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Whitelist Server Infinity Small server with spawn town Hermitcraft(europe)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by muruler, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    FYI: This server collapsed and did so quite a long time ago, the server owner has just gone off the radar. server payments have stopped and the player base has slowly dispersed.
  2. Roadkill919

    Roadkill919 New Member

    FYI to any mods reading this, feel free to lock the topic to avoid further applications. the server owner has just disappeared and i can confirm the server has been down 24/7 for over a month now.
  3. HellMan64

    HellMan64 New Member

    Is this server still up? My name is Dan ign is HellMan64. I'm 16 and very interested in mechanical and electrical engineering, therefore I'm quite good at the tech mods and would like to make builds to help the town. For example making a grid for electricity, and maybe a mailing system for fun :p I really like the small servers as the people are nice and my builds don't get ruined. I've been playing modded minecraft ever since the first technic packs, so it would mean a lot if I could join a group that would embrace my ideas :)
  4. HellMan64

    HellMan64 New Member

  5. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    Sorry Hellman, it has been closed for a month or two
  6. Dr_Rylose1990

    Dr_Rylose1990 New Member

    My IGN is Dr_Rylose1990 im 25, and living in the United States. I am looking for a small community to settle within, to help shape, and build the world around us.
    thank you
  7. xXRobo123Xx

    xXRobo123Xx New Member

    Dr_Rylose1990 I'm sorry to say but this server has been closed for months now, I'm sorry but you will have to find a new server I'm deeply sorry
  8. Hi my name is Domas, I'm live in England but I was born in Lithuanian, Im 13. I been looking for a hermitcraft like sever to make videos on. I've benn playing minecraft for over 2 years (xbox) and I'm good at redstone and building (I have been accepted in World Of Keralis)
    IGN: badcreeper101
    Skype: Domas.sakalauskas
  9. Hello my IGN is InfinityTheWolf, i'm 14 and am from England. I want to be the co-op project organizer/redstone guru on the server. If u will, can u tell me how you'll send me the IP if i'm accepted
  10. LOONYZaC

    LOONYZaC Guest

    I would like to play if it is still up
  11. muruler

    muruler New Member

    sorry guys for quiting on you guys im wondering if people are still intrested in this kind of server? i might wanna set up a new 1

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