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Whitelist Server Closed | ZaGaming | South Africa |Direwolf20 1.6.4 (V1.0.11)| Whitlist | Mature | TeamSpeak

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by mattmatty28, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    what client version are you running? server is currently on 1.0.11
  2. PsychicMan

    PsychicMan New Member

    • Username: PsychicMan
    • Age: 16
    • Country: Israel
    • And a little information about yourself: I have been playing some time FTB about 2 years and Minecraft for 3 years and I'm just searching a server which I can play peacefully without been greifed, with lovely community which can help me, and if I can help them I will I would be happy to join your server thanks :).
  3. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    It is saying I am not whitelisted can you try [email protected]
    It might have changed since I merged with the mojang account
  4. mattmatty28

    mattmatty28 New Member

    sorry buddy but server has been closed for new whitelisting

    when were you whitelisted on the server?
  5. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    [DOUBLEPOST=1390303292][/DOUBLEPOST]I was in the big group of people to be whitelisted.
  6. GeneralFailure

    GeneralFailure New Member

    • Username: GF_ZA
    • Age: 29
    • Country: RSA
    any chance i can still get in ?
  7. Dioannou

    Dioannou New Member

    Hey Matty! how is it going ?! :) i have a suggestion : since no1 is playing what do you say you reset the server and update it to the latest pack and start luring in new playrs ?! i really love your company along with the other Za members and i would like to play! any chance this happening ?!
  8. GeneralFailure

    GeneralFailure New Member

    i second that ;)
  9. Boundary

    Boundary New Member

    I have just retired my private server today & am keen to get back on board with this server. Am watching hopefully :)
  10. MurderFace

    MurderFace New Member

    • Username: MurderFace
    • Age: 21
    • Country: South Africa
    • And a little information about yourself: hosted a few private servers to try out my favourite mods with friends and now im looking for more community. very friendly player despite my name :p
    side note, whatever whitelist or new server that gets started please add me :D
  11. Sir Quackinton

    Sir Quackinton New Member

    Username: otrolie
    Country:South Africa
    And a little information about yourself:I have quite a lot of xp with minecraft and mods and I love to play online and help other people.
  12. Vortex255

    Vortex255 New Member

    • Username: Vortex255
    • Age: 18
    • Country[​IMG]: South Africa Centurion
    • And a little information about yourself: i love modpack and want to play in a server.
  13. Suicidal_Fluff

    Suicidal_Fluff New Member

    • username: MichaelP26
    • age:16
    • country: South Africa
    • and a little information about yourself: i previously played on a ftb server but it closed down and i am looking for a new one
  14. entao222

    entao222 New Member

    Username: entao222
    Country South Africa
    And a little information about yourself: I have played FTB Unleshed for 6 months before on a South African server called aeternacraft, I am very mature and am very keen to try out Direwolf 20 with my friends on this server

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