[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

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  1. dmtryzhkv

    dmtryzhkv New Member

    hello guys.

    how game breaking is to add aroma1997's mining world? is it "ethical" :D
  2. An0nymuS

    An0nymuS New Member

    The resources are abundant in the Overworld and you can start producing your own resources without a huge amount of progression (tech or quests) through the resource shards (can't remember the mod name right now). I don't think it would be too game-breaking and the only advantage you would get would be perpetual day.
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  3. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    My apologies for the absence on this thread again. I'm fairly bad at forum type social media, if it isn't obvious... (and as always, I'm much more active on Discord, both for general chatter, and for bug reports!)

    The pack is not dead, far from it. Things slow down for me during the summer, as I get fairly busy, and my creativity drops off in the summer heat. Now that fall is starting to set in (finally...), I'm ramping back up properly.

    I'm nearing completion of the next update, and it will be testing time quite soon. I've completed the AE2 questline, nearing completion of one of the other very big, oft requested mod questlines (Witchery), and have a bunch of other updates and changes as well. Right now, there are 50+ NEW quests, and probably will be up to around 75 by the time the update is ready.

    As for posts since my last one : I know a lot of these issues are fixed with all the mod updates since the last one, including DecoCraft, Better Questing, etc. I'll try to answer a few specific things, though :

    When it comes to crops, FMC values are set that low for a reason :

    Crops are a product that can be boosted quite heavily with just a few items and mods : Agricraft 10/10/10 seeds, growth lamps, auto harvesters, etc.

    Potato shouldn't be 50, that's one of the first things I valued when I created the FMC system (basing it off EMC from 1.6 version of Equivalent Exchange. FMC has very very very shifted since then).

    Valuing refining is kind of a tough thing to do. Many items have lots of ways to refine them, as well as multiple ways to get a refined item (Example : Pulverized Metal/Metal Dust can be obtained in many ways, from pulverizing Ingots to grinding that metal's Ore...but it can also be obtained as a BYPRODUCT of other recipes that don't involve said metal.). Some refined items ALSO drop as loot from monsters.

    As for cooking/smelting refining : Almost every normal furnace recipe can be done in a powered version of a furnace as well. RF Energy is...quite cheap. There are multiple methods for near endless energy with comparatively little upfront cost compared to the long run.

    Clockwork Phase was never planned, no. You might be confusing the icon with Buildcraft, or another mod that has gears as a component? A lot of those are placeholder icons, some for mods not in use anymore.

    Removing DecoCraft will be an issue, but not a super gamebreaking one, due to how scripts and stuff work. It will break some FMC valuing due to how MineTweaker handles missing items in a script.

    There are no questlines, aside from the DecoCraft one, that 'requires' DecoCraft items to continue on. BetterQuesting temporarily replaces missing items with Bedrock. When the items are returned, the quest items go back to normal.

    Blind Bags usually no longer crash people if they get an invalid item. You just will not get an item at all if you pull a decocraft blind bag.

    The next update should be more friendly to removing/disabling specific mods when it comes to FMC scripts at least.
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  4. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I wouldn't consider this too gamebreaking. Aroma1997's Mining World mostly just replicates the spawn settings for the Overworld, except keeping it at permanent daytime. It's good for early game when you don't want to wreck the overworld, especially on a server.
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  5. hector212121

    hector212121 New Member

    Uh.... No, no, it's definitely in the icons. I remember doing a NEI search on it and finding the icon under ferret shinies....
  6. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Unfortunately I think you saw or remembered wrong, sorry. =( Here are all the ferret shiny icons, aside from the Shop Voucher, various Shipping Crate icons, Shard of Time, and Contracts.

    Many of the icons are not used now, but the images are left in for possible use at another time.
  7. qazw88

    qazw88 New Member

    Is the pack still being updated or is it on a break from updates?
  8. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

  9. It wont load ive tried everything, Forge Mod Loader just crashes whenever i get to the part where it attempts to initialize Buildcraft Transport plz help would be appreciated thanks!
  10. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I'll need some kind of crash report or logs or whatnot. It's hard to tell what is ACTUALLY crashing it without those, sorry.

    Still being updated! In fact...
  11. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.5 : The Amok Amok Amok Update! Beta V1

    Months and months in the making, but its finally here! The first Beta for the 0.2.5 update, now titled The Amok Amok Amok Update!



    • NEW MODS
      • Custom Stuff 3 - Allows me to add custom blocks and other things over time(set into their own sub-mods!), since my coder is a bit limited in time and whatnot for side projects right now.
        • Sub Mod - Ferret Blocks - Compressed versions of many metal, gem, and other blocks.
      • Draconic Evolution quests ARE fixed as well!
      • Over 65 New Quests!
        • ([FRD] Large Scale Orders) 10 RF Submission Quests (replaces the old set of RF submission quests)
          • NOTE : These may STILL be giving weird issues with the UI. If so, I will be removing them. Needs testing.
        • (Building Your Home) 1 New Quest covering Compact Storage
        • (Crystalline Storage) 23 New Quests to finish off the AE2 Questline
        • (Cauldron Bubble) 45 New Quests, the complete Witchery questline!
      • New Items!
        • Coven Witch spawn egg
        • Hobgoblin spawn egg
        • Heart of Gold
        • Observations of an Immortal and Torn Pages
      • Minetweaker scripts for FMC values have been changed. Each mod is its own contained FMC value file, so that players who need to disable a mod don't break FMC valuing for many other mods.
      • 26 New Blind Bags Added!
        • 1 Ferret Business Survey Blind Bag added (Good tier)
        • 10 Applied Energistics 2 Blind Bags added : 7 Cheap, 1 Decent, 1 Good, 1 Amazing
        • 2 Compact Storarge Blind Bags added : 1 Cheap, 1 Decent
        • 13 Witchery Blind Bags added : 9 Cheap, 2 Decent, 1 Good, 1 Amazing
      • Item Type designation has been removed. It was part of the original FMC system plan that we've moved away from since then.
      • Witchery items valued
      • Potato, Poisoned Potato, and Baked Potato FMC Values changed from 50 to 5 (more in line with other crops)
      • Many items from Railcraft, NuclearCraft, Big Reactors, Tinker's Construct, Thermal Foundation, Mekanism, Solar Expansion, Immersive Engineering, and ExtraTiC have FMC values now
    As always, check the full Changelog in my signature!

    The plan will be to have this out for testing over Thanksgiving (US) week, then submit it afterwards. There may be subsequent beta versions if big issues are found and fixed!

    For any bugs you encounter, please report them on the GitHub or in Discord chat! You can also post them up in this thread, but I am more likely to see them in Discord or Github first!

    Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed or even just tried the pack, given positive and negative feedback on it, and have reported various issues. Thank you for being patient with me.


    • For your established worlds, you will need to update your quest database! Use the Firmware Update quest in the first quest page!
      • For simplicity, here are the commands the Quest will do :
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Job_Reputation
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Shop_Rank
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Trader_Rank
        • /bq_admin reset all playername (replace playername with your in-game name)
      • If you use the Quest itself, it will soft-crash your world (send you back to the main menu). You can reload the world immediately.
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  12. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    Excellent, an update.
    I followed the "BETA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS" for updating, clicked on the FU quest on the first quest page, but I'm still left with the quests being reset. Maybe that's expected? Hope not - a warning in your post might've been nice if so.
  13. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    That's odd, quest progress should not be reset by the Firmware Update quest, it hasn't before. I just did a few tests and didn't have a progress reset.

    Did you happen to do the [ADMIN] Scoreboard and Progress Reset quest as well? That one WILL reset your quest progress, as it warns you multiple times.

    If not, I'll see if I can replicate the issue.

    You can try recovering your progress with your backups in /minecraft/ftbutil-backups , find the [world name]/betterquesting/QuestProgress.json and copy it over to the same location in your current world folder before loading it.
  14. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    I didn't do the ADMIN scoreboard. I did the one that runs the /bq_admin default load command.

    There is no /betterquesting folder, but there is a QuestProgress.json in the root of the world name. There is a HardcoreQuesting folder, containing players.dat.
    Copying the QuestProgress.json seems to have worked, after the bq_admin default load reset. I now have my existing quests still complete, and some new ones, with AE bags as rewards (AE bags being the confirmation of new update for me as I don't remember what quests were there before).
    Still have an error with the quest book - I cannot scroll down the list of quest sections on the left - it snaps back up to the top.
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  15. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Okay, confirming this is an issue reported by a couple folks, I will look into whats causing this. I have thoughts on what is causing it, but I'll need to test it when I get the chance tonight or tomorrow.

    If you want to help test my theory though, do the following :
    1. Do /bq_admin edit to activate edit mode
    2. Navigate to the Large Scale Orders section
    3. At the right, find the button that says "Reset quest progress" (Or similar)
    4. Reset ALL quests on the page
    5. Do /bq_admin edit to deactivate edit mode
    6. See if it resets scrolling through the pages again
  16. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    The only reset quest progress button I found was in Design Mode for the LSO section. It didn't help with the scrolling issue.
  17. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Whoops! Need to go into Designer mode then the Large Orders Section to see those buttons, forgot about that.
  18. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Okay, I have figured out the cause of the issue. Strangely, it occurs when you complete the first Witchery quest. I've not been able to determine WHY though, aside from it being that specific quest itself, probably because it was one of the placeholder quests from when the pack used HQM, and the 'import' feature of BQ did something strange.

    Regardless, I will replace the quest with a brand new one that just duplicates the text, requirements, etc to get around the broken state of the original quest.

    I will put out Beta v2 in a few hours. I need to go through and check all the quests and all placeholders to ensure another quest does not have the same issue.

    EDIT : Found the root of the issue, which will require me to rework all Repeatable quests due to a bug.
    The update will be something this afternoon or evening.
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  19. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    Is there a known issue with veinminer? No matter what key I assign, it doesn't work. Using wood, stone, iron or tinker's pickaxes.

    edit: found a post from a couple of years ago - veinminer.cfg ties it to sneak, ignoring the keybind. Interesting choice. Works now. Most of my testing was on blocks that weren' t in the 'veinmineable' list of blocks.
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  20. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    I have it set to sneak since a lot of things want their own keybinds.

    If you find something you feel should be added to the veinminer block list, let me know. I tend to keep it to things like logs, ores, etc, instead of everything, since sneak breaking something might blast a hole in the side of your house instead. =)

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