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  • Hey i wanted to play you modpack "Golem Factory" Can you explain to me how i download or at least list the mods from the modpack
    Hey, im DarkLM3202 and i wanna know how do i install you modpack "Golem Factory"?. Cause im new at FTB, if you could answer me, Thank you!
    Hay CaptPanda
    I want your mod pack golem factory
    i cant download the pack or even find the pack
    If you can post a downloadable file i can use to get the pack
    Hum… I need help… You said it is available for Technic Launcher but I couldn’t find it and I really wanna play this modpack, it looks and sounds fun
    Never mind, I got it
    Hey CaptPanda, I was wondering if you would be willing to update your pack "reika." The Reika's mods are now up to v10. I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm lost when it comes to making/working on modpacks.
    captpanda pass the modpack link of golen factory i dont know how to dowload and execute the mods plzzzz
    Dude, its in the FIRST POST for that modpack. Look for the "Pack Code" and enter it into the FTB launcher
    So... a few of us are still waiting to hear if the factory's going to be getting a sequel/remake for a newer version of Minecraft... I know I would love something like that.
    If I do get around to it, then I already have a name, but I'm actually making another pack currently. It won't be like Golem Factory, it'll use the 'simple achievements' mod and be more freeform. However after that I may work on Golem Factory 2. I'm just currently trying to sort out some IRL things as well, what with graduating and all that.
    I have just moved house, and I can only get internet at a public library. Updates will be less frequent until I get internet at home.
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