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Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HeffronCM, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Sounds pretty reasonable. I usually run my 'crop improvement' on a plot that's bordered-off from my other plants,
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  2. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    EDIT: Nevermind, the smelting recipe doesn't work, it's apparently just a JEI error. Lapis gems must be made in a Gregtech Autoclave (as has always been the case I guess). So much for putting Looting III on my sword. Sigh. Well that was a great use of an hour, mining all that lapis, macerating it and hammering it... lovely.

    FTB Interactions... why is smelting certain items so odd in this pack? Example: Lapis Dust, can be smelted into Lapis Lazuil (dust into gem). But ONLY if you use a vanilla furnace, according to JEI. Cannot be smelted any other way, not in GT Steam Furnace. That's weird, and most likely, an oversight or a bug, no? I always thought smelting was the same no matter what device you use to smelt with... but not for the FTB team. LOL There's many other examples of it in this modpack. Simple vanilla clay bricks, for example. Can't be smelted in furnaces because of the way Gregtech uses a mold, etc... but we can still make clay bricks the vanilla smelting way, if we use the early game Clay Kiln. That's weird too. It's logically inconsistent to me.
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  3. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    I'm having some issues with silent's Gems. I can't seem to hold a charge. Occasionally, reloading the client works for a few seconds, then the energy bar disappears and stays gone. Any ideas? I'm guessing a conflict with something, but I don't know what.

    Possibly related, when I hold shift to pick up a stack of something with storage drawers, I can pull only one stack. From then on, it just increases the breakage counter until it either breaks or attempt time pull an item from another drawer.
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  4. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode -- To make the Brew of Flowing Spirit, you have to be in the spirit world. Do I really have to re-create all my progress in the core mods until I can make this brew, or is there a way to bring items in from my survival world? It seems pretty OP just to make this brew if I really have to start from scratch...

    After digging through some forums, I found that the Traveler's Belt from Tinker's Construct lets you bring items with you if Baubles is installed. The GUI for it disappears in the spirit world, but the hotkey is still active and doesn't clear when you go to sleep if it's your alternate when you drink your potion/etc.

    So no restarting my entire game just to get higher-tier items to the spirit world for use!

    Any recommendations on larger item-transport options would be great. This only allows for 9 items at a time, with the added cost of the brew of sleeping.
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  5. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    On that note, anyone who's played this pack before have suggestions for using the spirit world to my advantage since I can bring over a few items at a time? I watched a video where someone had set up a chunk anchor of some sort so he could set up an automated wispy cotton farm, but I don't know how much of that stuff I'll end up needing later on.
  6. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    What are the most important design elements for the interior of an actively cooled reactor from Big Reactors?
  7. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    as far as i remember the player character can hold so little of it(chaos energy) in there own body and that bar might hide when not in use in this case.
  8. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    No, that's not it for sure. It's not my first rodeo with Silent's Gems, it's not behaving correctly. It will work normally for a few seconds when I pop into the world then breaks. Even when it's full, my chaos orb is set to refill and I'm standing under a charging crystal.

    I don't think it's silent's gems. It's something else and it's causing the issue I described with storage drawers where it will only let me pick up one stack until I interact with a different drawer.

    Something is causing items in my hand to malfunction. Particularly when holding shift.

    (Edit: yes, I've looked through keybinds. Sneak is the only thing on lshift, but it does come up in yellow. No idea what that means. Only other feature linked to sneaking that I know if is Veinminer.)
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  9. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    Aaand found it. Something in Ice and Fire. Man, that mod wants to be good. And really, artistically and conceptually it's really impressive. But it's just got so many bugs. I did everything to make this work. It just doesn't.
  10. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    With just vanilla and witchery it's possible, albeit exceptionally difficult, to make an Enderchest in the Spirit World. If 27 slots is enough, that'd work. If you want your entire base linked, I'm pretty sure Infinity's version of AE has Quantum Bridges, and you should be able to stuff the parts for one and a simple fuel loop into a bauble bag with, at worst, two naps.
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  11. Greatsaga

    Greatsaga Guest

    Does anyone know how to prevent Cyclic cables from connecting? For example, the pipes in extra utilities 2 could be blocked with a utility wrenched, and if you blocked both ends it would simply remove that connection. This does not seem possible with Cyclic cables, and there is no utility wrench as far as I can tell.
  12. mikedelabas

    mikedelabas Guest

    besoin d'aide pour la fabrication du quartz noir
  13. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the quantum bridges! This is the first mod pack I've played with AE2, and I haven't gotten to those just yet. If I find something is worthwhile, I may take a look at that. And since the vanilla Enderchests were disabled for this pack, I didn't even think about the fact that I could bring a better enderchest with me in my belt and use that. That'll certainly make things easier. Heck, if I needed more than 27 inventory spaces for a project, I guess I could even front-load more storage to pipe in what I needed at my base so I could pull out everything I needed on the other end!

    I don't have any experience with that mod, but if it's in a pack, sometimes the pack author will make wrenches cross-compatible. So if you have a yeta wrench from enderio or the wrench from IC2, you could try one of those on these pipes.
  14. tsjb

    tsjb New Member

    Just started playing Ultimate Reloaded after a long time of not playing.

    What mods do you guys use for mid game autofarming? I made a big forestry multifarm but I'm having trouble keeping up with with all the Apatite it needs since I started on a cool desert island in the middle of a huge ocean spawn.

    What mods do you guys use for mid game weapons/tools/armour? I got so used to TC I'm not really used to any others! I have a decent RF supply for anything that uses those but haven't started an EU power system yet.

    You used to be able to see a list of mods in NEI and clicking a mod would show you items from that mod. Is there a way to do that now?

    Thanks guys.
  15. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    So, my server keeps spamming this:

    Only, this IS 1.12 and hardcheeze isn't even online.

    The rest of the internet doesn't seem to know either because nothing comes up in my searches. Anyone know how I can make this madness stop? Besides removing BC.
  16. Greatsaga

    Greatsaga Guest

    I already thought of that and had tried every wrench in the pack. Honestly not even sure why Cyclic Cables are the main pipes early game in this pack... they are terrible. There doesn't appear to be any way to filter liquid either :/ -- might just have to inject EU2 or something in the pack.
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  17. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    So, I've been out of the Modded game for a while now.

    Someone suggest a pack that is not "hard mode" but has some questing? I've looked at what direwolf20's been playing, and I don't want to go that far down the rabbit hole when it comes to crafting.

  18. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    What kind of questing are you looking for? Are you looking for Skyden-style questing where an NPC hands out quests as you complete them and turn them in (kinda MMO-style) or a checklist-style book that unlocks new sections and tiers as you obtain items in your inventory?

    I played through Skyden a little while after it made the rounds and enjoyed it a lot, but it's a ways back in Minecraft versions by now. Sky Factory 3 was a blast and used a book, and I hear there's a Sky Factory 4 now. I'm working through Infinity Evolved on expert mode, and it also uses a book that watches your inventory. You can play it without expert mode, and it's a heck of a lot easier to play the way you want rather than working a preset progression. Neither of those have a story-line to them, so that might impact whether you want to try one of them.
  19. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    If I set up two IC2 metal formers each with an AE2 interface and processing pattern for iron plates, will my system utilize both of them to cut the processing time in half? Are there some situations where AE2 might split its outputs to save time and some where it won't?
  20. tsjb

    tsjb New Member

    Does Project X 2 add anything other than lamps? I'm struggling to find information on the mod.

    It seems crazy to me that it adds 5 new ores to worldgen but only adds a lamp.

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