[1.7.10] The Sky is the Limit [291 Mods] [stable] [sidequests] [alternated balancing]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Game2win, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Okay...try to run it with 4.5gb that should prevent this from happening.
  2. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

  3. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Thats strange... according to the crash-report minecraft itself crashes...without any mod interacting...
    Did you do anything special ? Does the crash reoccur on specific actions/events ? Does the game freeze before crashing ?
  4. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

    No, nothing special. It didnt happened today tough, but if it reoccurs, i will tell you.
  5. Timo50

    Timo50 Active Member

    Hey i got an issue with the tinker´s Construct Smeltery I am not able to cast molten stuff into th tool part casts and im also not able to smelt iron ore in it...
    I am able though to craft for example a dark iron pickaxe head in the part builder, but I can´t exchange the stone Pickaxe Head from my Pick for it...
    please dont tell me i dont have to get a pulverizer :(

    Edit: I found out that Iron ore hasn´t got a oredictionary value so that´s why the smeltery won´t melt it down but i don´t know how to fix this...
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  6. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Ok...for me it's working :confused:
    Theoretically all iron ores should be listed in the ore dict...wich mods' iron ore has that problem?
    With the Stone-Pick Thing...stone tools are disabled by Iguana Tweaks, so they are removed from the Tic Tool Registry -> it won't work...but you should have been completely unable to even get that thing...:confused:
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  7. Timo50

    Timo50 Active Member

    I made a little imgur album where you can see my Smeltery and some other information.
    I don´t know why i was able to craft stone tools because im used to tinker´s and also to iguanas tweaks from some other modpacks but its also unusual to craft pickaxe heads out of ingots :D if its runs fine on other instances i should maybe reinstall the pack and hope for the configs to fix themselvses :D

    Edit: All default minecraft ores seem to have lost their Oredictionary values (at least Gold and Iron)
  8. Timo50

    Timo50 Active Member

    After some more research i found out that iron and gold and maybe some other vanilla ore i don´t know loose their oredictionary value if dropped from Enhanced Biomes generated ores. The problem is i didn´t find any other iron or gold in my world so far. :D
    would be nice if you can fix these issues :)
  9. NOSLx

    NOSLx Member

    I have had that same problem too, most likely due to me using amplified terrain gen. I did switch to BOP terrain gen. and seems to fix it.
  10. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    With the ingots that ExtraTic...most Metals from other mods don't have molten versions so they're just added to the Part Builder...can't do anything except waiting if the mod author ever changes that ;)

    Okay thanks for the info, I'll see what I can do :) [Okay found it...some MetaData glitch...will be fixed in the next update]

    I don't know what's causing this...most likely some problem with the way AE2 generates his meteors...
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  11. Rone

    Rone New Member


    everytime i try to start a game the game closes with "Shutting down internal Server!".
    I run FTB with 6,5GB reserved RAM.

    Here is my Crash Report: http://pastebin.com/Ayy9esyg

  12. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Use the "Edit modpack" button in the launcher and deactivate WorldEditCUI that should fix it for you :)
    But still interesting...that mod never caused problems before...
  13. Rone

    Rone New Member

    Fixed the Problem.
    The error was caused by worldeditcui.config.json.
    The json file was full with null, null....
    Just deleted it and all works fine for me now :)

  14. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    OK that explains everything :D
    Maybe some error with the download...(hopefully extremely rare...)
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  15. Jangofet54

    Jangofet54 Active Member

    I wanted to mention one quick thing

    The beggining quest line that involves making a smelterey, well the second one in the one where you actually have to craft all of the componenets of the smelterey is broken in my game, for some reason it won't recognize that i have a fired clay bucket in my inventory and will not allow me to finish my quest, thats so far the only issue with the quests.

    Also yea im having the same issue mentioned above with the iron and gold ore's other than these issues not haveing trouble with the modpack.

    Nvm i found one more issue, today i died for the first time and now im lagging out like hell in the respawn or title screen

    it keeps saying:

    [WailaNBT] failed to recognize file default.json as config file

    underneath it it says

    Config loading completed

    this is the text in White on the player screen

    But yea its lagging out really badly and when i finally got respawned i was lagging soo hard i couldn't do anything so i just died and it sent me back to the death screen
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  16. Darth Crater

    Darth Crater Member

    You can craft an fired clay bucket once you get a Philosopher's Stone, but the quest won't pick it up if you make one via a furnace. Maybe it should ask for the unfired version?
    I think this one is a known issue with WailaNBT. There's a workaround here: https://github.com/exzhawk/wailanbt/issues/21#issuecomment-63946241 - but the mod seems to have been superseded by OmniOcular.
  17. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Okay I'll take a look at the quests and see if I can fix it :)

    Thanks for the link :) will be in the next modpack update :p
  18. Pudding01

    Pudding01 Well-Known Member

    Why is this pack taking like 30 minutes to launch?
  19. CrusherTechnologies

    CrusherTechnologies Well-Known Member

    Increase your RAM you must!
  20. Pudding01

    Pudding01 Well-Known Member

    Out of RAM slots, I am!

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