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    Hi! Just a formality before I pick up FTB: I'd like to know how the launcher handles my login credentials.
    Especially if they're saved / transmitted via plain text rather than encrypted. Mojang explicitly instructs not to use MC credentials in anything that's not official.
    I couldn't find anything on that. If it's down to trusting you guys that's a risk I can assess, but unsafe credential handling isn't!
    Hey i need some help! Im using am Mac and got the latest version of Java but it doesn't work for me when i download FTB. What can i do i want do play FTB :D when i launch FTB Lite 1.4.2 i see how the forge loader loads things but then i get a black screen what should i do?
    I have a problem with the ftb launcher: i can´t download any Modpacks .In the control panel it says: Error whyle downloading Modpack:Java.net.SocketTimeoutException and
    Error whyle downloading Modpack:java.lang.Exception: Modpack download failed !!
    i´ve tried everything!! I am so desperate what shall I do?
    I have a problem:I can launch the FTB Launcher but i can't click on anything in the lancher. I can minimize or maximize and i can control it a bit with the arrowkeys but when i try to do something with the mouse nothing happens. The clickable buttons in the lancher get grey when the cursor is over it but i can't click.

    Hope you answer soon

    Hello progwml6

    I have a question and sorry for my bad english i live in Switzerland.
    My question is: "Everytime I want to start the FTB_Launcher.exe nothing happens. I click on in, a few seconds it loads something but nothing happens."

    Hope you can help me

    i was wondering if you could help with a problem. whenever i try to launch a modpack (FTB Infinity) it gives me a bunch of files then it just goes back to the normal launcher. What do i do?
    i was wondering if you could help with a small problem im having when launching a pack.every time i launch a pack a bunch of files appear on the desktop home screen.thats all thanks :D
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