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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Feed the Beast, May 15, 2018.

  1. GamerwithnoGame

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  2. Zacherl

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    Are there plans for adding EnderIO to the pack?
  3. mti_

    mti_ New Member

    Not quite what we were expecting, for sure.
    Let's see what the EFab has to offer.
  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I'm enjoying the efab so far. I'm looking forward to some of the later recipes that actually take considerable time w/o upgrades (I can see one coming up that can take 30 minutes by default, nice!)
  5. mti_

    mti_ New Member

    Having to build multiple, modular multiblock crafting machines I like. Just as the idea of using additional resources for a crafting process (I assume power and fluids will be required).
    Time gating crafting processes I am really not a big fan of. I understand you are supposed to speed up the process with multiple gearboxes but the creation of components in the BC Laser in IE:E was already plenty boring.
  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Yeah, its definitely not for everyone. I have a bit of a GT background, so I'm on the other end of the conversation. The fun (for me) lies in figure out various ways to automate/speed up processes. It often also provides a bit of an energy sink, which makes large energy production more interesting. (You've probably noticed that most packs "end" once you develop extreme reactors since you're essentially a god at that point.)
  7. Kuktar

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    Thanks for taking the time to correct the misspelled modpack name.

    Obviously if they had spelled it correctly whilst calling the ftb team ballsy to release a pack same day I would not have asked if they were trolling...

    But ya thin skinned peeps round here lol.
  8. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    They released the info the mod pack devs Twitter. https://twitter.com/davqvist/status/996216668966842368?s=19

    To all the people asking if said mod will be added this pack has be planned out in detail for a while. For the most all the mods are set. You most likely are not going to see many added cause it will take to much to add to progression.
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  9. Kuktar

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    So out of curiosity since I am still configuring Continuum for my main server, I loaded up Exoria and i have to say it is quite an impressive sounding pack. The lore is really cool and the progression seems really fun and balanced. There is one huge problem though at least so far in my experience. It runs like shit, I have never loaded a modpack and had so much lag, i spent the last hour trying to optimize it but its still really laggy. I don't consider myself an expert in performance optimization but holy crap the tickrate on this pack is bad... its getting like 10 -30 really jitter tps. I think it might need more testing for mass public release. I thought i might have had a corupted install but others have the same issue as well.


    currently 21 open issues some more than 10 days old, In my humblest of opinions using the public to beta test and calling it a release is not cool at all lol. I wish them luck getting the pack stable because it looks really cool. I will play it after im all done with continuum.
  10. mti_

    mti_ New Member

    If your main issue with the pack is performance then you might want to take another look at it. I have made no such experiences.
  11. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Most likely Biomes oplenty. It always causes lag on my pc. I stick away from packs that use it. Lag from that mod is why ftb stop putting it in pack for a bit.
  12. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    Biomes O' Plenty is always the first mod disabled in the packs I play for this very reason.

    I used to take sheer delight in deleting it until I realized it would be reloaded when the pack updates :rolleyes:
  13. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Yeah but from the sound of the pack i think it for the core map. If it does they can't disable it. They have added better fps. Is fastcraft 1.12 could try adding it in see if it helps if it id 1.12 unless better fps does the same job.
  14. Pat365

    Pat365 Guest

    Nice! I've been waiting for this release since ftb beyond, awesome to have a new expert pack! Thank you for your hard work ftb team! :)
  15. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Hey try turning Particles all the way down. it seemed to help me in the start. Tip for modpack making don't make every block in the world spawn particles if you want people to play it. rofl
  16. electrifeye

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    Does anyone know which mod adds the 'realistic' terrain gen option? I can't figure out what's actually different to normal world gen :rolleyes:
  17. AndersWithTheCat

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    Well now me and my community have played it for a few days. It's sad for me to hear from our members that waiting 2 years give or take. For that expert pack is quite a ''dull" pack. People are not complaining about the pack just the fact everyone expected the new infinity. It's a very small pack. And tbh I first learned it was a tech only pack on day 2 of release. Overall great preforming pack. But not worth the delays or long wait

    My review
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  18. Lyra_Chan

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    More mods does not mean a better pack. Gameplay wise, having 30 different copies of the same machines is useless and only bloats things. Plus the tendancies of this community, most people are going to float to the same 5 mods anyway. Less mods forces players to explore other mods and use mods to their full potential. Also more mods would have added to development time with a pack like this. You can argue "muh Ozone" but truth is that Ozone was a bunch of not thought out shit thrown at a wall, with quests thats just "make this thing and forget about it" Its poorly designed and wouldnt be as popular if it didnt have the expert pack label and "quests"
    1.12 has had a year to mature. A year. There is plenty of content.
    And 15 content adding mods is still quite a bit. There is lots to do in all of the mods you listed
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  19. CaptPanda

    CaptPanda Well-Known Member

    However, the big point of this is how it compares to AoE, which came out a lot earlier. A LOT earlier.

    What is the main difference to AoE? I understand that there is the EFab, which just adds a layer of complexity to crafting, but what other content changes are there?
  20. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Every thing has change. With out going into spoilers here look up the recipe for a bucket. Rofl. It took me 10 minutes to find a way to transport liquid around. Way balanced. I wouldn't compare it to AOE anyway. AOE is A Hardcore pack and flagged as extra large. It is a 1.10 pack and first released in march 2017. Don't know when Development stated. Also this pack can be scaled by adding in magic progression and nature progression if they feel that is the way they want to go.
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