[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

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    Questing for Research, Exploration, and Blind Bags.


    (Just search for Ferret or Caigan!)

    CURRENT VERSION - 0.2.6 : The Slightly Fixed Amoking... Update
    Information Post! (Very important for returning players!)

    You can also find the download on the Feed the Beast launcher.

    To report issues, check the new GitHub Repository to see if it has already been reported or solved!


    Welcome to The Ferret Business, new assistants! As part of the largest corporation, we deal in all manner of things: from technology to magic, farming to cooking, even life and death. Every assistant, including yourself now, are important in keeping The Business running, as even the smallest gear helps the machine!

    But you, you are unique! First day on the job, you were tasked with assisting one of our researchers in Yet Another Teleportation Test. And...it worked! Sort of...see, teleporting across the street, to the moon, heck even to another solar system is easy. Well, easy relative to..whatever JUST happened to you.

    You are on a strange world in a strange dimension. We can communicate with you, and send items back and forth through your handy, dandy QUEST Tablet, but...unfortunately, we can't seem to bring you home, nor does it seem like we can send you anyone else to help get you home.

    Wherever you are, I think you can become our biggest asset to date, something that will help The Business grow even larger! Wherever you are is special, and working together with all our top researchers, scientists, and wizards here, we can discover so many new things! In return, you will get paid, receive rewards, accolades, a better job, heck you might even get onto the Board of Directors if you do well!

    So, are you ready, Assistant?

    Welcome to my modpack, The Ferret Business. It's a fairly large pack, chock full of magic, technology, and nature. It is the sequel to a private modpack I created and maintained during 1.6.4 for a few small communities, but instead of just updating that, I decided to go the next step, making a public modpack for everyone to enjoy. But not just any normal modpack...each section can explain better.

    Please ensure you are using the latest version of Java, and have between 3 and 4.5 gigs of memory allocated in your chosen Launcher's settings.

    You can generate your world with Default or Realistic Terrain Gen, it is your choice!

    Also, be sure to check the Known Issues document linked at the bottom!

    Accessed via the QUEST Tablet v2 (Better Questing), not only do the quests give you a goal to strive for, each major quest line will guide you through one or two mods from start to finish, explaining what various blocks and items do, how they work together, and then reward you as you progress through all the Quests.

    You earn three different rewards: Shiny Silver Coins, Mysterious Blind Bags, and reputation to earn you a better job title and all the perks that come with being higher on the corporate ladder(like being able to buy bigger, better things!).

    All of these quests are wrapped in a lighthearted, amusing story, already over 50k words big and growing with every new quest added.

    The Corporate Shop is accessible via the TFB Corporate Catalog(HQM). With the Coins you earn from Quests, you can purchase a variety of things from the Corporate Shop. Materials, weapons, research gear, and more! Every purchase will increase your reputation with the Shop, enabling you to buy things at a discount! New things are added to the shop with every patch, as well.

    Short on coins? The Ferret Business has multiple ways to earn some coins! Crate and ship many items, from basic materials to full machines and more! Find Bulk Order Contracts from the various denizens of your current world, and complete them. Or build a factory and ship thousands of a single item. The Ferret Business is huge, and it always needs more supplies, more things to sell, and more things to research. By fulfilling these, you raise your Trader Rank, showing how business savvy you are, and could unlock more interesting things in your future!

    You can also provide various Research Materials, dropped from the multitude of benign and hostile denizens of your new world, earning you more coins and more reputation for your job.

    Another common reward for helping The Business are in the form of their most popular product : The Blind Bag Blind Bag. Each one contains either one kind of item, or...another Blind Bag! It may seem silly, but these second bags can contain anything! Each mod has its own series of bags, and each bag has different items it can have.

    Their are four ranks of Blind Bag, each denoting their rarity :
    Cheap - These contain simple, easy to make items, roughly around the cost of a few Iron Ingots.
    Decent - Stepping up a bit, these take a little more effort to make normally. Worth a Block or two of Iron, or a few Gold Ingots.
    Good - Rarer and more powerful we go : these items are usually worth a few diamonds at least.
    Amazing - The Best of the Best. Things you find in these bags are on the level of Dragon Eggs, Nether Stars, or more!

    Many mods have conflicting recipes, and some mods have items that work, but have broken recipes. Other mods have items that are hard to obtain when certain config settings are changed.

    Using Minetweaker, Modtweaker, and ZZZZZZZ Tweaker, many of these issues are corrected. Here is a short list of items changed:
    • Many items are Ore Dictionary'd to their proper things.
    • Squids are disabled (due to a vanilla bug), but their Ink Sacs are still craftable.
    • Vanilla wheat Seeds are craftable with any 2 seeds and a Floral Powder from Botania.
    • Pams Harvest Craft Gardens are craftable.
    • Z-Tones blocks are now able to be used with the Chisel tool to switch between them.

    The world itself is packed with both danger and rewards. The overworld has a variety of fauna from Better Birds, Doggy Style, and new and interesting Fauna from Pam's, Natura, and Realistic Terrain Generation. Sprawling dungeons can be explored for treasure thanks to Roguelike Dungeons.

    Be careful, because not all the creatures you meet or strange structures you find are peaceful. Many things are deadly! Grimoire of Gaia adds exotic, dangerous creatures to the world, some of them friendly, but many are not.

    Nearly every creature, monster, and animal will drop Research Materials you can turn in for Silver Coins.

    Don't worry though, as both BQ and HQM are set to Easy mode, so you do not have to worry about limited lives or earning hearts.

    One world not enough? Explore a limitless number of them, or even make your own using RFTools!

    All these things and much more are in the pack! I'll add more sections with more info over time, but for now I hope that whets your appetite and gets you interested in the pack.

    You can find all the current mods at the Mod List Google Document.


    All changelogs can be found at the Changelog Google Document.

    If you are playing on an existing world from 0.2.0 or older, you MUST delete the /HardcoreQuesting/ folder in your world folder! Otherwise, the game will crash!

    You will then need to re-enable HQM in your world using the command "/hqm quest". IF you did not start the world with cheats enabled, hit Esc and select Open to LAN, turn on cheats, and then use the command again.


    You can find a constantly updated list of lesser known issues at the GitHub Repository.

    • This pack includes FastCraft, enabled by default. It can be disabled with no problems to the pack as a whole.
    • IF YOUR GAME CRASHES DURING LAUNCH, this is due to an error in downloading the pack. To fix :
      • Open up FTB Launcher and click Options
      • Click Advanced Options, and change the Download Location
      • Back in the normal Options, click Force Update. This will redownload the next pack you launch!
      • Launch The Ferret Business to redownload it
        • If it crashes again, let me know which download location you tried, then switch download locations and try again
    • If you want your world to generate with Realistic Terrain Gen, select it from the options when you first start the world!
      • For the server, in your server.properties(which is generated after you run the server once), change the map type from Default to RTG.
    • You can add mods, but at your own risk. Most should work fine unless they remove or change items from other mods, then it MAY break things.
    • This modpack does NOT support removing mods! Doing so can break your QUEST Tablet, and you will not be able to complete every quest!
    • There are almost 100 different blind bags right now, only covering the mods that have quests completed for them. With each update, more and more blind bags will be added!
    • There will be more things added to current Production Contracts, and new types of Contracts added regularly.
    • PLEASE, do not hesitate to leave me feedback, positive or negative, in this thread. Be sure to point out bugs, issues, typos, and more with anything in the pack. As long as you are nice about it, that is.
    • This is only the beginning! I am already working on the next quests as we speak.

    • Changelog : This is the Google Document where I list every changelog and my work on the next version of the pack
    • Mod List : This is a somewhat outdated Mod List, including links to each mods webpage, and links to any permission images required to have them in a public pack.
    • Known Issues : A constantly updated list of issues and their fixes (if there are any)
    • Caigan's Twitter : My personal twitter, which also doubles as my Ferret Business account for now. I tweet a lot about various things, but you can find Ferret Business information and teasers here.
    Some folks have already started doing YouTube LP's on the modpack! You can find them in the spoiler below!

    I hope you enjoy my modpack. As I said before, please do not hesitate to give me feedback here, good, bad, positive, negative, as long as you are courteous about it. Ask questions and let me know of any problems, please!

    Modpack design, writing, and development by Caigan
    Ferret Shinies coding by Erdenshire
    Original Splash Art (prior to 0.1.3) by Cajun
    Current Splash Art by Tiger in Space
    Special thanks to Gorae, ThePhoenixLodge, GreatOrator, Raetac, and many many others!
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  2. Panda413

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    I only read the top section.. already looks worthy of a blind dive in!
  3. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    A pun already? I highly approve!
  4. Gideonseymour

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    Looking pretty cool!
  5. Craig bruyson

    Craig bruyson New Member

    Downloading now. You have me interested
  6. Bearnado123

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    so what is up with the weird inverted mouse controls?
  7. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Whoops, I usually play like that, and its kept my controls it looks like. You can change it by hitting Esc, going to Options > Controls, and changing Invert Mouse to Off.
  8. Mudguts13542

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    When will the quests be expanded?
  9. CrazyDEN

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    Just downloaded them . lets try ^.^
    How can i disable chest items viewer ?
    Can u add Hunger Overhoul ?

    Nice modpack. But sorry , i dont want to play in it , cose im love Gregtech , and without it not interesting. Im wish u a great later development of modpack . Great start !
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2015
  10. cimyPt

    cimyPt New Member

    How much agricraft are you using? Did you include the seeds for cactus, mushrooms and botania petals??
    I love the idea of this modpack :D
  11. terrianneellen

    terrianneellen New Member

    This sounds great, downloaded and will give it a go after the ultimate questpack, in meantime i'll keep an eye out on youtube and see if anyone starts a series. Sounds like a lot of time & hardwork went into this!
  12. MissLid

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    I have to say, this sounds like it's a lot of fun. I too shall be looking out for Let's Play episodes.
  13. Awerick11

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    Same, except I will start playing now!
  14. gerb82

    gerb82 New Member

    Looking cool, if you need someone to test alpha versions on you can count me in :)
  15. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I am already plotting out the next quest line. I'd like to aim for adding a new quest line or two every few weeks.
    Thank you for giving my modpack a try! You can disable the floating inventory by using /HoloInventory in game or disabling the mod. Adding Hunger Overhaul shouldn't break things I believe.
    Thank you! All those seeds are active, the only extra Agricraft seeds that are not enabled are ore seeds, since Magical Crops is also in the pack.
  16. Awerick11

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    And also, why is evrything manual submit? No detection!
  17. gerb82

    gerb82 New Member

    By looking at he story line i think the answer is that items can be sent and recived with the book, and i don't think that they will lokk that you made somthing and send you a reword, becouse as i understand they need what you send to reword you
  18. Vidinston

    Vidinston New Member

    I have no words for the depth and thoroughness of this page. The picture is beautiful, and the pack is like the big boom of it all! When this modpack is finished, I hope you make another pack!
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  19. Caigan

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    Thank you to everyone who has tried and commented on the pack so far! Please keep it up!

    I'm adding a new Spoiler section to list out current issues with the pack.

    Mostly, only the initial Research quests ask you to send in the materials to unlock more quests. A few quests within the bigger quest lines will ask you to submit items as well, but most of the time it will be something small, or to help promote a bit of exploration (such as with Botania's initial quest asking for the flowers).
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  20. bremmon

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    I have to say. . . good job on the setup story. Really unique among the other packs. Well written intro. Enough to get me hooked on yet another modpack:) I look forward to see how this progresses. Downloading now.
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