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Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HeffronCM, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. GPuzzle

    GPuzzle Forum Addict

  2. un worry

    un worry Well-Known Member

    Either Gregtech or ChickenChunks had an option for finite water. For starters, I'd check their mod's configs
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  3. unspunreality

    unspunreality Active Member

    What do ender lily seeds do?
  4. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak Well-Known Member

    you plant them on dirt/grass or end stone and they grow ender pearls, they die if you try to bonemeal them though
  5. unspunreality

    unspunreality Active Member

    Oh. But they.. take forever. D= Do watering cans work on them? I feel like Ive had them planted for hours and theyre just big enough to hurt me.
  6. RedBoss

    RedBoss Never Leaves

    They take 7 minecraft day/night cycles to grow
  7. unspunreality

    unspunreality Active Member

    Are they picked like cotton or broken? Cause I have one plant that finally is spikey with a small green thing in the center. If I break it Ill kill someone. Im in a mystcraft world with eternal darkness and eternal rain so these 7 days feel like 200000. Eternal rain world is bad for endermen so Im waiting on 12 plants and praying
  8. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    They grow quicker if you plant them on End Stone. You'll know they're done when it looks like it has an entire Ender Pearl in the middle of it and there's purple particles coming out.
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  9. RedBoss

    RedBoss Never Leaves

    Also they change the area they are planted into an Eerie biome. It ruined my base in a plains biome.
  10. unspunreality

    unspunreality Active Member

    I can deal with an eerie biome. Didnt know they planted in endstone. Does changing the biome do anything to the actual area? This base is in the side of a cliff. With a magnum torch. An eerie biome wont bother me as long as nothing actually changes.
  11. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Wait, what? Where are you getting this information? Those two aren't even from the same mods.
  12. RedBoss

    RedBoss Never Leaves

    it happened to me
  13. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Sure it wasn't a coincidence? Seems unlikely for ExtraUtils to add a plant that creates a biome from another mod that it otherwise has zero interaction with and then not even document it.
  14. Ripley

    Ripley Well-Known Member

    I currently have 8 that have been growing pretty much all the time and just checked just in case and no biome change(it's on a chunkloaded area on a server so if any biome change, it would have happened by now).
    Note that they are planted on dirt.

    I can see 2 possibilities:
    -Missed a node somewhere that spread eerie(or moved it to your base?), can't remember which type it is.
    -Putting down endstone in the overworld changes the biome to eerie(if that's the case it has been added by thaumcraft, certainly not by extra utilities).
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  15. RedBoss

    RedBoss Never Leaves

    Could have been a bug that I assumed was a feature.
  16. Zxilien

    Zxilien New Member

    Can a computer with these spec run FTB
    Windows 8 64 bit edition
    Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 MB
    Nvidia Geforce GT 610 1 GB Video card
    24X DVD RW Combo
    8 GB DDR3-1600
    i7 Processor 4770K
  17. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

  18. Omicron

    Omicron Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Wow... That video card is actually slower than the CPU integrated one. :confused: I hope you didn't pay a single dollar extra for it...
  19. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi Popular Member

    I had to reread this line to make sure I wasn't imagining that "10" there. Assuming you didn't mistype this, I had to go check to see if these actually existed. And yeah, though Minecraft isn't the most GPU intensive game (much heavier on the CPU and RAM), I would definitely look into upgrading that GPU to something intended for more than office work.
  20. Zxilien

    Zxilien New Member

    Like what can you propose anything. (asking this to Tristam Izumi and others)

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