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    He criticised the Efab and its time gating, it's not a reflection of him, its a reflection of the core concept of the pack. Him putting his thoughts on the pack is criticism, just cause you don't agree doesn't make it an invalid argument.

    We wanna be able to tell FTB what is good and bad so they can make a better mod pack. This Efab, in my opinion, was a flop. If I had to choose to have it and not have it, I'd not have it. It's overly tedious and a time gate that is annoying. it's not fun and not interesting. You can explain why machines have time gate, cause if they didn't it'd be broken. But you can't explain why diamond armor takes 2.5-10 minutes for a single piece or 10-40 minutes for a full set.

    It's not a good Expert mechanic when I think of Expert packs I think of having a pack where I can do everything, but its complicated and I have to have knowledge of the mods in the pack to progress. I need to use my knowledge and apply it to advance and find efficient ways. This pack makes it linear with pruning of mods, limiting mods in the pack, nerfing items and etc.

    Wanna talk about a valid argument, why is pruning mods, have limiting mods, having a new mod with time gating and then slapping an EXPERT PACK makes everything fine and understandable? it's not better cause of it and it'd actually be better off without it.
  2. Pyure

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    No no. Your point is half-perfect. He's NOT saying he dislikes the EFab. He's saying, and I quote: "Having a time requirement accomplishes nothing. Nothing, it does nothing for the difficulty of the pack. All it does is make you wait, for the same end goal."

    This is provably wrong: It accomplishes at the very least one thing: People enjoy using it.
    Not all people. Not him. Possibly not you. Possibly not a lot of people. But some people enjoy using it. Anyone carrying that argument further loses credibility points with me.

    Agreed, sort of. For my part, I think a hard-coded 4-gearbox barrier was a poor idea. I'm not saying it contributes nothing (and, frankly, I haven't played the pack enough to know if there's a really damn good reason for the barrier.) But, right now, I think its a pointless barrier. I want to be rewarded for overclocking as much as I feel like dumping time and resources into that.

    I say "sort of" because how do you define "better mod pack"? I installed this pack knowing it was going to be relatively unpopular. I was expecting it to be a niche pack that catered to a narrower crowd. Is reality TV "better" because its more popular than, say, Firefly? I appreciate it when FTB tosses out the occassional tidbit for those of us with different tastes. (I call reality tv "television for stupid people" for what its worth.)

    Perhaps its just my hardcore pack experience nattering, but this isn't a problem for me. I can make more efabs, or more gearboxes. I can definitely use basic project management skills to start one process and then go work on something else. That said, I appreciate that you expressed this as an opinion.

    To each their own. My theory is that you're not the target audience for this particular pack.
  3. Magzie

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    Um Hoppers are used a just a few Machine recipes. Also the base recipe is just iron chest and 5 iron plates. Now as to the speed thing what? The point of an expert pack is to 1 make it hard to get to end game and to make people use mods most players wouldn't or don't know about. There is a allot of other mod that use time as a gate in their mods. To be honest if and expert pack is meant for completing as fast as possible the pack dev most times puts in some kind of a timer mod. Not like they are asking you to go out and find a horse and strap that to a basic machine just to automate slower the manual crafting. Every expert pack has some part in it that is just there to waste your time. Heck In Modern Skyblock 3 you spend an hour just to unlock wood and dirt. You can't even start quest until then. rofl For diamond chest in that pack I have to go cook stone. The compress that down into compressed stone. Then break then with a compressed Stone cutter which gives you like a million different dirty gem. Then make a crucible so you can wash the dirty diamond at which point I can make a chest. Every aspect of an expert pack is time gated.

    Note: If i were one of these people that had a problem with the time gating my example would have been the 45 minute Smeltery Controler at the start of the pack. That is how I know some of these players just loaded up the pack and looked of a few recipes.
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  4. Nuclear_Creeper0

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    They are not acceptable at all. The game should go as fast as you make it go. Shooter games have this, for example, an Overwatch match goes as quickly as you make it. . In TF2 CTF, you win as soon as you cap the Intel 3 times. No time requirement.
  5. Xavion

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    2.5 minutes to craft a set of diamond armor is nothing, anyone complaining about that is clearly fixating on Efab to an unhealthy degree and not realizing that that time cost doesn’t matter.

    Seriously, if that is gamebreakingly slow pretty much just abandon Minecraft altogether. Vanilla makes that look fast in terms of time costs, smelting a stack of stuff in a furnace takes more than ten minutes and I’ve never seen anyone complain about that. Want to make steel from IE? That’s going to take you what, a minute per ingot at first? And you’ll need a lot of those. Tech reborn is 3.5 minutes per chrome and they’re everywhere late game.

    Any pack that is harder than ungated ProjectE probably makes their soul cry out in fear, multiple minutes to process items? That’s commonplace everywhere.

    Also the Efab can be automated, you’ll unlock that around the same time you’re getting AE2 or refined storage iirc.
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    What?? You can't compare a completely different game type to a sandbox survival game and say yeah look time matters. There are lot's of Shooter games out there that have time gated matches. This however isn't a shooter game and you are not pvping verses other players. That would be like me saying my ESO game is taking to long cause I can beat Peggle in like 2 minutes. rofl rofl
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  7. Nuclear_Creeper0

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    Take Subnautica then, which has fairly quick crafting and can be completed very quickly if you have the skill to do so.
    Games should not be completable by everyone. Time/Resource requirements can be completed by everyone. Automation can't be. So it's the best way of creating difficulty.
  8. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    It a good thing that every expert packs doesn't rely on just one limiting agent then. As per this pack the time gate is only one limiting agent used.

    Also as a Note: If you make a 3 by 3 area and put 4 gearboxes and 5 Efabs in a Checker Board pattern you can craft 5 items at once with the and still get the speed bonus. This is what I was talking about people forgeting it was a Multi block. This means you can craft all 4 armor pieces in just 2.5 minutes not 10-40..rofl! Guess that is an example of skill? rofl

    Note 2: Those that don't like the sound the Efab makes. You can turn down the Blocks volume under the sound settings and that will completely turn off the Efab sounds. FYI
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  9. Pyure

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    Good. Go play a shooter. Leave the intellectual games to us.

    Damn. Nailed it.
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  10. McJty

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    Minecraft is already full of timed crafting (even vanilla). Potion brewing, furnace, ... Some modded machines can even take a very long time to make things. So time gating is already used and present in practically every pack you can play.
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  11. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    This is kinda my problem with the Minecraft community. Your entire frame of reference is based solely off of Minecraft. If something with Efab level time restrictions got implemented into any other game. The community and critics would absolutely dumpster it, but because its Minecraft those things have come to be the standard.
  12. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Your other problem with the MC community is...everything. The majority of your posts are inflammatory and negative in general. If you don't enjoy the community, go elsewhere.

    You keep repeating the same propositions over and over again, even after they're proven invalid. At this point, you're simply trolling us. Its boring. Begone.
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    I believe that trolling has turned into a hobby for some people, and not just here. It is happening for national issues, as well as for items in my local communinity association. In many cases i don't believe they actually care about the arguement they are making, they are just happy to have someone to argue with. Or they enjoy wasting other people's time by drawing them into these "discussions." Anyhow going forward I am guessing I will have a hard time following some of these threads as I just block these indivduals so as to not waste anymore time reading their redundant posts.
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  14. McJty

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    Well Minecraft is a different game and probably targetting a different audience then those other games. And I think it is only natural that mods follow the spirit of the original game to some extent
  15. Magzie

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    What are you talking about. Wow time gated there whole expansion of legion. Mobile games time gate to provent people from progressing to fast. Heck Farmville was timegated. Rofl. Star Trek Online has 20 hour time gates on rep factions. Daily quest are time gates.
  16. mti_

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  17. tarzan1376

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    I think its funny you consider things to do as time gating in the same sense the efab is time gating. They are not the same thing, I've been playing MSB3 and it did not take me an hour to unlock wood and dirt and im playing on the desert map. which is the intermediate starting one. It took me 10 minutes to get dirt and then 3-4 minutes for a sapling lol. This doesn't take long. That is progression, not time gating, destroying stone to get gems to wash them and make items, is progression, not time gating... after I finish the content, I am expected to be able to easily replicate it, faster than before cause I already broke through the door of progression, but the efab is static, you upgrade it with 4 gearboxes and still have to wait copious amounts of times without hitting a point where its instant. This is time gating, not progression. You get gearboxes very early and then what, you use the same thing for the next few weeks you play the pack? in MSB3, once im mid game I can make stacks of dirt, wood, diamonds, diamond chest, hoppers. Cause I progressed to that point, with the Efab I still have to wait time and time again to do things that otherwise should be instantaneously accomplished due to me being progressed far enough that it'd make sense for it to be instant

    But also, as you said yourself, 45 minutes for a smeltery controller is a long time, I consider this time gating, not progression. ( they are lowering the smeltery controller time in the next update due to the fact they know this whole concept is kinda stupid and 45 minutes is stupid )

    Earlier I saw you say you haven't really seen much criticism, so I will assure you there is plenty, Direwolf20's community and soaryn's community are visibly talking about how this pack's efab system is not good, Even the people themselves have been talking about it, Tfox even changed the time cause of Direwolf's input.

    I like how they are adventuring into new territory, but I still assure you this is easily a flop, its not good for expert packs and could be done better. The time gating they implemented is nothing like what you consider time gating. Doing content to achieve something is no where near the same as waiting 45 minutes for a single item...
  18. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    Did you not notice wow got backlash for time gating? Mission tables, garrisons, time gated content like zones, upgrading your weapons. All time gated and they got backlash and changed it, the missions at the beginning of legion were 8 hours, now they're 1 minute lol

    There was a horrible backlash and the community majorly hated this. I don't think this is even near a valid point. The game you are referencing got shit for this and lost millions of subscribers for lack of content and time gated/garrisons/mission tables lol

    Mobile Games time gate cause they want people coming back and spending money on speeding it up.

    Daily quest are not required... You can play WoW to mythic antouras and not do a SINGLE daily and thats just how it is.
  19. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Still proof you haven't play this pack yet. Efab does have an end game item that removes the time gate for rf. Also the amount of time it takes in Modern Skyblock 3 is dependent on the difficult you play on which is based on which island you start on. Desert is one of the easiest. Try the snow island or the nether one.

    A pack maker require you to farm for loads of resources or making access to starting resources is a way of time gating. Doesn't matter if you think so. Also i was mistake it was 30 minutes and as posted on Dires video they are reducing that to 10 minutes next update.

    Wow daily quest are required for progression. You have to rep grind to unlock new races, world quest, and resources for missions table. Not only that the time gate the summoning of units to use on missions. Also they didn't change the time requirements because of players feed back they changed it because the new expansions releases in 2 or so months. They even time gate knowledge to increase Artifact points.
  20. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    Farming is the basis of Skyblocks, Sky factory 1 2 3, agrarian skies, MSB 2 and 3, Is a grind, its the basis, you start from nothing and get everything lol.

    Also, not once did I mention RF lol, and having a point in the game " removes the time gate for rf " isnt a big thing, lol. like how does that help in the slightest at all. RF time gating is not that main problem here, stop deflecting it and changing the subject of the problem. it's crafting not solely RF time gating lol

    No, they changed the time requirements over a year ago during Nighthold, or did you miss that?

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