[1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Yulife, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Love the pack looks amazing, cant wait for 2.x
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    Oh so do I. /s
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    Nope, sorry, it is too op for my taste.
  7. Iskandar

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    As a suggestion, in the Hunger Overhaul config you might want to turn this off:
    # Add high tier HarvestCraft foods to the items butcher villagers will sell (HarvestCraft)

    otherwise you get silly, silly trades like a villager giving away 64 supreme pizzas for one emerald.
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    Yeah, I noticed in my third village that there was a guy selling most of a stack of "Sausage in bread" for an emerald, which is a feast, although not a great one.
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    Making my Kitchenator 5000 (Steves Factory Manager) I've stumbled on a few blocks.

    One: Bottled water into fresh water was a recipe I've used in crash landing. Was that a custom one added by iskandar?
    Two: Variables don't seem to work. If I set orange to be a chest, then use the variable, nothing works, but if I just use the inventory directly, it's fine.
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    @Yulife : Just want to suggest something, i deduce than you like the "hard mode" but there is also people who dont (like me ^^), first of all what i will say is not with anger but more to help maybe some players that dont like to play to much hardcore too without disturbing the players who like it. So my suggestion if mostly about config and things that change the game (dungeon loot/crafting/hunger etc....) for this i suggest you to add something in "optional mods" like by exemple "Hard config" "Normal config" where the hard one will be exactly like now and the normal one will put the normal recipe with no change and maybe a "Easy mode" with config making dungeon more rewarding and recipe in easy mode.
    I just wanted to say that because i really like your pack and i'm playing it since a while now but sometime when i see something i really get discouraged because there is alot of thing i dont already know and even if i'm still learning there is alot of thing making me really have a hard time, not because i dont want to learn but usually i learned by watching let play or spotlight, tutorial... but now i'm deaf and im still trying to learn but trust me it's alot harder and i prefere to play in easy to keep my mind calm just by playing in a casual mode.
    So that all i wanted to say, hope you will understand this and as i said : i'm not whinning about "this is too hard" but more asking to consider casual players as much as hardcore players.
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    Hey @Yulife are you as happy as I am that the world lag from COFH was fixed, AND the latest Forge apparently fixes even more performance issues? These two things plus the release of the new TC has me pretty excited! I can only imagine that version 2.x of WLR will have the latest forge inside?
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    Both CoFH Core and Forge latest updates are fixing the same bug in Minecraft 1.7.10
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    1.1.8. I will submit it today.
  15. Yulife

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    That is a TON, like, a hell ton of work that I have no time for at the moment.
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    No problem, its just a suggestion if someday you dont know what to do :)
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    Adding some compability :)
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    Oooh, shiny! ;)
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    Deutsch: Gemacht, Pflanzen wachsen. Aber wenn ich nun z. B. den Chopper von Progessive Automation benutze oder halt den Planter, wachsen im Umkreis von 128 Block wieder ├╝berhaupt keine Pflanzen mehr. Und sehr viele Item lassen sich nicht stapeln obwohl sie die gleiche ID haben. Beispiel Fackeln, crafte ich die, kann ich die gecrafteten nicht mit welchen zusammen stapeln die ich abgerissen hab. Oder Holzkohle, bekomme ich hier welche aus den Reward Bags kann ich die nicht mit der selber hergestellten stapeln. Und halt vieles vieles mehr. Und der Server crasht alle 4 Stunden ohne CrashReport, oder anderen zeichen warum.

    English: Made plants grow. But now when I for example use the chopper from Progressive Automation or halt the planter to grow within 128 block again no more plants. And very many item can not stack even though they have the same ID itself. Example torches, I crafte which I can not gecrafteten with which stack together I'm torn. Or charcoal, I get here from which the Reward Bags I can not stack with itself produced the. And just much more. And the server crashes every 4 hours, without any report.
  20. Yulife

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    Keine Ahnung warum das passiert... kann dir nicht helfen wenn es keinen Crashreport gibt.
    No idea why that is happening... can't help you if there is no crashreport.
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