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Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by Jadedcat, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    This pack is unstable. Its is an alpha pack. We will not be troubleshooting it. However the mod devs and Forge devs are interested in hearing about discovered bugs. So if you find a bug/issue report it here with a log, screenshots etc.

    We will not be replying to this thread. This is just a place to compile the bugs so the devs can see what might need some fixing.
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  2. Angrah

    Angrah New Member

  3. Grand_Trizmo

    Grand_Trizmo New Member

    Tinkers Construct Drawbridges Corrupt your chunk so you cant login
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  4. Biblo15

    Biblo15 New Member

    hey @Jadedcat,

    a question to this pack: At the moment the name is "Unstable" and is this only the name for the alpha and beta, so you will change the modpack name or is the name agreed?
  5. Grand_Trizmo

    Grand_Trizmo New Member

    you can't craft any items.
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  6. Vesper37

    Vesper37 New Member

    Changing which metal will pour out next in the smeltery crashes to desktop. Was switching between bronze and Aluminum brass if that helps.
  7. progwml6

    progwml6 Launcher Dev Team Member Launcher Developer Mod Developer

    Please place logs for crashes in your reports along with pack versions so that developers can fix these bugs
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  8. PbOSatansTest

    PbOSatansTest New Member

    Identical report to Angrah,
    FTB - Unstable 1.0.0
    It is definitely caused by Waila - upon disabling the mod and reloading I find that I was looking at a flower called a Peony
    Renders world absolutely unusable,unless you disable Waila.
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  9. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Big Edit:
    Ok. So I was misinformed. This pack is being handled by Slowpoke and prog. It is an official pack being used for alpha testing. :p
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  10. eashonk

    eashonk New Member

    I am assuming this is a waila bug, but when you look at animated redstone ore (like when you walk over it or hit it and it has particles and lights up) the tool tip at the top of the screen changes to read "unknown" instead of "redstone ore"

    So far this has NOT caused a crash, so there is not a log to paste

    And there's a LOT of creepers in my basement. And I mean a LOT, that should probably take priority over the redstone thing. Let me know what time you'll be here so I can leave the back door open.
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  11. recneps1337

    recneps1337 New Member

    i intended on posting a crash but then saw the same logs already posted
    waila reeds the top of two tall bush as sunflower even when it a rose bush
    stencil worker and bettercrafting t con acheivments wont pop
    the ic2 5 wood for a treetap recepie isnt working

    in the creative inventory i saw
    ic2 tab is unlocalized to itemgroup.ic2
    wool slabs are generally unlocalized the one that are just say wool
    the spawn eggs for the t con blue and king slimes are apostrophes
    there is an untextured ic2.plasmalauncher but i will assume that it wip
  12. Biblo15

    Biblo15 New Member

    So it is only a test pack and there will never come a normal pack out of it?
  13. 016Nojr

    016Nojr Well-Known Member

    I dont know if it's supposed to but fillers from Buildcraft drop the blocks that gets removed

    A bug with WAILA: Oak, Birch, Jungle and Spruce leaves shows as Oak leaves. Acacia and Dark oak shows as Acacia leaves
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  14. StigZG

    StigZG New Member

    1. Can't craft IC2 stuff.
    2. When iron gravel ore is on top of dirt, the dirt block changes it's texture to a dirt block that has snow on top of it.
    3. According to the WAILA tooltip redstone ore, sugar canes, doors and beds are "<Unnamed>" blocks.
    4. The WAILA tooltip says that new 1.7 bushes and flowers are Sunflowers.
    5. (This MIGHT be a bug and might not be. It could be just luck that I found something like this.) I found 6 ravines VERY close to each other. 4 of them are a part of one another.
  15. 016Nojr

    016Nojr Well-Known Member

    IRon gravel on dirt makes dirt with snow on. Thats also a bug in the direpack

    WAILA and sunflowers is already been posted about

    And i dont think the ravinethingy is a bug
  16. StigZG

    StigZG New Member

    Weird glitch with IC2 rubber tree leaves: if you put a block next to a rubber tree leaf and look from the opposite side, you get an x-ray machine. (I know, that was a terrible choice of words)
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  17. 016Nojr

    016Nojr Well-Known Member

  18. Grand_Trizmo

    Grand_Trizmo New Member

    we have no problem with ic2 on our server anymore
    *just a shout out to IC2 maker that he should update his wiki for the new recipes*
  19. Kropter

    Kropter New Member

    i updated ic2 to version 422, the forge hammer is now craftable
  20. Esheon

    Esheon New Member

    After fiddling around for an hour with it, I didn't come across any bugs that crashed the game, but I did find some minor stuff that seems... odd.

    I can't seem to get the TCon achievement "Stencil Worker" at all... no matter how many blank patterns I make, no matter what kind of wood I use.

    A TCon pickaxe with a stone head, paper binding, and wood handle seems to mine at about half the speed of a vanilla stone pickaxe. It's a very noticeable difference, to the point that I initially thought I was mining a silverfish block.

    I'm drowning in feathers! I spawned in a plains biome, made a wooden sword, and started collecting food. I killed 11 chickens and got 86 feathers.

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