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Whitelist Server Closed | ZaGaming | South Africa |Direwolf20 1.6.4 (V1.0.11)| Whitlist | Mature | TeamSpeak

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by mattmatty28, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    News Update 29/12/2013
    I'm not taking any more applications at this time if you know someone on the server and you want to join them then ask them to contact me in game. IF you are from South Africa PM me and I will see how busy the server is.
    News Update 11/12/2013
    Ok some most of you have seen that the new 1.6.4 version of Direwolf20 mod pack is out. I am busy with setup a new server for us all to play on and am planing on have the opening of the new server 13/12/2013 at about 12pm CAT. if you have any question drop me a PM
    News Update 06/12/2013
    The server as been very quiet lately and I believe it is because we all waiting for the new version to be released As this will need a new world to be generated. That said this server will not be shutdown only moved to a different address and will be accessible to anyone for as long as they want it.

    Hi my name is Matthew in game I go mattmatt28 I am 26 years old. I have been play FTB for the last 4 months. I started to get board of playing on my own so I started looking around for a SMP server to join that was running the mod packs I like but I quickly found that any server that is not hosted is SA the Latency was too much for me to enjoy playing on it. So As I work in a job that allows me to host my own servers with high bandwidth connection I setup my own server and am opening it up so others can join. So I have setup this server for people in SA in mind but I'm more than happily for people outside of SA to join us well. There is also a TeamSpeak server running so please join the Direwolf Chanel

    About the server
    The server is hosted Data centre so it should have 99% uptime
    It has 8 cores and 12 GBs of memory and I can increases this if the is a need
    The server is set to Survival and is on hard difficulty (cose what’s life without a challenge)
    The server is running Biomes o Plenty So you will need to have the mod enabled on you client side

    • Build at least 100 blocks from spawn
    • No Griefing!
    • No Stealing!
    • No hacking
    • Quarries and Auto mining only in the Mining Age
    • Respect other people, their builds and their stuff
    • Apply Common Sense
    • I don’t want to be one of those server that has long list of rules about how much chunks you can load and things that you can't do. That said I ask everyone that plays on the server to keep the server health in mind when you chunk load an area (if in only needs 1 chunk or 9 chunk don’t set your chuck loader to 25 chuck area) at the end of the day it will on spoil the fun for you and everyone else
    Application form
    • Username:
    • Age:
    • Country:
    • And a little information about yourself:
    Server Address:mc.zagaming.co.za
    TeamSpeak Address: ts.zagaming.co.za
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  2. dracemeu

    dracemeu New Member

    • Username: dracemeu
    • Age: 22
    • Country: USA
    • And a little information about yourself: havent been playing mine craft all to long but long enoph to get bored by my self and im trying to find i good fun friendly server so i hope to join you in the fun if you want to know something about me just ask
  3. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Whitlisted Have fun server still new so there is not to much going on
  4. Devill

    Devill New Member

    Application form
    • Username: Devill
    • Age:17
    • Country:Usa
    • And a little information about yourself:Love meeting new people and sharing ideas. Im a College student Majoring in Computer Science and im beast with redstone.
  5. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Whitelisted just note the was a typo in the server address that has been corrected "mc.zagaming.co.za"
  6. Devill

    Devill New Member

    Ok thanks, glad to be whitelisted excited to meet everyone
  7. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Hi Sparkieeeee

    I have added you to the whitelist
  8. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    it is only 4 "e"s on the server I copy, pasted it onto the whitelist
  9. Sparkieeee

    Sparkieeee New Member

    i am still unable to join: "Disconnected by Server, You are not white-listed on this server!" have you perhaps tried restarting the server?
  10. iggiiguana

    iggiiguana New Member

    • Username: iggiiguana
    • Age: 15
    • Country: South Africa Centurion
    • And a little information about yourself: I love FTB have always wanted to play with others, but every time I join a server i get griefed. it would be awesome if you let me join and plus I'm friends with Sparkieee.
    thx iggiiguana
  11. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    I have check your NIC on the logon logs and updated the whitelist please try again

    Hi Iggiiguana
    welcome to the server
  12. StrikeMD

    StrikeMD New Member

    • Username: tjl7
    • Age: 18
    • Country: Moldova
    • And a little information about yourself: I am just a man that wants to play FTB... little problems with language.. English is not my main language : D
  13. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Welcome to the server StrikeMD
  14. Tman11233

    Tman11233 New Member

    • Username: tman11233
    • Age: 14
    • Country:USA
    • And a little information about yourself: I have gotten to really like ftb, but it is hard to find a good server on Direwolf 20. so i am hoping this is the one.
  15. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Hi tman11233

    please can you tell me a bit more about yourself.
  16. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Welcome to the server tman11233
  17. Dioannou

    Dioannou New Member

    • Username: dioannou
    • Age: 27
    • Country: greece
    • And a little information about yourself: Hey my name is Jim ! i am 27 years old , i work in a daily base and i am currently fullfilling my duty at the greek army which is obligatory here in greece!
      i love Minecraft very much and i am an experienced player! i got bored playing alone in single player so i thought i give it a go again in online Minecraft :) anything you need to ask just do please:)
  18. Bematrix

    Bematrix New Member

    • Username: Bematrix
    • Age: 20
    • Country: Portugal
    • And a little information about yourself: I'm a experienced FTB who wants to join a friendly server with a awesome community. I'm a fencer (real life sword fighter ahahah) and I'm studying mechanical engeneering. Any questions please do ask
  19. evilexel

    evilexel New Member

    • Username: evilexel
    • Age: 24
    • Country: England
    • And a little information about yourself: just come back to MC after a break for a while, been playing modded MC for almost a year now, trying to find a nice server to play on to make MC all the more fun.
  20. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    Wellcome server guys hope you all have fun

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