[1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

What mod would you like me to create quests for?

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Hi Fuuzect,
I really like your modpack, it's a nice way to remember some things you need for example in IC2.
But I've got a question? Can you please add Galacticraft (+ Addons) that would be soooo damn cool!
I'm curious of your awnser.
Greetings Ariva.
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Hey Fuuzect, I was wondering if you could add quests for Ars Magica 2? That would be spectacular! Ars Magica 2 is one of my favorte mods, and this is my favorite modpack, so seeing them come together would be so awesome!


Hi, is there al limited number of quests that you can create
with the HQM mod ? I was trying it for myself but now I can't
place any more quests. Please help me!


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Jul 29, 2019
1. Fuuzect is no longer working on the pack. His motivation dropped after he found out about point 2.
Source :

2. As the previous poster found out, there actually IS a maximum number of quests in HQM. It also seems that deleted quests still count towards the total.
Before requesting more mods/more quests/a pack update, please take this fact into account.
As soon as the HQM devs find enough time to correct this, dedicated packmakers will be able to update this pack.
However, given that the issue thread on github talking about this is closed, it may be a while ; there are other, more common issues to be fixed, and the HQM devs' time isn't infinite.
Issue thread :

I hope this post will help inform any potential posters of the current situation.


im going to be that one guy, plz forgive me ;-;

Ummmm, you know there is Better Questing out with a lot of new features and the mod dev is still active and updating the mod, Right?


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Jul 29, 2019
If you follow the ferret business at all you will have noticed it took caigan almost two weeks to transfer 400 or so quests. While the mod is still being developed the pack author would need to spend an incredible amount of time to transfer all the quests. Not to mention I'm not sure how well maintained the pack is. I stopped playing around the time the original pack developer lost intrest. So while a good idea... It seems impractical


I have been working for a while now on quests using the HQM mod, for myself and friends to play with. I have decided to share them, because I want some more opinions and suggestions. This started as just mods from the Direwolf20 pack, but has now evolved to my own questpack. My goal with this pack is to cover most of the items from a lot of the great mods out there, and make a reason to create all those items. I also want to make it as stable as possible and therefore I would like to know if any of the rewards are too "op". This quest pack is fitting for people who are new to mods and don't know what to do, or old veterans with the same problem (like myself).

At the time I'm just creating quests for mods I like and as I progress in my own singleplayer, I make more quests. If there is something you want me to add or you have completed a lot of the quests from a quest line or even if there is no quests created for the mod you like, tell me. Also tell me if there is a mod you would like to have added. If there is anything you don't understand how to use or craft or you have any other kind of problem, send me a message or write it here and I will write a guide. This is so that noone has to go to the wiki all the time. Last I will just point out that I go to high school in Norway, so if there are any writing mistakes in the quests I would very much like you to point them out for me so I can fix them. I always read over what I have written, but it is easy to overlook something with the amount of quests in this pack.

Here is what the pack contains
- Over 800 quests
- 21 different questlines
- Reputation system for fighting
- Tinkers Construct
- Magic quests for Thaumcraft (and addons), Botania, Blood Magic and Witchery
- Power quests for EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, Big Reactors and IC2
- Food quests using Pams Harvestcraft and Agricraft
- A few bee quest + Genetics
- Storage using JABBA and AE2
- Transportation using Railcraft and Steves Cart
- Explore quests for Twilight Forest
- Some decoration quests with Bibliocraft and Carpenters blocks
- Grinding quests for lategame
- The End quests. Master quests for when you have completed different quest lines
- Tons of different bag rewards.

Pack Code: UltimateQuestpack

Remember to change "world type" to "biomes o plenty" before creating a new world.

-AE2, Extra Cells
-Bibliocraft, Bibliowoods
-Big Reactors
-Binnies mods
-Blood Magic
-Buildcraft, Logisticspipes
-Carpenter's Blocks
-Chicken Chunks
-Funky Locomotion
-Hats, Hatstand
-Hardcore Questing Mod
-Hunger Overhaul
-IC2, AdvancedSolars, CompactSolars
-Pam's Harvestcraft
-Redstone Arsenal
-Simply Jetpacks
-StevesCarts2, StevesFactoryManager
-Tinker's Construct, Tinker's Mechworks, Iguana Tweaks
-Thaumcraft, ThaumicEnergistics, ThaumicExploration, ThaumicTinkerer
-Thermal Dynamics
-Wireless Redstone

The Botania update 1.2.1:
-New forge version (1352).
-Added Simply Jetpacks.
-Updated many mods.
-More Witchery quests.
-More Twilight Forest quests (You now get reputation for completing them).
-Alot more Botania quests.
-Added some IC2 quests.
-Changed max level on Tinkers tools to 50
-Fixed sugar quest, ritual diviner, wither quest.
-Added lots of new rewards.
-Added a server file.
-Added YAMPST to help track how many have downloaded the pack.
-Added Extra Cells.
-Added more IC2 quests.
-Added (a small kind of "teaser") Witchery quest line (yes I wrote it right this time).
-Breeding time, every plant growth time, child duration, drying rack and egg timeout have been tune down. This will make the game feel a bit faster, and it will be more fun for those who don't have so much time for Minecraft. (would like to know your opinions on this one).
-Railcraft quests are now visible again.
-More tweaks like "A place to call home" only requires a bed for now, until I come up with something better.
-Updated (I started writing, but realized there were so many mods I had to updated, that I didn't bother to list them all) Agricraft, AE2, Bibliocraft, binnies mods, blood magic, computercraft, extra utilities, funky locomotion, iguana tweaks, jabba, pams harvestcraft, logisticspipes, pneumaticcraft, redstone arsenal, twilight forest, Tinkers construct, tinkers mechworks, witchery
-Artwork for the launcher and the questbook. All credit to TreeCubed!
-Added Thermal Dynamics
-Added Iguana Tweaks
-Added Industrialisation questline
-Added more rewards. Mostly rewards from IC2
-Updated buildcraft to 6.4.3, logisticpipes 1.0.8, Botania 170, IC2 691, CoFHCore 3.0.0RC7-211, Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC7-62, Thermal Expansion 4.0.0RC7-141, Project Red, Minefactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC8-86, Forge Multipart, Tinkers Construct 1.8.3a,
-More descriptions
-Tweaked quest location and quest rewards + added some more random quests.
-Iron are more a bit more likely to be found in bigger clusters
-Added Ars Magica 2
-updated: AE2, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Exploration, Thaumic Tinkerer, Thaumic Energistics, Big reactors, Binnie mods, biomes o plenty, botania, carpenters blocks, chisel, computercraft, enderio, enderzoo, logistic pipes, Factorization, Buildcraft, Tinkers construct, tinkers mechworks, waila, NEI.
-More Twilight Forest quests.
-More rewards.
-No longer possible to trade pams food with villagers nor find it in chests.
-More descriptions and guides for early quests.
-Turned off Angel Wings. There are a lot of methods to fly, and so easy creative flight seems a bit too op.
-Added fast leaf decay and In-Game-Wiki Mod
-Added a few guides on how to create liquids in Genetics.
-Added questline An Unexpected Journey which features the Twilight Forest.
-Updated Twilight Forest
-Gardens can't spawn anymore (your time to shine Agricraft)
-Added a few easter eggs in the quests, some more obvious than others. Can you find them all?
-Added Logisticspipes
-Added ArchimedesShips
-Added AdvancedSolars
-Removed IC2 nuclear control
-Removed powersuits
-Removed numina
-Removed morph
-Removed open peripheral
-Removed mystcraft
-Updated some mods
-Few tweaks to quests
-More bee quests
-Genetics quests
-Added and tweaked other quests
-New questline: Magic Flowers (botania plants)
-Some pams food quests
-Tweaking and adding random quests (mostly thaumcraft and botania) + a few new rewards.
-Pams Harvestcraft trees are alot more rare
-Food Historie is set to 250. you can eat one food 5 times before neutrition value start to decrease. It decreases like this: 100%*5, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 0%. This is just for testing and will be changed if it is too much/little. It is supposed to create your diet alot more varied and to force you to craft most of the items in Pams Harvestcraft.
-finished the agriculture questline, now 69 quests there in total.
-Added Hunger Overhaul, Spice of Life and Agricraft
-Removed Wee Flowers and Get All Seeds
-Quests for agricraft with detailed instructions
-Changed Agriculture questline completly and added Farmer questline
-No longer possible to get any seeds from grass
-Several nerfs and buffs to rewards

I cant show the quests, cause they are mostly hidden, but I can give you a little teaser.

where to download the Assembly?


Hey Fuuz, if you're not updating the pack anymore, could you please release the unprotected hqm quests? I'd like to edit then and use for my single player (I removed some mods for fps reasons)


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Jul 29, 2019
Fuzz hasn't been seen in over 6mo (per his profile). I would guess he won't be releasing any of the quests. As he's probably taking a long hiatus from minecraft.


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Jul 29, 2019
You can edit quests, go to config folder /hqm/editmode.cfg
and change
to UseEditor=true


You can edit quests, go to config folder /hqm/editmode.cfg
and change
to UseEditor=true

I would love to, but his quests are protected against the standard ways of editing (just like all major hqm packs) I managed to bypass it though it took me a few hours.


This sounds like a great modpack! But I can't find it on the launcher! Please help!


the more i eat the same food the less i can eat it.
how doi fix or make this lower?


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Jul 29, 2019
The answer to you question is in your question IE the same food, make & eat differing food types depending on what mod it is, its eating the same food 8 times in a row gives you 0%, so instead of just bread, try toast, potatoes/baked potatoes. carrots, & then make some mixed food stuff, from pams or block heads or basically what ever is available to you, use nei to look up recipes.


The answer to you question is in your question IE the same food, make & eat differing food types depending on what mod it is, its eating the same food 8 times in a row gives you 0%, so instead of just bread, try toast, potatoes/baked potatoes. carrots, & then make some mixed food stuff, from pams or block heads or basically what ever is available to you, use nei to look up recipes.
oh thanks!! but is there a way to remove this from the mods? what mod would it be anyway? and would it affect the game?