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    That's... not the case, I don't think? The 1.12 version of SevTech (3.0.0), which is the one people have been playing, had its first release in March 2018. And just the most recent version of SevTech (3.0.8) alone has over 414,000 downloads. In this case I do think there is an element of fairness to the point.

    Also, what did you mean about promoting his own pack?
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    My phone was being stupid. It made his sig seem like part of the post. I'll change that part my bad. As to the date the FTB Continuum Project was Started on May 14, 2018 where as the Servtech Ages was started on May 23, 2017. This is based on there Overview page.
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    That's absolutely true, but I'd argue that while the project may have been started earlier that given the number of changes that happened between that May 2017 and March 2018 date that it didn't necessarily get the kind of leg-up that you'd think it would from an earlier start. Do we know when Project Continuum actually started?

    Either way, I do still feel like the point made - that SevTech did things right where Continuum did not - is not an invalid one. Even Direwolf stopped playing Continuum; and for the one youtuber I know that's stuck with it (and been with it since Alpha) its been two weeks since his last vid, and a month since the one before - he's been very regular, and it could just be a life thing but I feel like even he is struggling with the lategame of the pack.

    TL; DR - I think NC made a fair point, I guess :)
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    I think my point has been taken out of context maybe. The only problem I had was the self promoting which was just my phone being a big derp. The time table I posted was trying to show how much more planning and work went into Servtech before they actually released the pack. We have to remember FTB has been working on this Pack for years now in planning stages if not rough builds. I stop playing FTB Continuum when they switched off my Smelting pick doubling. I can't promote a pack on my channel that seems to want to limit a players choice in said pack.
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    Ahh I see - I think we're really all thinking along the same lines in that case! Both packs were made with lots of planning involved, but SevTech may have had more going on behind the scenes; but either way some critical mistakes were made in Continuum that have meant it's been sadly left somewhat in the dust - which is a shame.
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    To be frank it feels more like one of their challenge maps then expert mode.
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    I found, there is tiny ammount of crafts, that include gem plates, so what about including dank null mod (dank null plates can be made in tech reborn rolling machine or EFab with rf)
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    FTB Continuum is an expert style modpack packed with some of the latest tech mods by Feed the Beast! Majority of the recipes and intended progression that you are used to has been changed
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    Sadly nothing about this pack feels like an expert pack, it's super grindy in terms of resources simply because of how linearly you are required to play it. I had high hopes for this pack as I've greatly enjoyed most other expert packs, and I am a fan of TFox and Co. but this pack really feels like it missed the mark.

    EFab could have been handled much better instead I've grown to almost hate the mod.

    Resource scarcity made overall progression and game play feel worse than vanilla game play which is precisely why I play modded. By the time you get to a point to address the resource scarcity it became an obsolete resource in most cases so even automating it or addressing it felt like there was no reward.

    Grinding =/= Expert - and this pack feels like nothing but a grind, I'm not having to think cleverly, I'm not having to deal with cross-mod cooperation and work through horizontal progress to scale up vertical progress, I just have to grind incessantly.

    I can go into much more depth with this but it feels pointless to do so as I think others have basically made this point as well as I ever could. The sad thing for me is I've tried playing this pack 3-4 times now, and this last time I really tried to force myself to get through it but it honestly never once gave me a feeling of reward for getting through to a certain point in the linear progress like I've felt in other expert packs. I felt like I could only follow the quests to do what the mod-pack team wanted me to do thus only unlocking technologies, or automations when they wanted me to have it. I'm sorry but there is nothing fun about that.

    Just my 2 pennies.
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    Packs great, then you run into Advanced Rocketry (cool mod but just so tedious) and it all falls apart...

    Hey, I need all this stuff from some random planets to make more stuff, have fun, even after watching a fairly detailed video series on this mod I have no idea how to find planets, are they all visible by default in this pack? do I have to find them? even if I did have to find them, putting 1000 of each data type/planet ID chip in the Warp Controller then clicking "search for planets" does nothing once the progress bar is finished, I can see the 3 different galaxies but no planets within them, I can see everything in the Planet Selector, how do I warp to them? what are artifacts? do I even need artifacts?

    Jesus, at least in Galacticraft, you make a bigger rocket? guess what? you can go further but this is just garbage

    Perhaps the questbook explains all of this but since so much stuff was disabled in this pack I never followed it because it seemed pointless so even though I've been to space and different Sol planets I only have the Holo-Projector quest unlocked so I couldn't read the quests anyway if they did explain it
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    You got further then most players did before quiting.
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    Advanced Rocketry was not an issue for me. the mod was updated to require the related items to search for and travel to a planet. (ie. sweet sweet honey planet needs honey drop, honey comb, honey, "honeycomb", and Honey-comb ingot) not easy and took a bit of futzin' around with the bee mod before I understood how to mutate them to the desired genome. but toss all of them in the warp controller and within a few searches it was found... ( you will also need these to travel to the planets.) I have complete all of "The Final Frontier". This is all well labeled in plotted out in the quest book. as for the satellite data.. I made 9 ( 3 of each type) left it over night and collected it all on chips. had more than I knew what to do with. (quick tip. don't stack them when pulling data off of the data storage units)

    the hold up for me is red matter, Specifically Galgadorian in mass quantities. there is no automation here. and you need tens of thousands of everything. Ghast tears mushrooms spidereyes. ender pearls, blaze powder glowstone. I have no power issues with empowered oil automation. mostly I move everything with item ducts and ender tank/chest. the octuple compressed cobble is crazy. but getting all the elytras for the opinium core hoarding quests is nuts.
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    For all those that care FTB Sky Adventures is out on Twitch app. Looks to be tons of fun. Not an expert pack from the Youtubers I have watched. They'll most likely release a news update soon...? Just FYI!

    Just as a Note For Sky Adventures: Might want to change the default speed boost in Chisel for concrete to 1...just fyi.
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    I'm 89% sure this person is some sort of bot.

    I couldn't figure out why that gibberish looked so familiar. Then I realized...its some sort of double-translation of a post I made months ago.
    He has one other post. And it looks like a double-translation of a post by @Nuclear_Creeper0
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    Read above. I thought you'd be interested that someone was cloning your posts.
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    Explain yourself.
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    Its some sort of bot that pulls old posts and mixes them up into garbled language. To be fair at least its a change from asadasdsdad
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    Yeah I don't think its a real forumer.
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    Hey any way we can get the default speed on Chisel Concrete to set to 1 on Sky Adventures. It is super annoying with the whole stop and go speed boost.

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