[1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

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What mod would you like me to create quests for?

  1. Extra Trees

  2. Botany

  3. Twilight Forest

  4. Logistic Pipes

  5. Withcery

  6. Pneumatic Craft

  7. IC2

  8. Ars Magica

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  1. Sponkz

    Sponkz New Member

    Hey Guys
    I saw this modpack featured in a Youtube top 10 and decided to try it out,but everytime i try to launch the pack it crashes the same place of loading everytime
    Its at the point where it was loaded 7/7 20/20 23/150 and i dont understand why, i tried reinstalling it, reinstalling Technic launcher and i got 16 GB ram so that should be enough to run it, i attached a picture right before the crash happens, it closes down and opens technic launcher right after and then im back where i started

    Attached Files:

  2. Sponkz

    Sponkz New Member

    So i got it to work, but now i experience crashes when ever i want to look up a recipe with NEI, anybody experienced the same? :)
  3. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

    if I were you, I would try replicate all the mod list in Twitch app and then just copy config files instead of defaults. I haven't tried this modpack in ages, would give a try for the update, but not sure if it will work.
  4. Sponkz

    Sponkz New Member

    Ok ill try it out ^^
  5. Sponkz

    Sponkz New Member

    Didnt work :/
  6. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

    mhm, well I'm sort of porting whole modpack to Twitch app with some minor changes. Gonna inform if something will work out!

    Ok, since Twitch might be a problematic and not sure when I will have more free time to get this modpack there at this point we will stick to basic update!

    Short tutorial how to use this modpack in Twitch app ~:
    1. Download, install and login to Twitch app;
    2. Enable Minecraft plugin (self explanatory!);
    3. I've used 8GB RAM, but I think that 4-8GB will fit also;
    4. If needed restart to fully enable plugin restart Twitch app and go to Mods section and pick Minecraft;
    5. Press Create custom profile and then press Import previously exported modpack;
    6. Select zip folder and you are done;
    Download link: TBA (whenever I will find out why it's impossible to post any links)
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  7. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

  8. koopa02

    koopa02 New Member

    you should do a tinkers' construct, equivalent exchange 3, orespawn and inventory pets one
  9. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

    I'm not maintaining the pack, just updated the mods.. If you want to add something custom feel free to do that on your own in Twitch app with currently updated mods.
  10. Santo

    Santo New Member

    I Need help, I downloaded the mod pack from the Technic launcher and when I press play it would load as usual, but when it was almost done loading it would close down and go into the Technic launcher. I thought it crashed so I tried again and it still crashed. This kept happening and I don't know what is the cause of the problem. Is it because I too less memory? (btw I have 8gb ddr3)
    Please help, I really want to play the mod pack, thank you for reading.
  11. _MarinusHD_

    _MarinusHD_ Active Member

    IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a Feat the Beast modpack from FTB Launcher
  12. _MarinusHD_

    _MarinusHD_ Active Member

    please add another 100 mods and make any mod quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. XTREMEshaun2013

    XTREMEshaun2013 New Member

    Sorry I'm new to this, where is the download link?
  14. XTREMEshaun2013

    XTREMEshaun2013 New Member

    never mind, I just had to scroll up to see Dre4M's instructions
  15. Hamilegit

    Hamilegit New Member

    Does this modpack have a server i can go on
  16. Switchbladed

    Switchbladed New Member

    A lot of quests. Very fun pack :)

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