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  1. Morvelaira

    Morvelaira New Member

    For the current application requirements, please check here.

    Hello everyone!

    I'm very pleased to announce that my idea for a server, creating a Feed the Beast city is ready to go! Haven't heard about it yet? Let me see if I can explain...

    I'm sure in your time in Minecraft, you've seen plenty of amazing technical builds, right? Especially hanging around this crowd, who hasn't watched Direwolf20? ;) I'm sure you've also seen some awe-inspiring builds that looked absolutely phenomenal, each in their own way. Now what if those two could come together? And what if it's progress and development were filmed? That's what I'm going for here, but I need all of your help to pull it off. So I've gone and taken the step of setting up a server, and now I'm here to ask for your help.

    There's one catch, though! I do have an application process, as well as specific jobs and roles for people to fulfill. I can't have ALL of you here, because space is limited. Here's the kind of people I'm looking for:

    City Planners - These folks will be my "forest people". They'll be managing and planning the growth of the city as a whole, to make sure each of the districts fits together nicely both in structure and feel.

    Technical Builders - Are you a Redstone Wizard? Can you make awesome technical builds using items from the FTB pack? We need you to make sure this city doesn't just take the breath away on visual impact alone, but that it is a functional, thriving place!

    Aesthetic Builders - A neat machine is awesome, but to some people it just looks like a series of tubes (not unlike the internet in general). Making this place pretty and pleasing to the eyes will be needed, and this category includes landscapers.

    Grunts - Do you lack these above skills, but you can still pack a mean right cross to a creeper while placing blocks as you're told? Is diving into caves for those valuable materials more your thing than figuring out builds? So long as you can also occasionally place a few blocks where you're told, we can use your help too!

    Now, I have to make a small disclaimer so far. This project is likely to be my baby. I will fully recognize that I run a good risk of becoming a control freak over this, in an effort to make it perfect! If you think you can deal with this, I will promise to do my best not to be rude about it! :)

    Still want to apply? Here's how:

    1. Please state your in game name, and which position you're applying for. (Yes, I'd like you to pick one.)
    2. Please post any examples you have of work you've done in the past that may qualify you for this. In the case of Technical and Aesthetic Builders, screenshots are best!
    3. Tell me a little detail you'd love to see worked into the city somewhere - even if I don't happen to choose you, I will try to work it in somewhere!

    The IP Address for the server has changed.

    The decision for initial whitelist will be made by my livestream on Saturday night. (Sat. Dec. 1, 9PM PST) where the results will be announced.

    Any applications that do not contain the three items asked for will be completely ignored, no matter how good the rest of it may be.

    Thank you. I look forward to making this possible with you guys.
  2. s4x0r

    s4x0r New Member

    IGN: s4x0r
    Position: Technical Builder
    Detail: Self sufficient forcicium power generator

    I built a RP2 based binary/hexadecimal calculator

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  3. anders

    anders New Member

    IGN: rebrabrob
    i'll like to apply for the position of City planner, if this is not posible i'll still like to go cave diving as a Grunt

    ever since i got my friends into modded minecraft i have been the one planning our builds and leading or group of 3 to 6 people, we did a build when MC updated to 1.3.1 and since we had no MCForge when we started this was a vanillla server(sadly), after about 2 weeks we had nothing more to do (no mods) and left the server, the dynmap is still active for the server and can be found here, no cheating was done on this server (atleast in this dimension)

    as an idea i think that the city needs a nuclear reactor somewhere just out of the city (maybe in the wasteland biome next to the city location)

    congrats to everyone who made the team, and good luck to all you guys
  4. Elias Gordon

    Elias Gordon New Member

    Position: Grunt
    Detail: i mostly often try to find caves and explore and im a fan of IC2 and BC2 also RP2 when released i know im not anything special but would be cool to join it.
    i dont take screenshots very often im just a regular Cave explorer who likes Mods :D (gettin 2 kittens in christmas :3)
    Also helping makin Undergrounds and Well anything a Grunt is usefull for.
  5. Magicferret

    Magicferret New Member

    IGN: Magicferret

    I'd like to apply for the position of Aesthetic Builder. Here is an imgur album of a few of my creations. I was the co-leader and one of the main archetects of a town named Rhodantha on the Nearby Nation server so I have some experience of working with and organising others on a project like this. Unfortunately due to the sudden nature of the end of that server I didn't get many screenshots and I've only been able to dig up a single one so far. When I have access to my old computer I'll probably be able to find some more though I hope, I'll be fed up if I've lost them! I'll probably add to my Imgur album a bit this week. Also for the record I'm quite happy dealing with perfectionist control freaks. :D

    A little detail I'd like to see on the server is inspired by the one screenshot I have of one of my Rhodantha creations, the Nearby Nation billboard. We could build a sign or statue for every mod author and other significant figure in FTB, either in a Mount Rushmore style group or scattered about overlooking the city for people to come across one by one. I think it would be a unique way to say thankyou to them for all their hard work. Plus it'll be good luck for us having the gods watching over us!
  6. GreatGobo

    GreatGobo New Member

    IGN: GreatGobo

    Professions: Technical Builder / Grunt.

    I have a fairly good grasp of the mods having played them since Dire's first season :). I might not build the most antithetical of buildings, but they work and look decent. My biggest strength would be that I can build almost any technical contraption efficiently and with as little lag as possible. That and I am a rather friendly and companionable character that likes to help others.
    Have maintained my own small server for a few months and have modded on Dreamreaver23s server.
    I am a mature player (fairly old: 36), fluent in English and live in Europe

    For a true city feeling we would of course need a centralized power grid and light activated streetlights... That and a railcraft metro system between the districts.
  7. Alkozath

    Alkozath New Member

    IGN Alkozath
    Position: All-rounder, can do most of it from a complete factory on a inc-worm platform to planning a city if I have to choose it probably come down to Aesthetic Builder.

    All pictures are concepts from a flat test world and thus not complete building and keeps changing as I want to explore how things looks.

    MC 1.2.5 with RP2 and Microblocks and Spax Texturepack, no optifine.

    last pictures are from MC 1.4.2, no Microblocks. Default Texturepack and optifine.
    This wood building hides a stack of 6 peat bogs actually, Tried to keep the look of a big gas-holder, closest arc is a test to see how the greenhouse arc would look like with wines.

    one vision of a greenhouse containing 6 wheat farms.


    Edit:forgot what I would like to see in the world, Liquids handled as liquids ( not capsules ), and that we actually show off the pipes and and power lines in the town, portals only used at fixed points to travel between worlds even for items ( no ender chests if not possible to do an alternate way, and then only for use within a dimension. ) inter dimensional portals I could see for long distance transport of players.
  8. battle_bas

    battle_bas New Member

    IGN: battle_bas

    Applying for: Grunt, if possibly Techincal builder

    I mostly try to compact everthing as much as possibly. Things don't have to look nice but need to work in my opion. I'm not very creative about nice buildings. I love working together with everyone on a server instead competite to eachother. I also think that delivers better work. I'm not much off a talker, butt when somebody asks something or need some help I will always responds. I live in Europe. Don't know if that is going to be a problem. I am very universal and I ask when i don't understand thinks. I am always willing to learn. What gives me a great kick is having dozens chests filled to the top with everthig you can image. That's why I ussually spend days on mining or building machines that provide stuff. Mostly the persons where i played with on servers never run out of any building material because i always set a cobble stone, smooth stone and stone bricks generator up together with some fully automatic tree farms.

    My best build is a 18 * 18 * 18 building that produces steam, biofeul, applejuice, creosote oil and charcoal. Unfortunatly i don't have screenshots since my pc decided to be derp and deleted the complete FTB launcher from my pc. It was because of a crash and I loaded a system save that didn't included the launcher :(. As input peat farms and tree farms are used. The sand and dirt are used as crafting material for the humus and bog earth. The water gets brought in by a computercraft turtle. The saplings get split up. One part goes back to the tree farms and the other parts go to a fermenter. The mulch is taken from the step after this one. It is the mulch from the apple juice. what happens is the apples from the tree farms go to a squeezer and the logs to a row of coke ovens. The peat gets put into a steam thingy (lost his name) for the produce of steam. The steam gets used as product and as feul for the farms. Forgot to add that the biomass goes to a still for the production of biofeull. So this build produces everthing stated above.

    I have hosted servers for my friends and can be mature. Don't mistake me but jokes need to be made otherwise things get boring. I have been a admin on some server but that were small servers so that doesn't count (i guess)

    Believe it or not but i think a good city needs motion. Motion makes it a really city instead of just some... decor. Something like trains driving around. People walking in the streets. Neon lights. That is what makes a city a real city

    Things about myself: I am quite most off the time and mostly do stuff behind the screens. I love computercraft and can do a fair thing with it. I am always trying out new things and ussually they work in some way. I can be on the server for some good amounts of time. Always in for a joke because things don't need to be serious all the time. That doesn't have a good effect on builds. I know more then a decent thing about all the mods and love that everthing works so very nice with eachother. It makes things more intresting and funny. I would love to work on this project with you. This idea of a city and the way it is build is something i have never seen before. I really like your videos and looking forward to meet you.

    So in a short version
    IGN: battle_bas

    Applying for: Grunt
    Examples: a 18*18*18 building that provides steam, applejuice, biofeul, creosote oil and charcoal. I don't have screenshots due to computer errors

    Things for a city:
    Things that change state. Like neon lights, a Metro system and lights in buildings that go on and off.
  9. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    IGN: b0bst3r

    Apply for: A role you don't seem to have - Warehouse/Factory design/worker (unless you're going to cheat every item in :p) not really a technical builder as such. It's more production...

    I love making warehouses and production lines, from making macerating lines to forestry productions. Every time I start a new world/server I choose a different line/mod to go down so know them all pretty well, but still learning (anyone saying they know everything about every mod is lieing).

    I am 45 (46 in 2 days), live in the UK and play a LOT and I mean a LOT like 18 hrs a day.

    Also I love mining, I often spends whole days just digging (until my quarries are set up), so if the above role doesn't work for you then a grunt I can do :D

    Idea: Central focus point of resources, builders come for building materials, engineers come for parts/machines to fit into the city buildings. Central point grunts are responsible for collecting initial resources to build items with, responsible for building and issuing tools to grunts.
  10. Tompa974

    Tompa974 New Member

    Hey Morvelaira!

    Here is the first of a few special application, coming from the City of Industry staff team.

    1. My in-game name is Possut, and I am applying as a staff leader for the neighbor city, called City of Industry. (For those who don't know what this project is about, please see my signature.)

    We will act on our own, in our own city. We will of course support the main city, and our hopes is that it will support us.

    2. The Needle will be the center point of our city. I hope it gives enough evidence of that we have good looking design in mind.

    3. On the third point, I'd love some nice and well planned rail connections between our cities. We have planned for an extensive railway network with both player, item, liquid and energy transports. We have also planned to have at least one or two distant stations, which will act as a junction for more distant systems and projects, such as oil pumping and mining. From there, there will be trains going to our city. I also think Mystcraft portals and ender chests should be used with moderation. I think Railcraft is too underused in the FTB community, and a project like this could raise the mod to the skies.

    I really hope that me and my staff will get spots on the server. I will PM you the details on who will join, so no one can claim they are CoI staff to enhance their chance for a whitelisting.
  11. Weird0

    Weird0 New Member

    IGN: Gralad

    Apply for: Well i like to make recourse generation/quarrys/power automated and nice looking(dont like tubes and powerlines going all about so my contraptions wont end up looking like the flying spaghetti monster). so if i had really to choose for which position i would say somehwat like a versatile grunt.

    as little detail ... well i would love to see a amusement park with a roller coaster :D


    above is the factory i started on the server i am currently playing on​

    thats my sorting room so far​

    thats the mystcraft/railcraft setup that gets all the goodies from my 2 quarrys(no red rock brick facades *sadface*)​


    thats my nether lava supply line. i like starting out with magmatic engines and geothermals because they are a cheap good and reliable source of power for ic2/bc :)
  12. ProCrafter_13

    ProCrafter_13 New Member

    IGN: ProCrafter_13
    Age: 16
    My place could be seen in Aesthetic builder, City planners or just grunts. For the first time playing I would like to be grunt, just to see, how the server looks like and what is actually going on in that place. Next after sometime maybe City planner would be a nice job, but only if my creativity sticks with the rest of the servers you know, that is because I do not want to let it look like it would be a totally other place. Aesthetic builder I am not really sure about if that would be really a job for me, but also interesting to see what it is like. And finally Technical builder is not a place for me I think :D
    Can join on skype, Teamspeak for any kind of Conversation.
  13. Pinkishu

    Pinkishu New Member

    So are there any requirements? Like does one need a working mic? Any special timezone preferred?
  14. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 New Member

    1. RampantPanda65 - I guess I'll pick a grunt.
    2. I love mining because I don't really have to concentrate when doing it. (I just watch Youtube videos :p) I'm very good at listening to instructions and I always do as I'm told.
    I would apply to maybe be one of the builder roles but I haven't really got any screenshots...However, when I use mods and try to build buildings, I always try to make it look good and always try to hide any wires/pipes. Maybe you'll consider it?
    3. Was thinking about a garden/park area. Good place to maybe have some bee hives and apiaries running in the garden. Sorta like the Grand Central Park in New York.
  15. TheOsirian

    TheOsirian New Member

    1. SirOsirian, City Planner/Grunt.
    2. Haven't done such job yet, can't provide anything.
    3. Hm.. Maybe a factory inside a Mario's shroom room. :D
  16. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Okay, I am frederikam and I want to take one of your positions as a technical builder. I believe I know a lot about the mods i use, and i believe I am doing really well when it comes to technical builds. I would love to be able build with a community like this, building a legit tech city is a really good idea. I believe that a good build must be compact, I also believe that a if a build is visible, you should also make it as aesthetic as possible, not just a big pipe mess.
    I have done a small build, pictures can be found here. What this is that the igneous extruders produce cobblestone that goes into these recyclers. The recyclers obviously produce scrap. The scrap is then put into an autocrafting table, where from it is pulled out by a redstone engine into a generator. Scrap and scrapboxes can be burnt in a furnace or generator, in fact if it is burnt in a generator it produces more EU, than a recycler would use to make more scrapboxes. Each recycler makes 3.75 eu per tick and it consumes only one EU, so in total the system produces 2.75 EU per recycler. Of course Redpower is not yet out, but if it was i would be able to make much more advanced and impressing builds, but it shows how much I know about these mods.
    I always like to come up with suggestions, a city like this has a lot of potential. Here is what I came up with.
    • Nuclear power plant.
      • Big aesthetic pleasing cooling towers.
      • MK1 reactors.
        • You may not want to take the risk of blowing up the city.
      • Auto-refill system.
        • Maybe using an auto-refilling breeder.
        • This can be done using Redpower or logistics pipes quite easily.
          • Buildcraft should be able to do the same job.
    • Luminators.
      • Should be spread in the streets, it looks more modern than a torch ever will be.
      • We'll have more fun finding ways to power the city.
    • Automatic farms outside the city
      • Arboretum, who in a modern .city likes to chop his own wood?
      • Steve's carts wheat farm.
    • A subway system.
      • As the city grows bigger, or got some points of interest outside the city this would be a nice thing to have.
    • A nicely decorated spawn building.
      • Maybe some kind of town hall.
    • Library.
      • An area for Mystcraft books.
      • An area for Thaumcraft research.
        • Obviously this requires Thaumcraft to be released.
    • Anything else that obviously needs to be in a modded Minecraft base.
      • Like a resource room or structure.
      • Like a machine room or structure.
    I hope that I can look forward to this project, you can contact me with a personal message here on the forums.
  17. Florastar

    Florastar New Member

    1. Florastar, City Planner
    2. I don't have screenshots, but I've always wanted to help plan a large city, and examples of builds and planning out things can be seen in my various videos.
    3. I know everyone expects me to say something about bees... but.. I think a lava gen facility that doesn't need to pump out of the nether or a mystcraft world would be neat in a large city. Using the demonic/fiendish/sinister line of bees, centrifuging their combs, and squeezing with cobble or sand to create lava to help power the city. :)
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  18. Morvelaira

    Morvelaira New Member

    Just to clear a few things up:

    There will only be one city on this server - the one we are all working together to build. I am not interested in hosting another group to go off to the side and do their own thing away from us.

    To answer Pinkishu's question, there are not really any special requirements such as mics or timezones. There will be a voice server of some variety available to talk to everyone with, but I can read text just as well as hear you in my headphones. I also don't want to exclude anyone because of location. Having us spread all out over the world will make communication more difficult, but the variety of ideas and personalities in the project will only enhance it. :)
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  19. PoisonedBull

    PoisonedBull New Member

    My knowledge of mods is kinda scattered around the field, i know a little bit of everything.
    But i still love caving and adventuring. i love to chat with ppl while building,caving,adventuring,...
    EDIT: I mainly focus on Ic2,Forestry,Redpower2 and Bc.
  20. zlim3z

    zlim3z New Member

    [Content Deleted By Me]

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