[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

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  1. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    This should be fixed in the
  2. Caigan

    Caigan New Member (previous 0.0.8B) : B IS FOR BUGFIX UPDATE IS OUT!
    As the warning states : please make sure you do not have any Mekanism Electric Pumps working in the Nether or other dimensions, due to a bug.

    • 5 NEW MODS
      • Thaumcraft NEI Integration : Displays recipes and thaumcraft information in NEI when you unlock them.
      • Mod Tweaker : Extension of MineTweaker, this will allow me to edit mod recipes and stuff in future updates
      • AE2 Stuff : A very simple, tiny mod that's been requested to ease Crystal growing.
      • Extra TiC : You know I'm big on cross-mod compatability. How about some Terrasteel Tinker's Construct tools? :cool:
      • Enchiridion 2 : Replaces my use of Bibliocraft Big Books for instructional manuals. It allows placing of images and better text control. You can see my initial work with it in the new Assistant Guidebook.
      • Magical Crops : There are now better chance bags you can purchase, if you gain enough reputation in all three tracks (Job Title, Shop Loyalty, Trader).
      • Plant Contracts : Located in Supply Contracts. Supply the business with a wide variety of plants from Minecraft, Natura, and Biomes O Plenty for some coins and reputation. Saplings will be accepted, but Leaves will not.
      • The first pass of quest fixes has gone through, focusing primarily on Exploring Your World, Building Your Home, Protecting Your Assets, Botania, and Extra Utilities. Many items that were only being detected in certain situations before should work a lot better.
      • EnderIO And Progressive Automation have a few quests fixed, but the next update will see the second half of the Quest Fix pass.
      • Magical Crops being grown in an AgriCraft system will grow a little faster than before.
      • A large handful of recipes that weren't using the Ore Dictionary properly now are.
      • Mekanism is rolled back to 216 for this update. Next update, we will be going to the latest version of Forge, regardless of if certain mods have caught up or not.
      • U in NEI should no longer crash.
      • Placing some Botania flowers down should no longer crash.
      • Ferret Shinies icons should no longer become scrambled messes if you change video options, or install some mods like Weather, Draconic Evolution, or others!
      • Creature and Food effects from Lycanites monsters and consumables should no longer trigger exploding and other ill-advised effects.
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  3. Raetac

    Raetac New Member

    Holy wall of text update Caigan!
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  4. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    ...and that's a good thing :)
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  5. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    That's the condensed version too!


    I'm getting word gendustry might be having issues. I can't track down the issue until later tonight, unfortunately.
  6. wolfenstein19

    wolfenstein19 New Member

    I personally think that magic crops are massively overpowered in this modpack. You can breed them to 10/10/10 quite easily using the watering can or reinforced watering can (starting out with a reinforced watering can bringing them to 10/10/10 takes about 20 minutes on full tickrate) and then you have instant infinite ressources.
  7. TestyMan

    TestyMan New Member

    Oh! @Caigan not sure if you've covered this already, but Thermal Foundation is currently spawning the nether mithril (mana infused metal) ore, and it doesn't currently have a purpose, last I checked. Is there/will there be a quest to turn in some mana infused ingots for like research and as a curiosity to sell, since it's pretty much useless to us?
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  8. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Okay, got it confirmed. If you want to use Gendustry before the next patch, or are using it in your world, you'll need to update it and BDLib here : http://bdew.net/gendustry/

    They'd be massively overpowered if they were left in their default state. As they are, you need to do questing to earn them, then get the right components (a regular watering can is a bit more effective than just the agricraft irrigation system), then spend time upgrading your crops.

    For a reinforced, you either need to be lucky with yoru blind bags, or spend time getting the division sigil, activating it, dividing by diamond, making the sword, permanently reducing yourself by one hitpoint, etc.

    Honestly? With a bit of work, you can break this modpack in a lot of ways.

    I don't think this is as overpowered as you are making it. There are plenty of ways to get masses of resources for not a lot. Some take more work to set up than others.

    Massively overpowered would be old EE2.

    This is a balancing game I have to play with things. If I didn't want a lot of 'easy' things to be doable, I'd probably cut out big reactors and a disable a whole slew of things. =)

    Oh, huh, it shouldn't be doing that. I'll look into it.
  9. Minefinity

    Minefinity New Member

    which version you will be using?
    That can be a problem for servers with cauldron.
  10. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I was thinking 1395 if that still works with cauldron.
  11. Minefinity

    Minefinity New Member

    the last leaked version i can find is 1388.
    But i dont know if the liquid bug/crash is fixt in this one. I will try that with your patch right now.

    Best working build without this bug is 1343 :(
  12. Pudding01

    Pudding01 New Member

    I have about 2 stacks of Mitheral just stitting around...
  13. TestyMan

    TestyMan New Member

    Honestly, if you turned the spawn rates down a bit, it'd make for a nice sort of production contract, maybe put it in as one of the options for the precious material quest or something.
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  14. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Hmm we are in 1352 iirc, right before the liquid app change in 1355
  15. Minefinity

    Minefinity New Member

    server crash 2min after startup on 1388 with the old server map:

    A completely new map seems to be working. But we need extensive tests to be clear.
    I smell a mapreset for us :confused:
  16. Mendan

    Mendan New Member

    So I just updated to 0.8.1, went to load up my world, and promptly crashed. According to the crash report the problem had to do with ender tanks, anyone else run into a similar issue?
  17. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I've seen one or two crash reports in the YAMPST logs towards them, but I'm not sure whats causing it. EnderStorage mod hasn't been updated in the pack since 0.0.7, and is still on the older fluid API.

    For now, if you are getting this crash, you may have to either disable EnderStorage, or go in with MCEdit and delete any EnderTanks from your map.
  18. Pudding01

    Pudding01 New Member

    Or world reset
  19. pandax

    pandax New Member

    I'd be slightly sad, but there are much worse things in the world than a Minefinity map reset. Either way, still greatly enjoying the server.
  20. Russell Pearson

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