[1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

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What mod would you like me to create quests for?

  1. Extra Trees

  2. Botany

  3. Twilight Forest

  4. Logistic Pipes

  5. Withcery

  6. Pneumatic Craft

  7. IC2

  8. Ars Magica

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Fuuzect

    Fuuzect New Member

    I have been working for a while now on quests using the HQM mod, for myself and friends to play with. I have decided to share them, because I want some more opinions and suggestions. This started as just mods from the Direwolf20 pack, but has now evolved to my own questpack. My goal with this pack is to cover most of the items from a lot of the great mods out there, and make a reason to create all those items. I also want to make it as stable as possible and therefore I would like to know if any of the rewards are too "op". This quest pack is fitting for people who are new to mods and don't know what to do, or old veterans with the same problem (like myself).

    At the time I'm just creating quests for mods I like and as I progress in my own singleplayer, I make more quests. If there is something you want me to add or you have completed a lot of the quests from a quest line or even if there is no quests created for the mod you like, tell me. Also tell me if there is a mod you would like to have added. If there is anything you don't understand how to use or craft or you have any other kind of problem, send me a message or write it here and I will write a guide. This is so that noone has to go to the wiki all the time. Last I will just point out that I go to high school in Norway, so if there are any writing mistakes in the quests I would very much like you to point them out for me so I can fix them. I always read over what I have written, but it is easy to overlook something with the amount of quests in this pack.

    Here is what the pack contains
    - Over 800 quests
    - 21 different questlines
    - Reputation system for fighting
    - Tinkers Construct
    - Magic quests for Thaumcraft (and addons), Botania, Blood Magic and Witchery
    - Power quests for EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, Big Reactors and IC2
    - Food quests using Pams Harvestcraft and Agricraft
    - A few bee quest + Genetics
    - Storage using JABBA and AE2
    - Transportation using Railcraft and Steves Cart
    - Explore quests for Twilight Forest
    - Some decoration quests with Bibliocraft and Carpenters blocks
    - Grinding quests for lategame
    - The End quests. Master quests for when you have completed different quest lines
    - Tons of different bag rewards.

    Pack Code: UltimateQuestpack

    Remember to change "world type" to "biomes o plenty" before creating a new world.

    -AE2, Extra Cells
    -Bibliocraft, Bibliowoods
    -Big Reactors
    -Binnies mods
    -Blood Magic
    -Buildcraft, Logisticspipes
    -Carpenter's Blocks
    -Chicken Chunks
    -Funky Locomotion
    -Hats, Hatstand
    -Hardcore Questing Mod
    -Hunger Overhaul
    -IC2, AdvancedSolars, CompactSolars
    -Pam's Harvestcraft
    -Redstone Arsenal
    -Simply Jetpacks
    -StevesCarts2, StevesFactoryManager
    -Tinker's Construct, Tinker's Mechworks, Iguana Tweaks
    -Thaumcraft, ThaumicEnergistics, ThaumicExploration, ThaumicTinkerer
    -Thermal Dynamics
    -Wireless Redstone

    The Botania update 1.2.1:
    -New forge version (1352).
    -Added Simply Jetpacks.
    -Updated many mods.
    -More Witchery quests.
    -More Twilight Forest quests (You now get reputation for completing them).
    -Alot more Botania quests.
    -Added some IC2 quests.
    -Changed max level on Tinkers tools to 50
    -Fixed sugar quest, ritual diviner, wither quest.
    -Added lots of new rewards.
    -Added a server file.
    -Added YAMPST to help track how many have downloaded the pack.
    -Added Extra Cells.
    -Added more IC2 quests.
    -Added (a small kind of "teaser") Witchery quest line (yes I wrote it right this time).
    -Breeding time, every plant growth time, child duration, drying rack and egg timeout have been tune down. This will make the game feel a bit faster, and it will be more fun for those who don't have so much time for Minecraft. (would like to know your opinions on this one).
    -Railcraft quests are now visible again.
    -More tweaks like "A place to call home" only requires a bed for now, until I come up with something better.
    -Updated (I started writing, but realized there were so many mods I had to updated, that I didn't bother to list them all) Agricraft, AE2, Bibliocraft, binnies mods, blood magic, computercraft, extra utilities, funky locomotion, iguana tweaks, jabba, pams harvestcraft, logisticspipes, pneumaticcraft, redstone arsenal, twilight forest, Tinkers construct, tinkers mechworks, witchery
    -Artwork for the launcher and the questbook. All credit to TreeCubed!
    -Added Thermal Dynamics
    -Added Iguana Tweaks
    -Added Industrialisation questline
    -Added more rewards. Mostly rewards from IC2
    -Updated buildcraft to 6.4.3, logisticpipes 1.0.8, Botania 170, IC2 691, CoFHCore 3.0.0RC7-211, Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC7-62, Thermal Expansion 4.0.0RC7-141, Project Red, Minefactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC8-86, Forge Multipart, Tinkers Construct 1.8.3a,
    -More descriptions
    -Tweaked quest location and quest rewards + added some more random quests.
    -Iron are more a bit more likely to be found in bigger clusters
    -Added Ars Magica 2
    -updated: AE2, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Exploration, Thaumic Tinkerer, Thaumic Energistics, Big reactors, Binnie mods, biomes o plenty, botania, carpenters blocks, chisel, computercraft, enderio, enderzoo, logistic pipes, Factorization, Buildcraft, Tinkers construct, tinkers mechworks, waila, NEI.
    -More Twilight Forest quests.
    -More rewards.
    -No longer possible to trade pams food with villagers nor find it in chests.
    -More descriptions and guides for early quests.
    -Turned off Angel Wings. There are a lot of methods to fly, and so easy creative flight seems a bit too op.
    -Added fast leaf decay and In-Game-Wiki Mod
    -Added a few guides on how to create liquids in Genetics.
    -Added questline An Unexpected Journey which features the Twilight Forest.
    -Updated Twilight Forest
    -Gardens can't spawn anymore (your time to shine Agricraft)
    -Added a few easter eggs in the quests, some more obvious than others. Can you find them all?
    -Added Logisticspipes
    -Added ArchimedesShips
    -Added AdvancedSolars
    -Removed IC2 nuclear control
    -Removed powersuits
    -Removed numina
    -Removed morph
    -Removed open peripheral
    -Removed mystcraft
    -Updated some mods
    -Few tweaks to quests
    -More bee quests
    -Genetics quests
    -Added and tweaked other quests
    -New questline: Magic Flowers (botania plants)
    -Some pams food quests
    -Tweaking and adding random quests (mostly thaumcraft and botania) + a few new rewards.
    -Pams Harvestcraft trees are alot more rare
    -Food Historie is set to 250. you can eat one food 5 times before neutrition value start to decrease. It decreases like this: 100%*5, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 0%. This is just for testing and will be changed if it is too much/little. It is supposed to create your diet alot more varied and to force you to craft most of the items in Pams Harvestcraft.
    -finished the agriculture questline, now 69 quests there in total.
    -Added Hunger Overhaul, Spice of Life and Agricraft
    -Removed Wee Flowers and Get All Seeds
    -Quests for agricraft with detailed instructions
    -Changed Agriculture questline completly and added Farmer questline
    -No longer possible to get any seeds from grass
    -Several nerfs and buffs to rewards

    I cant show the quests, cause they are mostly hidden, but I can give you a little teaser.

    Last edited: May 22, 2015
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  2. Skvapter

    Skvapter New Member

    You had me at over 600 Quests. *Clicks Watch Thread*
    I also read this as "Ultimate Quackpack" and I'm not proud of myself.
  3. Notanaxemurderer

    Notanaxemurderer New Member

    That`s a lot of quests!
    A modlist maybe?
  4. Fuuzect

    Fuuzect New Member

    Will do, I just have a lot going on right now! Will tidy up this page after I get the modpack to the launcher.
  5. chromo1418

    chromo1418 New Member

    600 Quests?o_O Now im curious about this modpack.:)
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  6. Xeph

    Xeph New Member

    hardcore mode maybe? This pack sounds interesting
  7. MrPoro

    MrPoro New Member

    "General minecraftia shit" xD I think Im going to love this pack! I hope we will be able to try it soon :)
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  8. Fuuzect

    Fuuzect New Member

    It is hardcore. You get hearts as you progress + you can get hearts in bags.

    It is out as soon as a moderator approves it.
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  9. Copenex

    Copenex New Member

    Sounds like a fun pack. Very interested in trying it out.
  10. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack New Member

    Like you said before, I'd very much love to play when you give it a code. It looks like a very fun mod pack, and i'd love to play a mod pack that doesn't pressure you with hardcore, and crush you with challenges. This pack seems more open worldly an integrated. Bee quests sound like a lot of fun, as they are one of my favorite parts of mod packs. I can't wait to play your mod pack! :D
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  11. Fuuzect

    Fuuzect New Member

    Yeah, it is kinda hardcore... :p But I don't think you need to worry. The point of this pack is to have a relaxing world with task that you can do whenever you want to. The pack also lets you try out mods you may have not played with before and help to explore every corner of them. The reason I have lives is so that you can't forget the quests completely. If you do, you may run out of lives and it's game over. But don't worry. You will find that hearts are not too rare.
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  12. EarlofURL

    EarlofURL New Member

    Sounds great! Can't wait to try it out.
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  13. The Banana King

    The Banana King New Member

    600 quests!!!!!!!!! I love it and I will definitely play this. :)
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  14. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    Finally, as much as I don't want to wait, I will! Yes!!! When available?
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  15. classlessrook32

    classlessrook32 New Member

    i absolutely love quest packs...wish this was on the launcher already, perhaps how many mods are there in total?
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  16. classlessrook32

    classlessrook32 New Member

    general minecraftia shit, i love the sound of that :D
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  17. Copenex

    Copenex New Member

    Any idea as to how long until this is available?
  18. darthwesix

    darthwesix New Member

    sounds cool I like it as well
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  19. JazParks

    JazParks New Member

    So keen!
  20. Weapon_X23

    Weapon_X23 New Member

    I'm excited to play this pack! I can't wait until it comes out!
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