Stiraan New Member

    Hi I'd like to join the server. I am 15 years old male from Estonia. I am a loner, but I consider myself friendly. I like to help out people. I know a fair bit of mods, I like to build Huge buildings and systems. Hope to join the server soon.

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    Did this server idea crumble then? If anyone had information please share. Thank you:)
  11. minijordanh

    minijordanh New Member

    Last I left it last night was the server must have reset and I was only allowed to do vanilla crafts. It might be an option to make a teamspeak server so every on can login and chat. Find out what is wrong and go throw any options that the admin may need help with.
    But then again if the admin don't read this. Then we will not know what is happening.
    Could people kindly post updates regularly on this page so people know what's going on in the server.
    Many thanks minijordanh
  12. The Snipe

    The Snipe New Member

    I'm working for the day, but when I'm done I'll throw up a ts server and if need be I'll see what I can do about hosting and we'll go from there :)
  13. muruler

    muruler New Member

    guys sorry for the downtime i doubled the ram hope this makes up for it in time
    had some issues with my host and filezilla but we can play again

    and because of the time i spend trying to fix all of this i forget to alert you guys sorry for that
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2015
    The Snipe likes this.

    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    Seems to be working fine now! For everyone asking, server is up and running now! Thanks!
  15. muruler

    muruler New Member


    SPINTOPOLIS New Member

    Did you update it to 1.2.1?
  17. muruler

    muruler New Member

  18. muruler

    muruler New Member

  19. kanman16

    kanman16 New Member

    Hello im 14 and looking for a server to play on regularly. My ign is kanman16. I also have Skype and it is kanstorm16. I am very kind,of course thats what they all say,but enjoy helping and giving. Thank you for reading!
  20. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    Hey I'm Robbie, I'm from U.S.A. I've been on a few servers like this. Also I love building and I have been playing nodded for 5-6 months now

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