[1.7.10] TolkienCraft II - Adventure Awaits! - v2.9.5[QUESTS][ADVENTURE][NORMAL MODE]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by GreatOrator, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Wiremash

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  2. cbruh

    cbruh New Member

    Yea that's what I meant sorry lol nd ah /: tht sounds scary lol would it better if I get like a 16gb I guess , I don't want my computer to catch on fire D; I just got it lol , but okay so I should probably set it to a highest of 5gbs out of 8 I think should b okay right ?
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  3. cbruh

    cbruh New Member

    Also what do u mean by background processes like what should I do to set tht up ?
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  4. Wiremash

    Wiremash New Member

    For instance, try not to have any other apps running, like browsers or other stuff. Your computer also needs some RAM to be able to even operate, that's why it's a serious risk to put 8gb/8gb unless you want instant crashes/overheat. As stated in the FAQ, 3.5 GB should be enough (Even though I put 7GB/16GB) My main framerate boost was from twiddling with the graphic card control panel settings.
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  5. cbruh

    cbruh New Member

    Yea okay I get you now , tht does sound risky I have ftb luncher set to 4.5 nd I have gotten a lot of mod packs to work , however i was Thinkin bout h1z1 nd I was thinkin bout setting it to 5 gb but I might just hold on on tht and get a 16 gb hopefully soon , thanks for the help guys
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  6. Wiremash

    Wiremash New Member

    I'm not quite sure if it's the computer ram as the computer ram only means it's able to run bigger (and more) programs. What you're looking for is a better graphics card which can handle high-end games if you want to play those kinds of games
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  7. Orma

    Orma New Member

    MC eats a ton of CPU aswell(wierd ass code for taking CPU with 0 limitations) so if you got several programs running that also needs CPU that can slow MC down aswell.
    The more CPU and RAM you can feed it, the happier it will be.

    And dont feel bad cbruh - this pack is INSANELY resource intense, never seen a pack that eats this much. But its a awesome pack :p
  8. cbruh

    cbruh New Member

    Haha thanks man nd yea it's a pretty good pack Im enjoying it so far
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  9. humza

    humza New Member

    when i start a world the game crashes or it doesnt load my world it just says loading world i need help asap
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  10. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

  11. Aur0raZ

    Aur0raZ New Member

    the heck? i click create new world and nothing happens, it just goes straight back to the main menu.
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  12. unseennote

    unseennote New Member

    Anyone wanna tell me if I should or should not be able to run the pack?
    Operating System
    Windows 8 64-bit

    AMD A6-4400M
    Trinity 32nm Technology

    4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 807MHz

    Hewlett-Packard 1849 (Socket FT1)

    Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
    512MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7520G (HP)

    And if I should be able to run the pack, what I should set my settings to?
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  13. unseennote

    unseennote New Member

    Did you download the map file and extract it to the modpack folder?
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  14. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member

    Question about the market update. I am in the middle of 'thinning their numbers'. Will the market update affect after that, or should it be immediately shown? I'm replacing my region files and the customnpcs folder just in case.
    Luckily I tossed all my items in my inventory first into dollies?
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  15. Wiremash

    Wiremash New Member

    To be honest, you cannot really run it on higher settings, I recommend getting fastcraft, optifine and the jvm arguments (As usual). Change every setting if possible to "Fast", decrease everything possible and I usually put 4 render distance, then slowly increase the settings until it lags again. With 4GB of ram, I don't recommend setting the FTB launcher to more than 3 GB, you will have to close unimportant background processes like browsers (I have read that closing the FTB launcher can also help). Can't guarantee stable framerate, but it will likely be playable based on my experience 15 fps is actually more playable than you think. This pack is quite heavy, so it's not really your computer's fault (If it lags) Change your settings in the options before opening the world.
    Download the map template http://minecraft.curseforge.com/worlds/226743-tolkiencraft-ii-draconis
    Then add it to your FTB folder and start a new world.
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  16. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    Thank you wiremash. :D
  17. punk_hiji

    punk_hiji New Member

    How does the investigation quest line unlock I have all of the other quests lines unlocked but haven't been able to figure out to unlock the investigation one
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  18. Orma

    Orma New Member

    Here are two hints; Graveyard. Night.

    Not sure which quests are required before tho :p.
  19. Arikast

    Arikast New Member

    You have to go through the Coven questline before you can start on the investigation. Make sure you pick up the quest to kill the grand witch after you kill the other witches. I missed that one and had to go back and look for it.
  20. Flexion

    Flexion New Member

    Hey, I'm having a very bad balance in bee spawns. Within the overworld I can only find Unusual and Mystical hives. Is this a bug? Could you look into this please?
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