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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Zica, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Saitek2073

    Saitek2073 Member

    Yeah I also get white Enderman and Spiders
  2. TheOneMica

    TheOneMica New Member

    I got white Endermen and spiders too, everything else is normal though.
  3. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    It is just Endermen and Spiders, other mobs appear fine.
  4. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    I got a few things I want to check over and one problem. I use Optifine_HD_U_B5 and all the textures seem to be there minus a few on the back end i think that's the graviSuite mod area and some powders seem to be still grainy. But my biggest concern is I got a row of saplings and instead of sapling.png its fire i took some shots so you can have a look at what I am speaking about. its 6 shots hope you don't mind.
    grainy textures.
    Bottom one's look default compare to rest of the textures.
    Powders look grainy
    Portal guns are less resolution compare to the rest of the pack.
    These saplings are on fire not showing correct textures?
    If any of these are normal let me know, and if you can how can I fix the fire saplings I doubt there suppose to be like this.
  5. Same here i get white enderman and spiders but all other mobs are fine, Will all mods that are in FTB pack be textured? I think it would be a shame if they weren't and it would be a let down on all the work you have done so far.
  6. Zica

    Zica Active Member

    Yes they will, it just takes time.
  7. LazDude2012

    LazDude2012 Active Member

    First, you should be using Optifine 1.4.2_HD_U_A7. This is the latest version available for 1.4.2.
    Secondly, those powders are from GregTech, which is being done by someone else, and he'll throw you a link when he's done.
    Thirdly, PortalGun isn't textured yet.
  8. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    Thanks Laz for the information I was not sure that is why I posted pics. I'll get that version and give it a shot. Btw I mean't nothing bad by my post I absolutely love this Texture pack.
  9. Hoovy Aj

    Hoovy Aj New Member

    Cool it look nice it look like like gragtech and few are't done but its good for now
  10. LazDude2012

    LazDude2012 Active Member

    Well, the three of us aren't texturing GregTech, as those who use low quality mods can have low quality textures. Jamesw40k is having a go at it though, so maybe you'll have GregTech at some point.
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  11. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    Hmm, something seems strange there, as for one the Thermal Expansion ingots and dusts should be textured as I added those in a few weeks ago, and so should the saplings from Extra Biomes. I also notice that the custom font is not showing up in your pics, which if you haven't disabled customs fonts could signify that there's a problem with your optifine installation, however I'm not sure how this would cause certain mod textures not to work as forge includes support for hd texture packs. There also should be Faithful textures for Portal Gun included, however they haven't been updated for a while, so the chances are the texture path has changed which would cause those not to appear.
  12. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    yeah I have custom fonts disabled.You said the texture paths might have changed?Would you have a solution into fixing this if that's the case?Something maybe I can try and see if it works or not?

    I even changed to optfine 1.4.2_HD_U_A7 the saplings are still fire textures.
  13. Zica

    Zica Active Member

    What's the item ID on the saplings? And does the fire texture move? Or is it static? And we would have to fix the portal gun path change. It's simple and won't take long.
  14. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    Let me grab those Id's for you. Sorry it took so long but New update with the launcher wasn't loading mods so I had to fix that issue.

    The id's and names are :
    Balsa Sapling 13415
    Sequoia sapling 13415
    Larch sapling 13415
    Cherry sapling 13415
    Lime sapling 13415

    Seems all there id's are the same,how can I fix this problem and they appear as animated fire icons where the sapling texture should be, yeah the fire moves.
  15. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    Right I have included the latest Faithful Portal Gun textures, so they should work with FTB now, and as far as those saplings go, they're part of Forestry, but I believe the reason they show up as fire is Sengir hasn't fully implimented them yet (remember the version of Forestry in FTB is a beta), and there's not really anything we can do to fix that ATM. The only way to obtain them is to spawn them in through NEI anyway, and I wouldn't recommend using them at the moment as they cause world corruption.

    As for the white endermen and spiders, it seems MC has changed the way some of the mob textures are mapped, and John Smith himself hasn't fully updated his original texture pack to properly support everything 1.4 added (You may notice things like carrots-on-sticks don't have JS textures). For an interim soloution, I have removed the spider and enderman textures from the pack, so the default textures should be used instead until a better solution can be found.
  16. Hayden

    Hayden New Member

    Great work bro
  17. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    OK thanks, I wasn't planning on using them anyways just was curious that's all. Exellent work sofar though it is looking great. Only other thing I notice is that some parts of the machine gui's I'm guessing that is called are not really visable till u run the mouse over them, Ex: Electric engines the socket area is invisible and you only know its there when you put mouse on it? I could take a shot if you like.

    Edit: Post Image of the problem:
    There is suppose to be little box on the left side for the Socket area.
  18. SyZzLe

    SyZzLe Member

    Very nice. Thank you!
  19. beal

    beal New Member

    What Mod is that From???? i want to boil steam
  20. kapmabijap

    kapmabijap Active Member

    It is from RailCraft

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