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    1. Kerrrigar
      Hi, I'v just started to try and use your thorium neutral design for FTB,, and it jsut overheats and blows up after a few minutes. If you have the time to answer, could you let me know if anything has changed since you posted that that makes it unable to run, or whether im making a basic mistake?
      Thanks in advance
      1. Peppe
        Gregtech Beta 2.8h or so changed thorium+plutonium. All reactors for the stable version of GT won't work right in the beta version included in the FTB packs.

        Change ups the heat output of plutonium and reduces the EU output. Some bugs in the beta as well, so basically not a good version for hybrid reactors.
        Jun 14, 2013
    2. Poppashan
      Peppe, Let me start by telling you how much I appreciate the work you've put into your designs and research.

      My question is, in and

      What is connected to the back of the loaders / ME Export Bus?

      1. Peppe
        If you are talking the block that has like a box and a 1 on it that is a gregtech advanced regulator. Lets you put up to 9 things in 9 different slots. Perfect for multiple fuel type reactors.
        May 27, 2013
    3. Tanderson567
      A while back you posted on a nuclear reactor setup page w/ this setup: . Do you think you could show how one might automate this process if it can be done?
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