32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Zica, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. xClintonx

    xClintonx New Member

    Oh, this is just godly. One of my favourite texture packs can now be used with Feed the Beast <3
  2. beal

    beal New Member

    hey Thanks man, whats the purpose of it?? i cant seem to find it on the wiki
  3. kapmabijap

    kapmabijap Active Member

  4. Stellastronza

    Stellastronza Member

    GUIs need to be improved a bit, otherwise this is a great texture pack. I'd also add a fan to the IC2 heat vents texture, just behind the one that is currently used to better represent the vanilla IC2 texture :)
  5. vipeness

    vipeness New Member

    Does the lighting from the screenshots also come installed too?
  6. Darkthought

    Darkthought Active Member

    Is there any option for Red-Green colorblind wheat? I'll be damned if I can tell if my wheat is fully grown. That's the only thing preventing me from using this.
  7. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    Hmm well the wheat used in this pack is from John Smith's original terrain.png, but if it helps fully grown wheat has a larger "head" than the other stages, and doesn't have the pointly stem parts at the top, which may help you to spot them :) Believe it or not, I also suffer from red-green colourblindness, but they're still fairly distinguishable to me due to their varying levels of brightness.
  8. Grood

    Grood New Member

    How do we get the animations for handheld torches to work with this texture pack and FTB?
  9. Zica

    Zica Active Member

    Make sure you're using optifine, and they should work.
  10. Grood

    Grood New Member

    Thank you Zica. I realized that I had optifine set to run as a regular mod when I ought to have set it up as a jar-mod. Works beautifully now and I can once again enjoy the dancing flames of my handheld torches!
  11. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    Hey had this pack been updated any further or is it finalized? I haven't had much time to keep up lately so sorry for the questions but I'm curious.Thanks.
  12. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    Small updates tend to be added every few days, you can check out the latest additions in the rolling changelog.
  13. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    Alright thanks Glows. Keep up the work guys.

    Though no one ever answered my question about the gui for the electric furnace is off a bit the socket area is invisible, you only know its there buy putting the cursor on the area. This natural or can it be fixed? Picture is in my last post I think showing this. Good TP' btw.
  14. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    That one's probably my fault, as when I originally did the forestry GUI's I based them from a set of Faithful textures that were slightly outdated. It shouldn't be too much of an issue to fix, I'll try to get round to it soon, as I'm currently fixing up some GUI bugs that I've noticed with the other mods. I did update the Apiary GUI to support the recently added frame upgrades though.
  15. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    Aye thanks glow, I don't try to be such a pain I just notice things and if it can help make the pack more better.Well its good to know the GUI's are being worked. One other thing noticed is,well I haven't tested all the engines but the electrical engines are not moving at all when powered. I don't know if this is something on my part, have all animations on so I really don't have a clue. Might go back into single player and test out some more.
  16. logoster

    logoster Active Member

    i love the john smith texture pack, and i love mods, so this is AWESOME, as it makes it so that we can get the best of both :D
  17. The Reeds and Sticky Reeds from IC2 Crops look the same. A different texture to change how Sticky Reed looks different normal Reed would be helpful thanks.
  18. acc1dent

    acc1dent Active Member

    I'm in the same boat
  19. Blade4323

    Blade4323 Member

    Hey, for some reason several items are etiher pink blocks or a pink square. Im using the version of optifine needed, HD_U_A7. Pink blocks would include the Energy O Mat, Energy Counter, or Average counter. The top of the block of the Range trigger is also pink. Pink squares would include the Ice Capsule, Night Vision Goggles, Debug Item, Counter Sensor kit/location card and the text card. I will upload screen shots if asked,
  20. stormkitster

    stormkitster Member

    my guess would be you failed at installing it correctly, try to install i again on a fresh copy (force update) of FTB and go from there. its meant to be added to the jar mods under "edit mods" u just click as go to folder select optifine and close out if it appears right under forgeloader. It should work just fine. I tested this so many times and I have no problems with it at all.

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