[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

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  1. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.5 : The Amok Amok Amok Update! Beta V2

    Rolling right along folks, we have V2 of the beta! Some more serious changes again, due to working around a few issues in some mods.

    The biggest thing to note is repeatable quests are disabled, and workarounds are implemented :

    • Job Chips, Shop Tokens, and Trader Chits can be exchanged for Silver Coins and Blind Bags in your handy dandy EnderIO SAG Mill
    • If you run out of Shop Exchange Tokens, consult the last page of your TFB Corporate Catalog
    • Draconic Evolution questline will unlock shop items in the TFB Corporate Catalog
      • Item unlocks IF you open the Catalog at the same time the item is in your inventory. This is not a great workaround, but its what we got available.



      • Disabled the ability to repeat on all quests due to a bug, and implemented various workarounds.
      • Disabled Auto Claim on the roughly 30 quests it was active on, to avoid a different bug
      • Moved Bulk Order Contract turn in quests to Supply and Demand
      • Renamed Bulk Contracts section to Special and Administrative
        • Added 6 Exchange Token quests, which unlock if you are carrying that Exchange Token in your inventory when you open your Corporate Catalog
        • Added over 10 quests for Draconic Evolution items, which unlock if you are carrying specific DE Items when you open your Corporate Catalog
      • Added tooltips to Exchange Tokens to remind players that they can duplicate them for free
      • Updated tooltips on Job Chips, Trader Chits, and Shop Tokens to reflect new ability to turn them into Coins via Ender IO SAGMill
      • Updated tooltips many Draconic Evolution items to note the ability to unlock and purchase them in the Corporate Catalog
    As always, check the full Changelog in my signature!

    Hopefully no more big issues like that pop up! Thank you for your patience everyone!


    • For your established worlds, you will need to update your quest database! Use the Firmware Update quest in the first quest page!
      • For simplicity, here are the commands the Quest will do :
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Job_Reputation
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Shop_Rank
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Trader_Rank
        • /bq_admin reset all playername (replace playername with your in-game name)
      • If you use the Quest itself, it will soft-crash your world (send you back to the main menu). You can reload the world immediately.
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  2. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    You've still got "grave" (~) as the quest key in the config, but that's hard-coded (at least I can't find a config to change it) to the morph wheel.
  3. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Hm, grave works on my working world for BQ, but not a new world, though I've not changed the settings.

    I've found where you can change the morph key, and I've changed it to N, which by the looks of it is only bound to Railcraft's locomotive whistle.

    (You can change it by opening the Esc > Options menu and hitting O key, which will open the ichun options menu)

    EDIT : I can't really change the default keybind for either morph or betterquesting (the latter I might be able to with a mod, but I need to look into that), but I'll see what I can do.
  4. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Oh, I'm silly and didn't look hard enough, I see the default bind files for Morph and will move the Radial menu to N.
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  5. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    JEI tells me Certus Quartz Ore is found from 53 - 77 only, but I've just mined some at y28 and 29. New v2 map.

    edit 28th: compact chest JEI just shows the oregen levels for Nether Salt Ore. The chest builderfrom Compact Chests doesn't update the amount of materials required when changing the columns and rows desired. Materials for all stay at 1.
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  6. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The NEI Not Enough Resources mod display thing doesn't work properly for a bunch of things. I'm considering removing it and just having folks refer to the FTBU Guide listing for ore levels etc.
  7. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.5 : The Amok Amok Amok Update! Beta V3

    Now then, V3 and hopefully the final beta. This won't be up long unless something bad is discovered, the plan is to submit it late tomorrow or early Thursday.

    Why V3? A big exploit was found with Twilight Forest's Uncrafting Table, and then digging in found more, so it has been disabled and replaced with a new mod I can actually control.



    • NEW MODS
      • jglrxavpok's Uncrafting Table
        • This replaces the Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table.
      • Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table ability disabled
        • You can craft each Uncrafting Table to swap it to the other mods'. This is in case you need the Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table specifically
        • The new Uncrafting Table has a new, cheaper recipe.
        • Almost all Draconic Evolution items have been added to the Uncrafting blacklist
      • Morph quick wheel moved from ~ (grave) to N
      • Agricraft Sprinkler particles disabled due to many reports of odd performance issues
      • Nuclearcraft Empty Cell recipe changed to fix recipe conflict
      • Tough Alloy Block, Compressed Block, and Double Compressed Block FMC values fixed (Basic Block is 25 ingots, not 9 like usual!)
    As always, check the full Changelog in my signature!
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  8. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.5 : The Amok Amok Amok! Update Released!

    And here it is, finally, the release of 0.2.5! A lot of changes, a lot of updates, a whole lot of quests!

    As usual, the update is available on both the FTB Launcher, and (within the next day or two) the Twitch/Curse launcher!

    You can find the server download right here, or via the FTB Launcher.


    • NEW MODS
      • Custom Stuff 3 - Enables me to add custom mini mods, like the first one Ferret Blocks, compressed versions of many metal, gem, and other blocks!
      • jglrxavpok's Uncrafting Table - A standalone version of the Uncrafting Table, replacing Twilight Forest's version.
      • Over 65 New Quests!
        • ([FRD]Large Scale Orders) : RF quests reworked, non repeatable now.
        • (Building Your Home) : Compact Storage (1 quest)
        • (Crystalline Storage) : Second half of Applied Energistics 2 questline (23 new quests)
        • (Cauldron Bubble) : Complete Witchery questline (45 new quests)
      • Job, Shop, and Trader tokens can be submitted via the Ender IO SAG Mill
      • New Items!
        • Coven Witch Spawn Egg
        • Hobgoblin Spawn Egg
        • Heart of Gold
        • "Observations of an Immortal" and the missing Torn Pages from it.
          • Bulk Order Contracts moved to [H] Supply and Demand
          • Last Page renamed to [H] Special and Administrative (see Important Notes at bottom of post!)
      • 26 new blind bags!
        • 1 Ferret Survey Blind Bag (1 Good)
        • 2 Compact Storage Bags (1 Cheap, 1 Decent)
        • 10 Applied Energistics 2 Bags (7 Cheap, 1 Decent, 1 Good, 1 Amazing)
        • 13 Witchery Bags (9 Cheap, 2 Decent, 1 Good, 1 Amazing)
      • New Contract system :
        • New GUI
        • Contracts are limited to 8 items + the Contract (meaning they can be done in any 3x3 crafting table!)
      • Many items have had FMC values added or changed. See the full Changelog for more information.
      • The item classification (Furniture, Material, etc) has been removed. Items now only show their FMC value.
        • The item classification system was a very early idea that didn't bear fruit, as the FMC system was changed away from it.
      • Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table ability disabled. Recipes to make and convert to the new Crafting Table have been added.
      • Due to lots of reports of performance issues, Agricraft sprinkler particles disabled
    Lots of other stuff I didn't list! As always, check the full Changelog in my signature!

    • Due to a bug in Better Questing 2, repeatable quests have been disabled. Workarounds are as follows :
      • Reputation token > Money quests : These tokens can be redeemed through the Ender IO Sag Mill
      • Exchange Tokens : When you obtain an Exchange Token, open your TFB Corporate Catalog to unlock the repeatable quest in the last store page
      • Researchology : Submit materials via EnderIO Sag Mill. Payout has been increased to match the quest itself as compensation.
      • Draconic Evolution items : Each time you complete a quest and obtain a DE Item, open your TFB Corporate Catalog to unlock the repeatable quest for it.
    I will implement a better 'workaround' I've been tinkering with. I did not want to delay this update any longer, as its been quite a while since the last update, and this workaround is slightly more complex.

    Now, unlike last time after an update, I am not going to take more than a week break. This'll give me time to get other projects I'm near complete on finished and to make sure nothing explodes that got past my testers.

    I'm already starting work on the next questlines. The next update is planned to be crammed full of quests. Also more contracts and more interesting things!

    Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding with me, and I hope you enjoy the new update.

    As usual, questions, concerns, comments, or just want to chat, please check out the Ferret Business discord linked in my signature!
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  9. ML8991

    ML8991 Guest

    Kudos Caigan for your update :).

    did some little twiddling (will prob be waiting a little longer, so that the Modpack is edging towards a more complete state (given all these new quest lines added :p).
    was just wondering what swayed you away from adding Metallurgy in the end, all the way at the beginning, and have you considered adding any mods to add to the underground environment at all, such as whiskeytangofox's mods, or underground biomes?

    Best wishes, and loving the modpack irregardless
    from ML8991, a renewed fan
  10. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Metallurgy is one of those mods I like when there isn't a ton of other mods in the pack as well, since it adds up to 50 new metals to find and utilize. When there isn't a lot of underground materials already via other mods, it helps add more interesting things to find, but the pack even at the start had a lot to dig up and find.

    CaveBiomes I've not looked into a while, but its one I might consider (since we already have stuff to make the Nether and the End more 'interesting'). We'll have to see.
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  11. ML8991

    ML8991 Guest

    does some of own testing, to see how a splice might look/work

    Edit: the ship crashes into the ground, but the ground looks funny, they are a trippy colour, and of no use to identify to others

    ((i.e it didn't work, null pointer exception trying to render a texture ))
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  12. raykevinr

    raykevinr Guest

    Has anyone gotten shaders working? I have been trying to get them to work but I keep running into the same error dealing with optifine. I added GLSL Shaders and it shows up in the mods section but I don't get a shaders button in game. Here is the error.
  13. Simikao

    Simikao Guest

    Am I missing some settings, do I need to finished quest book or something to submit stuff through the SAG mill? I cannot use chits, tokens nor research shinies in the Sag mill for rewards despite the item description and forum saying I should be able to
  14. Karuka

    Karuka Guest

    Hi Caigan, I'm playing your mod pack and I see that tinker's quest line is far from the beginning (and for now incomplete ;) )
    Why do you put it so far? I saw that mod earlier in other packs.
    Thank you.
    PS: Your pack is amazing anyway :)
  15. kittana

    kittana New Member

    FYI this is listed on the issues log and will be fixed in an update.
  16. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    This is currently a bug. It's already fixed on my end, but I'm working on adding a small questline at least for the next update first, as there are only a few semi serious bugs, and none of them are severe crashes or world corrupting bugs.

    Placement in the list of quests has nothing to do in which order they are unlocked. =) Most questlines are unlocked via the Initial Research questline, so they can be done in any order when they are available. For now, any written or partially written questline appears above all WIP questlines, for ease of locating.
  17. Ogamaga

    Ogamaga Guest

    Anyone have recommendations for early or mid game money making? Preferably something that I can expand on, but the main priority for me is sustainability, meaning not something like mining.
  18. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    i remember something with lots of red crafting clay making a certain decoraft item over and over again at around that pt (was with deco table at one pt)
    grew the red dye on agricraft crops at that were 10-10-10.
    the clay i needed came from bloodmagic alchemy in the chemistry set with sand and water (buckets got reused)being consumed to make clay . there are other ways to make clay like botania clayconia or mekinism process with water vapor(not sure if the primary ie the soild input is annoying for this one or not). i used the first one since it seemed the best for what i had around.

    other then that there is considering mob farms (look at the loot drops ). mob farming grimlore of gai mobs tends to be useful because of the amount of metal drops from some of them (i think u can melt gold and iron armor back into the bars when its undmged)
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  19. Desman

    Desman Well-Known Member

    Find some cinderpearl seeds, agricraft them to 10/10/10, and plant a big field of them with MFR harvester gathering it.

    It's been a while and I can't remember what was profitable about it, so Step 3: ???, Step 4: Profit.
  20. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    very rare seed from villagers , it grew blaze powder

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