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Whitelist Server BroCraft | Agrarian Skies | 2.1.9 | Whitelist

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Gimply Goose, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    Yo Bro, I doubt you still have it, but if you do could you possibly give me a map download please?
  2. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Sure, I do still have it, I suppose I could put it in a dropbox or something. It is a somewhat large file though.

    Edit: I have attached a link to the world download to the original post. In case you want to download it and see it for yourself.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2014
  3. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    Thank you :)
  4. TheWarHound

    TheWarHound New Member

    I miss this map
    SwiftLilEagle likes this.
  5. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    Any chance of starting the server up again for AgSkies 2?
  6. Iperithon

    Iperithon New Member

    Man, would be cool if the Bros could bring this back XD
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  7. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    It's a possibility :)
  8. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Hello everyone! I have decided to set up a new server to run Agrarian Skies 2 Beta. It should be up and running sometime this weekend.

    If you are interested in playing on the new server just let me know and I will add you to the whitelist when it is up.

    I will probably create a new thread once it is up and running and update this thread accordingly.
  9. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    Sign me up!!!
    IGN still SwiftLilEagle
    Won't be playibg for at least a month cuz I'm in Asia travelling right now, but once I get back I'll be happy to join ^.^
  10. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    The new server is online - so far I have made a short post about it here. Let me know if you want to play on it!
  11. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    I whitelisted you to the server, so enjoy your travelling, once you get back the server will be waiting for you! :)
  12. Kelsync

    Kelsync New Member

    Mind if it join?
    IGN: Kelsync
    I work 3rd shift so I probably won't be seeing most of you. :)
  13. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    Yes, I got your application and have whitelisted you to the server, you can log on and play anytime you want.
  14. Bob_Grey

    Bob_Grey New Member

    If the server is still running I'd like to join as well :)
    IGN: Bob_Grey
  15. Gimply Goose

    Gimply Goose New Member

    It is: I added you to the whitelist and sent you an email confirming you are whitelisted.
  16. Solomonzz

    Solomonzz New Member

    • IGN Solomonzz
    love to join if its still running
  17. Redacted

    Redacted New Member

    • DeltaSierra25
    • 31
    • Pacific
    • 0
    • Played with most other modded minecraft packs thought that I would try something new. I pick it up pretty fast so no worries there.
  18. SwiftLilEagle

    SwiftLilEagle New Member

    Is the server down or did I just try to log in at a bad time?
  19. TheWarHound

    TheWarHound New Member

    Thank God! I would love to be on this server


  20. PlatinumHit

    PlatinumHit New Member

    Id like to join the server
    skype PlatinumHitGamers
    IGN : PlatinumHit, and PlatinumHitGamer (I have two Profiles)
    Age 16

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