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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by goreae, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Because they're too stupid too give birth to live babies.

    If a blue house is made out of blue bricks, and a red house with red bricks, what is a green house made out of?
  2. duckfan77

    duckfan77 Well-Known Member


    why are good riddles rare
  3. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Because jokes murdered nearly all of them.

    Why is the grass green?
  4. CreepaCatcha

    CreepaCatcha New Member

    Because the light bouncing off it is tricking our eyes into thinking its green

    Why won't maths solve its own problems?
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  5. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Because they want to make us bored and rule the world!!!

    Why is paper white?
  6. Shazam08

    Shazam08 New Member

    Because it can't jump.

    Why are trees so tall?
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  7. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Because plants are small.

    Why is snow white but water blue transparent.
  8. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    Because snow white is a story book character!

    What number replaced 9 after 7 8 it?
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  9. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Brainteaser...hmmm....100! :D

    Why are cats cute fluffy but dogs too affectionate.
  10. duckfan77

    duckfan77 Well-Known Member

    because cats domesticated themselves

    Why did all of my watched threads stop putting up notifications?
  11. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    There is a conspiracy going on!

    Siri, what is love?
  12. Shazam08

    Shazam08 New Member

    Would you like me to search for "Baby don't hurt me"?

    Why can't penguins fly?
  13. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Because you don't live in the water.

    Why do forums exist?
  14. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    To keep discussion alive!

    Why o' why is it dark at night?
  15. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Becquse. Rewsons

    Why have i brought the thread back to stupid answers?
  16. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    You didn't bring back stupid answers. Stupid answers brought back YOU!!!!!!

    Why are some Russian Reversals epic, and some (such as mine) are bad :p.
  17. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Because russia is one of the best countires ever

    Why am I so blatant?
  18. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk New Member

    Because mother russia.
    Why do we....?
  19. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member


    Why are you rickrolled?
  20. Staxed

    Staxed New Member

    Because of the hair, it has to be the hair...

    What is it about the hair?

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