[1.7.10] The Sky is the Limit [291 Mods] [stable] [sidequests] [alternated balancing]

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    What's the basic idea?
    This modpack is desinged as a "highly modded sandbox"
    It contains both magic and tech mods, from simple utility to extremely komplex
    and strong devices/items/mechanics. To keep everything balanced we heavily
    alternated configs and recipes. We also tried to create a modpack that's
    still stable and doesn't crash easily. Performance requirements are quite high,
    but we tried to keep them low enough that most people can run it.

    What's included?
    Most well-known mods like Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, IC2 or TinkersConstruct,
    but also many less-known mods like Greg's SG Craft or Enhanced Biomes.
    Reika's mods (RotaryCraft, ChromatiCraft etc.) are also included.
    [The full modlist can be found *here*]

    What's special about SITL?
    First, yes, it's concept is nothing ultra-special, but we've not found another modpack
    with a similar modlist (why should we create an own modpack if it already exists? :confused:).
    Also we've heavily alternated balancing (costs+configs) to prevent things from being absolutely "OP".
    (There are really strong mechanics and mods, but as everything is strong, nothing is "OP")

    And, Hey, look at our unique banner :p
    Oh, nearly forgot to mention: The pack is relatively stable :D
    (It is impossible to make it "uncrashable" but it should work perfectly if you play normally)

    Now, for those we haven't scared off,
    Modpack Code: SITL

    WARNING: V1.10 is a snapshot for V2.0!
    It is not compatible with world saves created in prior versions.

    It is recommended to use the "Enhanced Biomes" World Type
    (Realistic for Version 1.10)

    If you're looking for any Let's Plays of this Pack:
    Tuver4 is currently doing one here

    (If you have uploaded gameplay somewhere and want it added to this list, tell us :p )

    If you experience massive performance issues try removing FastCraft and installing Optifine instead. (Further information in the 2nd spoiler)
    You can also try to use Additional Java Parameters (Options;Advanced Options)
    -Xms4G -Xmx5G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads=2 -XX:+AggressiveOpts
    WARNING: This will require at least 6Gb of RAM and a 4 Core Processor
    (don't think anyone with a Pentium would be playing this but, just sayin' :D )
    (If you have more RAM to spare you can change the 5G value to 7G or 9G (more can cause issues))

    If you experience any problems please don't hesitate to post it here :)
    (Crashes with crash-reports uploaded on pastebin please ;))
    (If you made any changes please try without those and list them if you report a bug)

    DracoScythem (aka _Leguan12_) is doing the primary modpack building,
    and with it the support in this thread :p

    Warning Vanilla tools are useless, use Tinkers Construct :p

    -"E" now opens an RPG-style Inventory with baubles' and Tinkers Constructs item slots and statistics.
    -The Vanilly Inventory has moved to Numpad 8.
    -Numpad 7 opens the Cosmetic Armor Inventory-Armor put into the right slots will render on your character but won't take damage and won't influence your stats/abilities.
    -The Journeymap moved tu Numpad 4 and the Voxelmap Menu to Numpad 5
    -The Opis/Mapwriter map is located under Numpad 1
    -The Morph menu is bound tu Numpad 6, left click to activate the morph process, Mousewheel (+ shift) for morph selection
    -The DraconicEvolution config screen can be opened with Numpad 3
    -Waila and its' Plugins can be configured with Numpad 2
    -All keybinds are still under the "Controls" tab and can be changed there. Changes you apply won't be overwritten by modpack updates.
    We're using FastCraft by Player. This mod increases performance but can
    cause problems if you try to add other mods to your local instance or
    try to run the modpack on a server. You can deactivate this mod in the
    launcher if you need/want to. Also, you should include the information that
    you're using this mod if you report a bug to a mod author
    (Please report the bug to us first, so we can verify if the bug's source is the mod
    itself or something we did/we can fix ourselves)

    You are not allowed to extract mods (especially Reikas mods) from this pack.
    If you want a single mod, got to the respective mods' source and download it from
    there (links can be found in the modlist linked obove the spoiler). You are not allowed
    to reupload or share this pack or parts of it anywhere. You are allowed to run this
    pack on a server if you accept the following conditions: you're not allowed to disable
    items/mechanics using 3rd-party tools (this includes Minetweaker). If you want
    something disabled take a look into the respective mods' config-most mods have
    options to disable items. You can get an exception to this rule from us if you
    give sufficient reasoning though. Recipes, Mechanics and items from any of
    Reikas mods may not be altered except by using their respective config files.
    If you need an exception for this last rule, you'll have to ask Reika himself for it.
    (And better have a very good reason to do so :p ) If your server is public
    (listed and/or with more than 5 players) you have to request permission from us
    (Post on this forum, asking for permission, accepting the Terms (every single one)
    and giving us general info (Server IP, website (if existend) etc.)
    We reserve the right to revoke or change permissions and rules at any time for any reason!
    (If you lost permission through such an event you have 7 days to regain permission,
    else you have to take the server down)
    [Permissions can only be given by Game2win and DracoScythem]

    Special Thanks:
    -The FML Creators (Without Forge modpacks most likely would be impossible)
    -All mod creators whose mods we use and everybody who helped them
    -Every single Player of SITL and all the people who helped us creating it

    We didn't create any of the mods we used.
    Of Course we also didn't create Minecraft itself.

    If you disable any functions/items/mechanics there's a chance to break the modpack,
    as many mods are dependend on each other or have been linked by us.

    Also, don't try to run this on a bad PC...it won't work...sorry but we can't change that

    I'm not a native English speaker so there may be misspellings or grammer mistakes,
    you can keep them for free (really, you don't have to pay for them :p).
    That joke is so bad...I know...
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  2. Shizzr

    Shizzr New Member

    Woow, that's one epic ModList !
    Love to see Chromaticraft and the other Reika mods in combination with Ars Magica and so on =)

    I hope my PC is good enough to let me play that pack .... but thanks anyway for putting together such a huge pack ;)
  3. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    I hope it is :D
    Would be nice to hear some feedback btw ;)
  4. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    1.1.0 is out!
    -Mods Updated
    -Many Tweaks and some Bugfixes (Iguana Tweaks no longer unbalances some mod's picks (rebalanced))
    -Added Immersive Engineering
    -Added Wawla
    -Added WorldEdit CUI
    -Added OpenCCSensors
    -Added RouterReborn

    Hope you enjoy :)
    [Feedback, Bug Reports and Ideas are Appreciated]
  5. lord514

    lord514 Active Member

    i like your modpack but can you put gregtech 5?
  6. Alriandi

    Alriandi New Member

    Hey there, I am trying to download your modpack and its telling me that the "modpack is out of date" on the console.
  7. magicbel

    magicbel Active Member

    Wowwwwwwww very big pack :D:D:D
    I try it , big thanks :p
  8. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Unfortunately, no.
    GregTech would change the balancing of IC2 too massively to be interesting for normal players anymore (or we'd have to undo the changes GregTech makes/rebalance everything). Also it makes the modpack taking about 2-3 times longer to boot (and it's already taking quite long). And even if these things weren't, GT5 is incompatible with the Forge Version the modpack uses (If run with this Forge Version GT5 is no longer Multiplayer compatible)

    Try to select 1.1.0 instead of "Recommended" it should be working then ;)
  9. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

    Hello, how can i remove the HUD coords?

    PS: optifine C, shadders and mousetweaks are compatible!
  10. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Wich HUD coords are you referring to? Those shown under the minimap? They can be removed in the respective minimaps menu (Menu Hotkeys of Jurneymap and Voxelmap; Hotkeys can be found in the Controls Settings)
    PS: If you're using Optifine deactivate Fastcraft-those two shouldn't be used together :p (quite buggy; can effectively lower performance)
  11. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

    No, not in the minimap, but right in the top of the screen... i will try to get a screenshot when i finish my lol game.
  12. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Okay :)
    Also, I'm currently working on some quests for the modpack (They will only be side-quests; this won't become a HQM-Pack, they're just made for those who like to do some quests), so if anyone has ideas-they're welcome ;)
  13. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

  14. airport1000

    airport1000 Active Member

    I just tried out the mod pack and I don't know why but the village and passive mob generation is way over the top. Villages I am finding every 200 or so blocks apart and some of them are the size of around 10 villages in one. As to passive mobs when my world generated I was surrounded with hundereds of pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and horses and every where I go which has grass is is covered in them.
  15. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    Sorry but I'm unable to get these coordinates active in my instance...did you add any mods manually? (And if yes, wich?)

    Wich world type did you select? Try the "Enhanced Biomes" world-type it should be working then (But that's interesting... we didn't have any problems like this whilst testing...have to take a look into it)
  16. airport1000

    airport1000 Active Member

    I did a default world gen in peaceful mode. I will try you world gen suggestion later as I have to go out for a couple of hours.
  17. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    I've run some testing and was partly able to reproduce it. The Villages I found were about 2 times normal size (intended to allow mod buildings to spaw more frequent) and were about 250 blocks apart (intended to compensate biomes without any village spawning). ( Screenshot of the biggest village I've found: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1yYbNtZ7FpWSDlBczdoMTJSWkU ) The animal spawning rate was about Vanilla values (tested in peaceful and normal; no difference - World Type: Default).

    But what I defenitely recognized was that the village spawning rates are about 2 times higher in Defoult worlds than in Enhanced Biomes worlds. (If you want the Villages to be rarer you can change the "I:"Distance between villages"= " value in the config/EnhancedBiomes/General to something like 32 (Modpack's default is 16; approx. distance in chunks))

    Hope that helps :)
  18. airport1000

    airport1000 Active Member

    OK thanks for the info. i have tryed the Enhanced Biomes world gen and found animal spawns are pretty much normal. The village spawn rates where still a little high for my liking so I will try the ajustment you said.
    Thanks for your time in answering to my minor niggles.
  19. Game2win

    Game2win Active Member

    No problem ;)
  20. Aobozu

    Aobozu Active Member

    Only the visual mods, like Optifine and shadders mod core.

    ... mabye its a shortcut that i've pressed?

    PS: when i press Z it shows a zoom bar... is this mapwriter?

    Nope... voxel map will take the blame.
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