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Early AE?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by PonyKuu, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    you dont need 16k drives near start just make 4k ones there more then enough till you have gone to nether
  2. Saice

    Saice New Member

    That is good. That means they have an unstopable growth cycle.
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  3. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    I guess I'm bad at mining... Found only a few quartz ore...
  4. KirinDave

    KirinDave New Member

    No. They're an "uncommon". Fortune picks help, but you'll always be gated on quartz. On our server, it's the only real currency!

    This is why you want to think about efficiency as you grow. ME chests are a nice cheap start and can even be folded into a bigger network, but IO Ports are much cheaper in the long run. They're just not nearly so convenient.
  5. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    TF is good for quartz look at the ravines got a stack from checking over 2 ravines with fortune pick overall i still had over 400 quartz but ran out of gold so i stopped upgradeing my system while im here with the priorities on ME stuff is higher or lower used first?
  6. Mash

    Mash New Member

    Well, shit. I've been void piping all of my quartz.
  7. hotblack desiato

    hotblack desiato New Member

    good to know, that AE is even capable of turning on machines. I wasn't aware of that :)
  8. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    theres 2 types the blue crystal one that hurts you is xycraft quartz and is useless AE quartz is an ore drops a gem and a dust
  9. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    Higher is selected first over equal systems.

    I have never tested how it is grouped or the order they are checked.
    storage bus with a filter
    preformatted storage cell
    storage bus/cell with some of the item already
    storage bus
    storage cell

    If i had to guess it groups formatted/filtered together and highest priority gets the item. If neither of those is an option then a storage bus/cell that already has the item gets it. If it is looking for a new place to put it then the highest priority storage bus/cell gets the new item.

    Ties go to closest one to the controller or random?
  10. Mash

    Mash New Member

    Yeah, I know.

    Like I said, I've been void piping ALL of my Quartz. I got about 5 stacks of a the gems and the dust and said screw it, and piped the rest.
  11. PonyKuu

    PonyKuu New Member

    It's time for a new Quarry, Mash ^_~
  12. snooder

    snooder New Member

    You're gonna slap yourself in the head when it comes time to make a Matter Assembly Container.
  13. Milaha

    Milaha New Member

    Or if he decides to make 64k storage cells. At more than a stack a piece he couldn't even half-fill a drive.
  14. Technician

    Technician New Member

    I ran out of gold, and pretty much out of iron.

    I made the Crafting Multiblock however! :)
  15. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    I can see going without a controller early on. This way you need no [very little] power, but you're getting all of your items into the AE storage medium (storage disks). Also your Disk isn't restricted to 64 items per stack... this is a huge space saver. A preformatter doesn't need a controller or power either, so you could even organize your data-fied items a bit prior to setting up a power system and full AE network.

    Back to early game power systems for AE networks...
    As much as I enjoy steam power, for AE networks I prefer fire-and-forget EU. I'm a big fan of stacking up 4-8 layers of water mills, with a batbox at the center of each 4-watermill layer. When you've gone 4+ layers deep on your mills, the batboxes provide good buffer. Of course you'll want to use a lever to shut down the output of your power system when you're not using the AE network.
    With a little care, you'll have plenty of buffered power for your AE inventory.
  16. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    And when you've reached the end game go for something completely ridiculous

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  17. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    Just trying new methods in fresh ultimate world.

    To power my early network + basic ore processing:
    1-2 combustion engine to start
    Aqueous accumulator
    1 BioReactor (makes biofuel with no power draw, just not efficient unless you provide many material types). You may have to update minefactory reloaded manually to get this -- don't think it is in the pack version.

    BioReactor basically takes just plastic, made from smelting rubber.
    I never used combustion before, so part of the reason why I am giving this path a try. It is instant on, but that cool down time to restart is a little iffy, but should be ok for typical early game usage.

    Biofuel gives about 30 minutes per bucket and you get 1.4 buckets with 9 seed/plant types in the reactor. Each 1.4 buckets only uses one of each material in the reactor and it only runs when it can output. Doing all these different farm types early is a little annoying, but 45 minutes up time whenever you want is darn good early. Just needs a little automation of several farm types to run full time. Time to make a rush up the TC tech tree for golems :p
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  18. BanzaiBlitz

    BanzaiBlitz New Member

    If you're going that far, you could have it set so it always keeps one gravity suit, vajra core, tesla staff, and full equipment for a fusion reactor AND a full spread of MPS modules (plus tinker table) on standby for you at all times, creating ALL necessary components for you on demand when you take one out. You could have it keep a CHARGED gravity suit ready for you in an ender chest really. On demand, everything and anything you want short of thaumcraft stuff...unless of course you work in thaumic bees creating aspects for you and turning them into vials, etc.

    Just how many patterns does the big MAC allow anyway?
  19. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Well I only put in 2 columns of pattern blocks (28 pages of crafting recipes) the rest are CPU blocks :)
  20. NTaylor

    NTaylor New Member

    My system on my old world (unfortunately the computer that is on is currently sat in a corner smoking after it mildly blew up and is awaiting new parts) used around 800 AE units and was pretty much hooked up to everything in a 5 tall 21*21 monolith I had built. It was keeping coke ovens stocked storing everything from a giant tunnel bore as well as having auto crafting. I also found that it works pretty well for forestry machines such as the fermenter and will put the sapling and fertilizer in the correct slots no problem.

    I normally keep things that I would need to fix a system like that in barrels with storage busses connected in a different building to my main stuff. So I can still acess the stuff from an ME terminal thanks to the storage busses but if the system goes offline for whatever reason then I can still manually access the stuff by just going to the barrels.

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