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Whitelist Server BroCraft | Agrarian Skies | 2.1.9 | Whitelist

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Gimply Goose, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Welcome to BroCraft! (named after my IGN: Bro_01)

    BroCraft - Agrarian Skies 2 is online!
    Check this link

    Agrarian Skies 2.1.9
    No griefing allowed! (duh)
    Nothing is disabled and no configs are modified

    There are no plugins and the world is using the default map included in the pack.

    Status: Offline Until Further Notice

    To be added to the whitelist, you must post here or message me with:
    • Your IGN
    • Age
    • Time zone
    • Experience with Agrarian Skies
    • Experience with modded minecraft
    RaidCall voice chat server:

    World Download:
    Last edited: May 25, 2015
  2. Dustin18232

    Dustin18232 New Member

    age: 23

    timezone: eastern (usa)

    experience: a lot

    ign: outspokensaint
  3. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  4. Dustin18232

    Dustin18232 New Member

    says im not whitelisted
  5. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Oops I typoed fixing

    Edit: fixed try again
  6. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Also it is version 2.1.1 not recommended
  7. dlkane

    dlkane New Member

    IGN: dlkane
    Age: 30
    Timezone: U.S. eastern
    My experience with agrarian sky is advanced, and with other mod packs monster, direwolf, and unleashed I have played fully to the end of each mod included
  8. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  9. ZastilEnergybolt

    ZastilEnergybolt New Member

    IGN: ZastilEnergybolt
    Age: 36
    Been Banned: No
    TimeZone: UK GMT

    Experience: Fully experienced but don't like bees! Love to use skype or TS!
  10. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  11. Techodue

    Techodue New Member

    IGN: I_Da_Best
    Age:14 hopefully enough :) I'm mature nonetheless
    Experience: Ive played a lot of Agrarian skies and have great knowledge, Ive been playing modded minecraft for as long as i can remember and played a ton of ftb in the past.
  12. ximan11

    ximan11 New Member

    IGN: ximan11 (no caps)
    Age: 16
    Been playing agrarian skies for a week or so now, and modded minecraft since the glory days of Tekkit.
  13. Alexander Pustinger

    Alexander Pustinger New Member

    IGN: Chasingmurder
    Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone
    Been playing agrarian skies before for like two weeks or so. And i also played ftb ultimate, unleashed, and ive been playing sky den and finished all my accomplishments from all these modpacks.
  14. jonny054

    jonny054 New Member

    ign: jonny154
    age: 15
    timezone: CEST (Sweden)
    experience: well i been playing ftb packs alot. i have alot of knowledge about the mods in agrarian skies
  15. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Updating to version 2.1.2! Make sure to update your client.

    Edit: Update is finished! Server is back online.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2014
  16. Lockies

    Lockies New Member

    Hiya =)

    I'm LockAus, 17, UTC + 10, and have been playing mods and modpacks for quite awhile. Would love to start out Agrarian Skies on a server with people :)
  17. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    What's your ign?

    Edit: nevermind LockAus right? That name is whitelisted at least.
  18. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

  19. jonny054

    jonny054 New Member

    am i whitelisted?
  20. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member


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