[1.7.10] The Sky is the Limit [291 Mods] [stable] [sidequests] [alternated balancing]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Game2win, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. DracoScythem

    DracoScythem New Member

    Could you post the crashlog and version history (clean install or update from version x to y) please? Outdated as it is, that prototype should still at the very least run. (And it might be something fixable without an update) :)
  2. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

    Clean install wasn't crashing, but after updating all the mods then crashes started... Probably wrong versions of the mods.
  3. DracoScythem

    DracoScythem New Member

    Okay that explains everything ^^
    Unfortunately I can't really tell you which mods are safe to update because I don't remember where (and what kind of) problems occured over the months - and even if I did, some of them required additional patcher modules to be added to TechOverload (my custom mod), so... you'll probably have to live with everything being outdated or wait for me to finally get the v2.0 update done ;)
  4. Dre4M

    Dre4M Active Member

    Seems like :D Well it was worth giving a try :D
  5. Timo50

    Timo50 New Member

    pls give us thee modpack
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  6. coydgaming

    coydgaming Guest

    i am going to be doing a let's play of the pack too

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