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  • Hey b0bst3r, I hope you remember me, but by the name of "SantasSlave477" or something like that in the IRC.
    I can't remember the name of the IRC you provided which was the one with Bevo, could you provide me with it again?
    I still have the github, but I can't seem to find the IRC..
    Hey dude.
    I saw that you have a Regrowth Sphax Texturepack.
    I really want one, you have one, so i want to know
    if youll send it to me?
    Would be real nice of you :D
    I saw you posted that you have a personal version of the sphax textures for regrowth. I'd love it if you could share. I've downloaded probably half of the different mod patches separately at this point, but it would be nice to be done with that.
    Download the main x64 pack from this link - http://adf.ly/564553/spbdc-64-mc17

    Download my addon from this link -https://copy.com/SV3rtvaTIrdqoncU

    Use something like 7zip to combine the 2 zips into 1 zip file (doesn't matter which way around you do it)

    Put zip in resource packs folder and choose the pack in game.
    You're amazing.
    Can you post a link for the Regrowth texture pack maybe here? We would really appreciate it. Even with your own modified textures.
    hey b0b, on the FTB unleashed server, you had disabled shooting portals to the moon, how did you do that?
    In your world folder is a separate portalgun config file which has all the "stuff" you need in it.
    awsome :D thanks for the help
    I try to help, I try to make helpful videos, sometimes u just can't help people if they don't want to learn and expect u to do it for them.
    No more videos until FTB goes live, too many changes to mods, kinda pointless to make vids of this version.
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