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  1. Greygor

    Greygor New Member

    Well I made it as far as ProjectE and made the first MkII Condenser.

    Up until that point I enjoyed the pack. Didn't have a big issue with EFab. IMO it's no more time gated than pretty much all other mods, except it has a timer and not a progress bar.

    I'd never used Glacticraft before so that was interesting.

    But the ProjectE section has sort of grinded me down. The thought of what I'd need to do, the endless Dragon Breath collection, the endless creation of Fermented Spider-Eyes etc. Just fills me with the screaming Heebie-Jeebies.

    It's all doable, but monotonous and time consuming. I'm not sure I will actually finish all the quests.

    It sort of makes me wonder if the Pack Designer(s) actually played there own pack to the end. I sort of think if they had then Red Matter may have been assigned EMC (albeit an extraordinary large amount) or they'd be a different method to obtain it once you got past the MK II.
  2. Softwerker

    Softwerker Active Member

    Congrats for making it through the Pack. I have done that too and agree with you to a certain degree. I actually assigned an EMC Value to the breath and scales because there is no way to automate the collection which is a flaw in my opinion.

    For the Spidereye etc, it is a Problem in Singleplayer. I played on a server with my EMC Machine that generates a rediculous amount of EMC and just generated the need Items by the millions. Then having huge crafting CPUs and a large assembler layout, I basically logged in once or twice to start a new crafting process and then let the server do its work. In Singleplayer, it would be a massive pain.

    Overall, I enjoyed the pack too, but it somewhat fell flat in the end. But to be fair, thats where most packs do struggle.
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  3. Greygor

    Greygor New Member

    Yeah, I was in Single Player and once I got the condensers those base items with EMC weren't a big issue. I did see your EMC generator, nice stuff. I had millions of Emeralds so I was just feeding them in (and using your silicon idea during downtime to generate Nether Stars).

    I'm really tempted to add EMC to Red Matter (maybe 1 equals a stack of Nether Stars) just to finish the pack.

    In Fact if it was possible for the Pack Designer to Unlock EMC on Red Matter after the Mk II was created that would have been a more satisfying end. You struggle to get it and that's your reward.
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  4. Aspryin

    Aspryin Guest

    once you get one MKII life becomes simple. that video shows how to create endless EMC with very little work. I completed the pack 100% a couple days ago. the hardest part is staying motivated to kill the dragon hundreds of times... I think I ended up over 800 (512 were for consumed turn-ins)

    Breakdown. spider eyes. sugar. diamonds, mushrooms, ghast tear, blazerods (crushed to powder), magma cream, ender eyes, dark matter, glow stone powder. (end stars - dragon breath was a bit of a pain to farm.) there are a few others like stabilized metal you needed a lot of.

    just materials in massive ammounts.. but again the killing of the dragon was the biggest drag.
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  5. Greygor

    Greygor New Member

    Yes you can complete it after MK II. But it's just not fun to do, it's endless repetative tasks. It's not a good endgame. If you're in Single-player your faced with multiple hours of collecting material that can't be EMC'd, knowing that given the time you can do it with nothing to challenge you.

    It's like a chess game where your opponent has no chance to win, why play to the finish?

    IMO the reward for completing the Mk II Condensor should have been a command block that assigns EMC to items that require manual gathering. That at least would encourage players to continue and have been a reward for the work you did to that point.
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  6. GuArSk

    GuArSk Guest

  7. willis936

    willis936 New Member

    I just downloaded this pack last night and I'm starting a server. I have a fair amount of experience with MC tech pack balance. I made a gregtech 5 based kitchen sink private pack/server several years ago where modtweaker was used to make every mod greg based. There were some nice base scripts to work off of but there was a lot of working in squashing all bugs, loopholes, and missed branches in the tech tree.

    This pack is drawing me back to MC. I see that there's a boring grind at the end of this pack. Is the dragon grinding for dragon eggs? If so could there be a recipe added to turn
    1 ender egg + a lot of energy
    1 ender egg + chance of a second ender egg (maybe 10%, would need to be tuned)

    That way the player would have to grind something that's a little more enjoyable than MC combat.
  8. Greygor

    Greygor New Member

    The grind at the end is collecting Dragon Breath and Dragon Scales, nether of which has EMC.
  9. JoeAceJR YT

    JoeAceJR YT Guest

    When is another modpack coming out?
  10. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    I mean, Stoneblock 2 came out very recently, and FTB Interactions is being worked on as we speak.
  11. JoeAceJR YT

    JoeAceJR YT Guest

    I mean they could announce it on the website and the FTB launcher.
  12. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    You haven't been around here very long, have you?

    They stopped announcing packs in advance a couple of years ago when the forum proved they couldn't handle the fact that pack developers have personal lives and won't devote every waking minute to Minecraft.

    Now, sometimes you won't even hear about a new pack until someone tweets that it's available for download.
  13. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I honestly never understood why the news section was open to replies. I would lock the threads and then just use it to announce things.
    I think they should start doing this honestly. It feels kinda like the FTB team have completely abandoned these forums recently. It wont require that much of an effort to just copy paste the announcements that they already posted other places.
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  14. JoeAceJR YT

    JoeAceJR YT Guest

    Its really that much effort to copy and paste the news into the FTB launcher? Copy + Paste, takes 5 to 15 minutes tops (im being generous here).
  15. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    They stopped pre-announcing new packs because many of the users (people like you and me) lost all semblance of maturity the second the pack was delayed by any margin and filled the forums with all varieties of drama as if a new pack was the most important thing in existence.
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  16. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    There was a mod that posted the news in the Forums but real life stuff got in there way and I don't think they have found a replacement for them but don't quote me on that.

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