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Whitelist Server BroCraft | Agrarian Skies | 2.1.9 | Whitelist

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Gimply Goose, Apr 23, 2014.

    • Your IGN: ScaRep
    • Age: almost 14
    • Time zone: +6:00 (Ekaterinburg); And yes, I live in Russia.
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies: medium
    • Experience with modded minecraft: I am the Forestry and HarvestCraft god! Well I know lots of other mods but I know those best.
  1. Psych Production

    Psych Production New Member

    • Your IGN- psychfan54
    • Age-21
    • Time zone- Central
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies- I've been watching a lot of Agarian Skies and played through it so i know mostly a lot but like to get to get in it more deeper.
    • Experience with modded minecraft- Been playing Modded Minecraft for over 4 years and enjoyed it ever since
  2. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    I believe the server died :/ it may be because of my mob tower (vaccuum hopper not letting items unload and stuff). I'm at island 15
  3. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  4. zerotolernc

    zerotolernc New Member

    • Your IGN would be Nhydro44
    • Age is 25
    • Time zone is GMT -05(eastern standard)
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies is a little bit null ive only invested three hours roughly.. just to test the waters and i must say its very awesome that your able to build a empire just with a tree and some dirt... and a few quests
    • Experience with modded minecraft would be Tekkit i was big into that a few years back but havent played minecraft purely for fun until ive discovered agrarian skies Via yogscast.
  5. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  6. Urs1997

    Urs1997 New Member

    • Your IGN: Urs1997
    • Age: 16
    • Time zone: GMT+1
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies: Played the map once, but didn't fully complete it. GOt far though
    • Experience with modded minecraft: Played FTB since it was released, went trough the Direwolf, Monster packs and also the challenge maps.
  7. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  8. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    ... Somebody murdered the server again :(
  9. TheWarHound

    TheWarHound New Member

    Twasn't I!
  10. 016Nojr

    016Nojr Well-Known Member

    • Your IGN: 016Nojr
    • Age: 14
    • Time zone: GMT +1
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies: I know good amount of stuff how to do Agrarian, i have completed some chapters alone. Im pretty good at not dying, I also love helping people :D
    • Experience with modded minecraft: I have about a year experience with minecraft/modded minecraft. I help people if they ask for help :)
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
  11. mack hall

    mack hall New Member

    • Your IGN: ibuildmudkips
    • Age:22
    • Time zone:chicago idk what its called
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies:played a bit by myself watched a crap ton of videos played multiplayer once with a buddy who didnt like it.
    • Experience with modded minecraft:tons been playin for about a year on ftbd an minecraft for years i watch alot of tutorial videos too like to many
  12. TheWarHound

    TheWarHound New Member

    I didn't break the server this time . . .
  13. RovkirHexus

    RovkirHexus New Member

    Riiiiiight.... :p
  14. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    NAAAZOOOOOOOO. giad dangit
  15. Omgalof

    Omgalof New Member

    i guess i crashed the server by logging-in. ¬¬'
  16. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Whitelisted[DOUBLEPOST=1399848627][/DOUBLEPOST]Updated to 2.1.4 make sure you update your clients!
  17. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    • Your IGN Moryse
    • Age 17
    • Time zone GMT -8:00
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies Complete noob
    • Experience with modded minecraft im fairly knowledgeable of it
  18. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  19. Omgalof

    Omgalof New Member

    well the server just crashed, it was not me this time, and this was probably the reason.

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