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    They actually seem to fit pretty well with the default JSTR textures. They have the same sort of dark steel style to them.
  2. KingTriaxx

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    They actually seem to fit pretty well with the default JSTR textures. They have the same sort of dark steel style to them.
  3. KingTriaxx

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    It fits pretty well as is. The same dark coloring on most of the blocks, even the formally bright orange condensation tower is now a much darker color. It almost fits better with JSTR than it does in vanilla.
  4. I need help, the resource pack isnt showing up in the launcher.
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    Really awesome texture pack man
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    I've done some updating to the 1.10 version of the modded repo. Since I'm playing the Hermitpack, I wanted the John Smith graphics updated, starting with Tinker's Construct. I've gotten most of the tools at least showing the main versions correctly. Paper, cactus and bone versions for some haven't been done, but getting the main types done was fairly easy due to the new system they use which creates the variations from a couple of graphics so you don't have to create a bajillion different graphics, one for each part in each material type. The drawback to this is you can't create custom variations for different materials, but that's a small price to pay for getting the graphics updated.

    One minor issue I found though, is that the mod creates some of the casting plates on the fly from the graphics supplied for the part. For instance, the excavator head, since the graphic that is used to show the part on the tool once it's built is the same graphic that is used to "punch out" a hole in the casting plate in the smelter table, it's off center for some reason, and when you cast the part, the resulting cast piece is in the center of the table. Not sure why this happens, the default graphics don't do this, the only thing I can think of is that the mod isn't expecting 32x32 graphic files and doesn't center the cast plate graphic properly. So, most of the cast parts will not appear correct in the cast when they are on the table, but will appear correct everywhere else. If someone knows or can figure out why this happens, then please let me know and I'll see if I can fix it. It's not a huge deal as you pretty much grab the cast as soon as it's done, but for those who like everything exact and perfect, it might be bothersome.

    I used the old icons graphics file to create some base parts for items that I don't think have ever been done like the battle sign and frypan. These only have the base graphics and don't have many or any modifiers done. Some of the modifiers are new and none of these have been done, like shulking. I left the files from the old icons file in the folders for the ones I created for anyone who wants to continue making new parts.

    I've also updated the Industrial Craft 2 graphics, which mostly just needed some cleanup of old outdated files, and renaming of some files and folders, I didn't create anything there that I recall, it was a pretty simple transfer.

    I haven't done a pull request on this to add it to the main repo, because of the issues with the Tinker's casting plates, if I get word that isn't a problem I'll do the pull request to have it added to the main repo, but anyone interested in grabbing these and adding them manually to your texture pack, then you can grab the files here https://github.com/DwellerBenthos/JSTR-Modded-1.10.x and integrate them in your current texture pack, just follow the folder structure in the pack, not in the repo download.
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    I think not just the simple users get confused about this whole JSTR vs Legacy vs Modded vs Universal or whatever name you give to your packs.
    Those pictures are not a true before and after comparsions, and because of that it just made this whole thing even more confusing.

    Which version of Minecraft you use to made those screenshots?
    As far as I know, in the OFFICAL WEBSITE the latest one is for 1.7.10

    Newer version not even presented on the OFFICAL SITE, only you can find it on Curseforge (or Github). Again, a thing that makes it even more complicated! I know; the Github page is a must have, but the other? Just to make it more confusing where to find the origial and latest versions? Why just can't maintain only one site, the offical one, regardless of what you choose to be the offical?

    I think a simple unexperienced "John Smith", who just want to play a modpack with awsome texture, at first will go to the offical website js-legacy.net and they just find out there is no new version since 2015 October.
    But, if you go to the Curseforge page you can see that 1.7.10 version is updated a HALF DAY AGO!
    Ok, so what is the point? There is an offical website but the files isn't even updated more than a year ago?
    I dont get it, so its enought about the sites because I got a headache from trying to find out the meaning of this nonsense.

    Now about the pictures and that totally nonsense "vote" around it;
    The first picture (BEFORE) is not the standard modded JSTR.
    -aka John Smith Legacy Modded - "JSTR_Universal_1.7.x.zip" -downloaded from the offical site (outdated)
    -or aka John Smith Legacy - Modded - "JSTR_Modded_Universal.zip" -downloaded from Curseforge (latest)

    So, which is the standard and which is the legacy? That doesnt even make sense, because all the texturepacks after the 1.2.5 version of Minecraft are LEGACY.
    Of course the "legacy overwrite pack" didn't have many users, because its simply doen't do anything!
    Or at least VISUALLY nothing, because the JSTR Legacy Overlay "JSTR_Patch_1.7.x.zip" downloaded from the offical site is containing the SAME textures!

    Anyway, the downloads from the offical site is redirecting to ether to minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/john-smith-legacy-modded or mods.curse.com/texture-packs/minecraft/223328-john-smith-legacy-modded
    Again WHY two different page to the same(?) content? Just to make it even-even-even more-more confusing?

    The first picture "BEFORE" is made with the ALTERNATE SMOOTH BLOCKS which is only can find in the old versions (as an alternative) and the second "AFTER" is made with the latest normal (not alternate) textures. The standard JSTR textures is always like those in the second picture just not that much saturated as in the latest version.
    So what is it about the standard vs legacy chanege? Its just...just...totally meaningless!
    You show us a picture comparsion between the ALTERNATE SMOOTH and the DEFAULT JSTR textures, and talking about legacy vs normal (that it itself doesn't make sense, as I said before; everything since 1.2.5. is legacy.)
    And build a vote around this false comparsion. I don't mean to offend you,but I have to point on the truth, yes, this whole voting is a totally nonsense thing, because of those false pictures.
    I understand you guys just want to know which textures people really prefer, but it's makes clear; even you totally confused and lost between those many iterations and names and versions of the same pack.
    This vote has has only one reason; now we now that almost as many people prefer the smooth stone version as the default.

    I following and using only John Smith and JSTR since 1.2.5. version of Minecraft. And I mean using it because it is the one and only pack that I ever installed. (Back in the old times before I find JS for the 1.2.5 version of Minecraft, I tried out many but not really like any.)
    So I think I really know a lot about where the JSTR come from and how it is changed.

    I like to help you guys, to made this confusing things to be cleared out, so I offer you my help!

    I have some spare time, and I also made some texture changes by myself to used in my modded playing.
    I made some texture changes to fit with the alternate smooth stone textures, and some for mods that I used, that wasn't in the pack. I didn't think on those textures as they are really mine, I just made some chanegs on them here and there. Just a few that really I made from scratch. (Well, the newer versions already contain almost all of those mods that I made textures for them earlier, so not much left to work on.)
    I prefer the smooth stone version and lighter pastel colors, because the stone in the normal textures looks too much like a cobblestone for my taste, especially with this newest oversatureted textures (even the dirt now looks like made out of brown cobblestone). So sometimes I change some textures that I did not like. What I really like is something between the normal JSTR and something what you can find in the JimStone Craft Edition.
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    You made many incredible points here. I spend most of my texturing time working on Soartex, but I had a hand in setting up github for you John Smith folks. My buddy Goldbattle made the js-legacy website back around the time Jim Stone was getting started on his version. I'm pretty sure the packaging scripts you guys are using are the ones we use at Soartex, made by Artdude.

    If management or the community over here decides to make changes to the texture distribution system to address the problems piri brought up, I'll be present to assist in making those changes. I won't be making any decisions though! JS isn't really my neck of the woods.

    I'll get the js-legacy site updated with new information. But I still find the nomenclature around John Smith to be confusing. And it looks like Jim Stone launched his own website for it too.

    Would it make more sense to redirect js-legacy to Jim Stone's JS legacy page, and open a new website solely for modded John Smith? Does Jim Stone's page even have all the vanilla distros?

    How do you folks recommend changes be made? If we keep the patch overlays, how should we clearly present the packs?
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    Thanks for replaying, and adding some more info about who and when started those different deliverants of the pack.

    My points is came from a viewpoint of a simple outsider, and maybe not correct. Everything is come from those sites. So if I'm not correct about the versions or else; those information must be corrected on the webpages as well. I just following the JSTR since 1.2.5, I not familiar really who and when started which version. Just how I see this whole thing like a simple user, an outsider; totally confusing.

    The main point is that, what still not clear to (almost) every user (including me); WHICH version you guys state as "Legacy"?
    I think the first thing what we need to clarify; is which is the "Legacy" version now?

    And why even we still talk about Legacy vs. anything when today every JS texture pack is legacy isn't it? Every version is a continuation of the original, so must be legacy. We just have to stop using the legacy when we talking about JS. Doesn't it make more sense if we talk only about VANILLA and MODDED (aka Technicans Remix)?

    Another thing is, especially here in the FTB forum; why we even talk about different versions at all?
    This whole forum is about the FTB MODDED minecraft in general, so doesn't it make sense if we focus here ONLY on the Technican Remix version of the texture pack, and keep everything vanilla and not strictly modded outside?

    I think it would be very cool if we have only 2 OFFICAL site;
    One site for the vanilla JS which can contain all the variants of the texturepack which is only for vanilla.
    And one for purely for the modded Technicans Remix, and here can go all the variants of the modded pack.
    I see only this as the mere solution to solve the misunderstandings and confusions around John Smith.

    What you mentioned, the redirect to Jim Stone's page is already there on the js-legacy.net. On Jim Stone's page the oldest one you can download is for the 1.5.2 (1.4.7 compatible). So as far as I didn't miss a version Jim Stone's site is contain all the versions of the vanilla pack.
    So it seems a site for just the vanilla pack is already there and works perfectly.
    That would be very nice addition to that site, if the makers of other variants of the vanilla pack can make an agreement with Jim Stone, so everyone can distribute their versions on one website!

    This variants of the default vanilla pack sometimes only differs in one or two textures, so that would be nice if they are distributed as overlays.
    Am I undertand it correctly? You mean "overlay" as like in my case that I prefer the smooth stone, so I need to overwrite the default textures?
    That is the overlay what are overwrite the default textures? (My first language is not english, overlay sounds here a bit wierd to me...)
    I think the "patch overlays" must be used for only this kind of purpose; if someone has some alternate textures, that are different from the default, they must be distributed only as overlay patches.
    Like in my case; I like the smooth stone not the default, so I really only need just a few texture files and just overwrite the defaults with them. No need to dowload (and store) all of the textures again, just those few. Save bandwith and storage space too.

    Technicans Remix:
    That is the best idea I think, if wehave a separate site for ONLY for the Technicans Remix.
    On Jim Stone page, at "Links" tab the first link is the js-legacy.net and is already stated as the donwload location of the modded texture pack.
    So it seems we already have the different site JUST FOR THE MODDED! :D
    All that need is just remove all the vanilla John Smith releated content from this page, and voila! Some fine tuning and it even can look like a totally new page!
    How the content distributed on this page its like what I mentioned before.
    Download for all the Minecraf versions (and not the outdated ones!) of the default Technicans Remix.
    And the same can go here for the different variatons: provide them as a small files that just contain only the textures that are different from the default; you just need to overwrite the originals with them. Again, save bandwith and storage space.

    And now, what I think the MOST CRUCIAL part to stop the confusinon:
    Minimize the number of links to other pages and cross-site links.
    On the js-legacy.net (and on Jim Stone's vice versa) remove the tabs and links to the other pack. (But not completly, wait till I explaint in detail...)
    First it maybe doesn't sound to be a good idea, but beleive me; THIS IS the part that mostly lead to confusion.
    People clicking on links that lead them to an external site while trying to find out the latest version, maybe they opening it as a new tab on there browsers. At the end they easily opened 5-6 tabs for different versions (like vanilla vs modded) and than some more tabs to find the LATEST of the pack for the Minecraft version they looking for. And... after a while maybe they doesn't even remember which webpage is for which version and which variant and...etc.
    I hope you get the point.

    So I think on all the pages need to remove all the info and link to the other pack (vanillla modded vice versa).
    All the pages and information must be about the only pack what that website is about.
    An example: on the site what is about the modded pack, the Technicans Remix all the pages and tabs must contain things that just about that specific pack and not even mention the other! Link to the other pack (vanilla in this example) must be provided ONLY in a tab dedicated to links.
    Must be provided on a "LINKS" tab, and that must be the ONLY page on the site where the other even mentioned!
    This one helps the MOST of clearing out the confusion; if a site is dedicated to something it must contain things just about that.
    Someone who looking for another thing can find those on the "LINKS" tab; a mere indication of that you will go to an external page that is about another thing.
    I think this one must be the first thing to be done...

    At last I have a suggestion on changeing the download links!
    All the download link is lead you to a mods.curse.com page, and I think that is not a good decision.
    There is another Curse page for EVERYTHING, with the same content, and that is the minecraft.curseforge.com site.
    Why I think that the later is better is because of this:

    The mods.curse.com page is lack of some very useful functions!
    Simply that it is...

    On the other page minecraft.curseforge.com you can sort out the list by Minecraft version. There is a little dropdown box to choose from, so the list is contain ONLY those versions of Minecrat that you looking for.
    On the other site you can only click on to sort by game version, but you can't choose to exclude MC versions version what you dont need.And if someone need an older version have to open all the pages one by one until they find what they are looking for.
    This can save time and server load.
    And there is another excellent feature of this site; there is a drop down menu that can show all the releations, what the downloaded content depend on and what is their dependancies. An this is a MUST HAVE function I think. Well, in our case not have funtion because its just a texture pack, but if it comes about mods it is the best function and you really need that. Helps to get all what you need to make it work.
    And, IMO, the whole desing of that site is much better, Larger fonts, so easier to red, and there is a colored icon for the type od release so you can easily find the stable versions. Again useful for mods, but pretty nice function.
    Anyway, I think that site is more easy to navigate and takes far more less time to find what you need.
    So; I suggest to change the links to that website.
    Last thing that move ALL the links and informations about Github and such to the mentioned "LINKS" tab, because most of the people never go to those pages. The are only used by contributors and experinced users who know exactly what they are doing.
    For an everyday "John Smith" it just another complicated, geeky thing that just couse confusion.

    P.S.: IMO the BEST if you provide the downloads on the website itself and not as an external download for the latest release for every MC version. Like in Jim Stone's page. (Crossite links can lead to confusion...;))
    If someone need not the latest version I think that means that person is already a more experinced user, and can find what he need on Curse or an Github.
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    Has the pack stopped being updated? on the js-legacy website the last update was october 2015 and was just curious as i love the pack.
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    When will 1.10.2 Universal be released?
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    Hi all! I made my own Crystal Bow textures after noticing a distinct lack of it in the Botania textures for John Smith. Posted this on the Minecraft forums yesterday, but thought maybe here would be a better place for it.


    Textures here in the spoiler. Use them as you wish :)
    (crystalbow0/1/2/3/4/5, in order)
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    excuse me , is there any ender IO texture updates ?

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