[1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Yulife, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. WitherBlaster

    WitherBlaster New Member

    I think each conduit is set to input (or is it output?) power, so you'll have to switch the connection to the rolling machine (or generator) from input to output (or output to input).

    CARDAR New Member

    mmm, for missions there a problem if I use all the mods?
  3. mrbaggins

    mrbaggins New Member

    You can complete all the missions with the pack as downloaded (as far as I know). I wouldn't add "all the mods" though as there are a few in there that do the same thing. IE: There is no reason to have blue power and the other redpower replacement (Project Red?), as they are almost identical mods.

    I don't believe there are any quests that use a mod disabled by default.
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  4. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    Don't use Bluepower if you may want your 1.x world to survive. 2.x will remove it.
  5. Nederlandhc

    Nederlandhc New Member

    Is it a problem is the 1.2.0 Server doesn't run Waila? Since it's preventing my server from starting with a NullPointerException.

    With Waila disabled it starts perfectly fine, but does Waila server side has any effect on other stuff?
  6. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    Yes, it is supposed to give compability iirc. May be wrong, can someone confirm?
  7. Nederlandhc

    Nederlandhc New Member

    From what I've found it's just a sort of extension for NEI.
    I quote from the minecraftforum thread:
    "I have the pleasure to introduce to you Waila (What Am I Looking At). Waila is an extension for NEI. It will show in the tooltip what mod an item is from. Since the tooltip contains the mod name, you can also easly parse items per mods.
    But that's not all ! Leveraging an extended NEI HUD, it is also capable of showing the name of blocks and mods ingame, right on top of your screen.
    And if this is not enough, it comes with a few integrated modules to show internal information of some specific blocks. For now, BC tanks have been implemented (shows the content, capacity and amount of fluid) and IC2 machines (shows the In/out voltage)."

    When reading that I think it won't be a gameplay changer. Only some NEI features that won't work?
    And if I'm right on that it wouldn't be such a problem as I'm still setting up the server.
  8. Odovbold

    Odovbold New Member

    WAILA is a client side mod, just like InventoryTweaks or JourneyMap, there is no point to install it on server
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  9. Nederlandhc

    Nederlandhc New Member

    Hmm Ok thanks.

    Yulife any idea why it is put in the server archive in the first place then?
  10. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    I think you need WAILA on the server to see tank contents and probably other things.
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  11. Bahnmor

    Bahnmor New Member

    Correct. Waila on a server allows players to see tank contents, power levels, data along those lines (unless there has been a change in the last couple of versions).
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  12. Nederlandhc

    Nederlandhc New Member

    Ok so putting it all together, it won't make a huge difference if the server version isn't installed.
    The players just get less info? (What doesnt matter in my case right now as the server isn't open yet.)
  13. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    I think they simply won't get the info as they cannot sync with the server.
  14. Kazekai

    Kazekai New Member

    plus ATL seems to take up less resources than FTB. Dunno why but I get performance drops with FTB packs that go away when I convert them to MultiMC. I never have to do that with ATL.

    Knowing someone else does this makes me feel less guilty about it.

    I don't agree with everything the FTB team does so I find it hard to understand the loyalty to it some people have. The Forgecraft stuff is especially infuriating to me but they can do what they want I guess, I just choose to ignore it.

    Opis is broken and JM is a resource hog. I recommend getting liteloader and voxelmap, that's what I did. The version of mapWriter Opis uses doesn't save waypoints and I don't think they ever fixed it. (Even though MapWriter itself fixed the problem months ago.)
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  15. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    How is Opis broken? I used it plenty of times.
  16. Kazekai

    Kazekai New Member

    The version of MapWriter Opis uses doesn't save your waypoints. MapWriter itself fixed that issue, but every time I use Opis now, they are still using the broken version of it and don't seem inclined to fix it anytime soon, but I also haven't used Opis in close to a month now so maybe that changed.

    That's a rumor going around. I half-hope it's true myself, but I don't see anything about it on their official news feed and I've come to expect that if shit hits the fan they aren't shy about letting people know. I'm not sure where it originated but it's probably just something spread in IRC by some people who don't like how the pack is managed and wanted to cause problems.
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  17. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    That doesn't make Opis broken. Opis' main aspect is to detect lag, not to use it as a map.
  18. danidas

    danidas New Member

    I've been using opis with it's mapwriter map for awhile now and I rarely if ever experience any issues with it. Beyond the need to manually delete it's map folder when ever I need to regenerate the world for my server. As for the way points, I've never had any issue with it forgetting them. However I do use both opis and journey map together, with opis serving as my mini map and journey map for the in world way points and full screen map. I also mirror all my important way points between both maps as I like to use them side by side.

    Now as for journey maps, its not that bad on resources if you go into it's options and make sure the webmap is always disabled. Other wise it will load a small webserver a long with minecraft to allow for you to view the map in your web browser and naturally take up good a bit of resources in the process.

    I think it has to do with FTB swapping over to the curseforge launcher once it is ready and abandoning their own launcher. Which is something that's been going on for awhile now, ever since the FTB/Curse deal and people are worrying about FTB's fate.
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  19. alexubel989

    alexubel989 New Member

    I had a question about this pack and HQM. How badly would it break the quests in the book if I removed AM2? I'm not a huge fan of it to be honest. Would it be better to take out HQM as well f I did this?
  20. Kazekai

    Kazekai New Member

    That's a rumor going around. I half-hope it's true myself, but I don't see anything about it on their official news feed and I've come to expect that if shit hits the fan they aren't shy about letting peop
    That's the only reason I use it, it was also the main function of the post I quoted. I suggested they not bother with either option as a minimap and just use VoxelMap since it's the only one that really works. It's a shame it's never listed as an option in any modpack because it's difficult to get it to show up in a search engine without first going to curse and searching for it there. The only modpack that has it is an ATL pack with a broken hyperlink listed as its source.

    I don't think the people I play with would appreciate having both installed; in fact some packs will disable one if you have the other selected and using them in conjunction actually caused more lag than using them separately. JourneyMap used to be my favorite map, but it's been acting strange for me for a few months and I've never been able to figure out why. Removing it and replacing it with VoxelMap fixed a lot of lag spike issues on the packs I was using it on.

    I'm inclined to think being merged into a bigger company is never a good thing for the userbase and rarely is for the developers, whatever FTB's problems are now, they can only get worse after that happens but I don't think that's the same as being dissolved completely. ;v
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