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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by mattmatty28, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. dode513

    dode513 New Member

    • Username: dode513
    • Age: 16
    • Country: Romania
    • And a little information about yourself: Hello I'm Dode and im playing FTB since 1.2.5 and I want to play on a server being quiet carefree not as a 9 years old child who stole everything I had, and from what I see is a peaceful community and a good 1.
    (English is not my native language so do not expect from me to talk too much)
  2. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    I have added you all to the whitelist Wellcome
  3. Giwannou

    Giwannou New Member

    hello all :) when i try to login to the server it says i am missing some microblocks and i cant login? anoyone having the same problem or someone can help me solve it?
  4. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    What version are you running
  5. Giwannou

    Giwannou New Member

    version[DOUBLEPOST=1387440849][/DOUBLEPOST]i just saw you updated to 1.0.3 :/ i feel stupid :p ty anyway mat
  6. Tuonelan

    Tuonelan New Member

    • Username: CPT_Rocks
    • Age: 24
    • Country: ZA, CT
    • And a little information about yourself: Been playing FTB since about a year now. Usually on a private server with the family but looking to branch out a little. :) Looking forward playing with you guys.
  7. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Welcome capetown :D
  8. Tuonelan

    Tuonelan New Member

    Hi there,

    thanks for the reply and white list. When trying to access the server I receive a message that I am not white-listed. Would you mind double checking?
  9. Tynster

    Tynster New Member

    • Username: Matthoude12
    • Age: 16
    • Country: United States
    • And a little information about yourself: Have been looking for a good server for a while now the last one i played on had some major tps issues so i had to look for another.
  10. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    • Username: Behedwin
    • Age: 30
    • Country: Sweden
    • And a little information about yourself: Been a active MC player since Beta. Have hosted smaller servers on my own for friends. Have been playing FTB and Tekkit for some years now. Excited to start playing on the new DW pack and learn more about the mods i have yet not tested fully. Enjoy factories allot and have not yet gotten into magic that much.
  11. rapidblu

    rapidblu New Member

    Hiya Matt,

    Would be great if you could add 2 of us me and my mate to the server
    • Username: rapidblu & inFra81
    • Age: 28 / 32
    • Country: South Africa
    • And a little information about yourself: We have been playing FTB for about 5 months now started off using our own server but just to much lag, then started playing on int servers never thinking to look for a local one, then we found your server :)
  12. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Welcome to the server :p
    added to the whitelist :D
  13. Dillon845

    Dillon845 New Member

    • Username:Dillz001
    • Age:16
    • Country:South Africa
    • And a little information about yourself: Im pretty good at Ftb, im nice, I help other members out, i dont greif or hack or steal and alot more :p
  14. cottifactor

    cottifactor New Member

    Hey man id love to join your server, just wanted to know if it is a cracked server? xD
  15. EgG4mer

    EgG4mer New Member

    • Username EgG4mer
    • Age:16
    • Country:egypt
    • And a little information about yourself: Im pretty good at Ftb
  16. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    I take it you name is Dillz001
    welcome to the server
    You will need to have a minecraft account to play on this server
  17. Peanutstruta

    Peanutstruta New Member

    • Username: peanutstruta
    • Age: 19
    • Country: South Africa
    • And a little information about yourself : I have been playing for quite sometime but havent been able to learn as much as i would like and have been playing on foriegn servers where the latency is out of control
  18. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    welcome to the server
  19. amigos11

    amigos11 New Member

    Application form
    • Username: amigos11
    • Age:14
    • Country:England
    • And a little information about yourself: i like to play with people i dont steal and i like to share and most importantly have fun. i also like ftb and direwolfmods and im hopeing to find a fun server.
  20. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Sorry bud but I made the cut off age at 15

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