[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Caigan, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Shadeus

    Shadeus New Member

    I just started playing this modpack yesterday. I remember playing it a couple(?) years ago. Decided to try it again. Boy, am I happy to see that you're still working on updates, Caigan! Am really looking forward to future updates!
  2. NicholasRC7

    NicholasRC7 Member

    Any chance of a HQM lives mode? All you'd have to do is add hearts to the rewards in 0.2.7 or so.
  3. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Perhaps at some point!
  4. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.6 : The Slightly Fixed Amoking... Update! Beta V1

    Apologies for the delay in this update, I had wanted to get it out around the middle of January at the latest, but it didn't work out that way.

    This update is to fix some issues from last update, including SAGMill and repeatable quest workarounds.

    A quick changelog is as follows :

    • The SAGMill has been fixed, and crates can be submitted, and Job/Shop/Trader coins can be traded in again as well.
    • The cludgy workaround implemented last update has been reverted :
      • You no longer have to use the Corporate Catalog to repeat Exchange or Draconic Evolution quests
      • All repeatable quests have been implemented with a smoother workaround. They SHOULD reset themselves cleanly, but on very rare occasion they will autocomplete themselves again.
    • The previous workaround's components have been left in the Corporate Catalog, and the 'gate' quests unhid. This is a backup just in case something with BQ2 breaks with the new workaround.
    • LOTS of other fixes
    • RF Energy quests have been hidden, and will probably be removed at some point
      • The RF addon for Better Questing 2 is broken and will not be fixed for 1.7
    • 3 new quests and 2 new blind bags covering Cooking for Blockheads



    Hopefully no more big issues like that pop up! Thank you for your patience everyone!


    • For your established worlds, you will need to update your quest database! Use the Firmware Update quest in the first quest page!
      • For simplicity, here are the commands the Quest will do :
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Job_Reputation
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Shop_Rank
        • /scoreboard objectives remove Trader_Rank
        • /bq_admin reset all playername (replace playername with your in-game name)
      • If you use the Quest itself, it will soft-crash your world (send you back to the main menu). You can reload the world immediately.
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  5. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Fixed the main post, updating the server link there to 0.2.5, and cleaning up the Video section a bit. All video links have been converted from Media links, since I am limited to 5 of those per post.

    Beta Plan : If no large bugs show up, to submit the update Tuesday or Wednesday. If a bug shows up, a new beta will be released instead.
  6. Wynter Foxx

    Wynter Foxx Guest

    As a little FYI to everyone, you can use Optifine. Just download an older version like D6. E3(Along with other newer versions?) conflicts with Bibliocraft and can not be used.
  7. Piripács

    Piripács New Member

    I get this error when try to install this pack:

    Issue with new md5 method, attempting to use backup method.
    Local: FAC40CFA82E9C5F321E11D85C7746779
    Remote: B5E01DA4134029299645411F9D2C4C30
    Error downloading modpack!!!
  8. wuicraft

    wuicraft Guest

    Hello there,

    Many thanks for the new version ! Was a bit frustrating to not be able to use the sag mill for converting things :)

    I'm having the same issue with md5 method failing, will test the beta in the meantime, by the way, thanks for the the guide on how installing it :)

    Are the beta and the release version the same ?

    Keep on the good work :))
  9. wuicraft

    wuicraft Guest

    The issue occured only in feed the beast installer. On twitch everything works fine, thanks again :)
  10. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.6 : The Slightly Fixed Amoking... Update Released!

    This hit the launchers a few days ago, and I haven't gotten to putting up the announcement till now. The focus of this update is some bug fixes and a few quests.

    As usual, the update is available on both the FTB Launcher, and (within the next day or two) the Twitch/Curse launcher!

    (NOTE : The FTB Launcher version is not working. Use the Twitch/Curse launcher version for now! The FTB Team has been notified)

    You can find the server download right here, or via the FTB Launcher.


    • NEW MODS
      • Goody Bags - Replaces the big reward bag for now, and will be used for other similar bags down the line.
      • Quest Fixes and a few new quests!
        • Workaround for repeatable quests implemented last version has been reverted, and a better workaround implemented.
          • You no longer have to use the TFB Corporate Catalog to purchase Draconic Evolution items or Exchange Tokens
          • The TFB Corporate Catalog workaround will be left in, in case things break again.
        • ([FRD]Large Scale Orders) : RF quests hidden, will be removed next version
        • (Soul Food) : 3 New Quests, covering Cooking For Blockheads!
      • Job, Shop, and Trader tokens can be submitted via the Ender IO SAG Mill for real this time!
      • Supply Crates can be submitted once again!
      • 2 new blind bags!
        • 2 Cooking with Blockheads (1 Cheap, 1 Decent)
      • Grand Prize Bag has been swapped to a Goody Bag bag, to fix an issue where contents would be random in each new world generated
      • Many items have been added to the Uncrafting Table blacklist, including all supply crates, bulk order contracts, draconic evolution items, and more.
        • The blacklist has an issue that some items don't get registered occasionally and become uncraftable.
    Lots of other stuff I didn't list! As always, check the full Changelog in my signature!


    I am going to be on break from working on the pack for the next 2 weeks, as I'm at the tail end of a very important personal project that I will hopefully be wrapping up around my birthday on the 7th.

    After that, I will be starting work on some more BIG questlines. Which ones, you'll have to wait to see... =)

    As usual, questions, concerns, comments, or just want to chat, please check out the Ferret Business discord linked in my signature!
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  11. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    The Third Party Pack team has been notified and this will hopefully be fixed soon. Until then, the Twitch client version still works.
  12. Dracony

    Dracony Guest

    How do I update my server from 0.2.5 to 0.2.6 while keeping all the data, just copy the world to the new folder?
  13. Caigan

    Caigan New Member

    Since stuff like ops list, whitelist, server settings files, etc are all different between servers, easiest to do this :

    1. Make a backup of your world folder (this is a just in case thing)
    2. Extract the server zip to a new folder
    3. Copy the following from the old server folder to the new one, overwriting files :
      1. world folder
      2. server.properties
      3. ops.json
      4. whitelist.json
      5. tailslibrary.json
      6. bannedips.json (if you've banned anyone)
      7. bannedplayers.json (if you've banned anyone)
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  14. Dracony

    Dracony Guest

    Cool, thank you. :)
  15. Soul Crushee

    Soul Crushee Guest

    Caigan could you add a mod to make the game harder because when you reach high enough all you are going to die from are unstable ingots, the void, or magic? Also, I keep crashing when I issue the key in the ME terminal and it is a great mod pack.
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  16. Vapor

    Vapor Active Member

    In just about any mod pack, you get to a point where you're nearly unkillable, or you've stopped fearing complications, from what you've done. Whether it is high powered armors or magic, or such a high degree of automation that death is an inconvenience more than anything else, eventually you get to a "I have beaten the challenge" state in a map. Now, there's nothing saying the pack won't get something harder eventually, but that usually just adds another bar to jump over.
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  17. Soul Crushee

    Soul Crushee Guest

    In addition to my other comment, I mean a mod that makes the game hard throughout like Advent of Ascension or a mod to make the mod pack harder the more you play like Difficult life.

    Edit: Also hardcore ender expansion has a very late game boss and disable the endless level up of tinkers' construct. Finally what would make a good base besides making your own or building in a redwood tree?
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  18. 0b3r0n

    0b3r0n New Member

    I'm happy to see, that's not an abandonned 3rd modpack, and i'm happy because after 2years, there is new update, and i come back on this site to look at the new changelog :)
  19. Rainylynne

    Rainylynne Guest

    I'm a bit new to the forums, but I keep having an issue with the modpack when I try to download it. I think it's an issue with the pack, since all others are fine, but I'm not sure. For now I have it uninstalled and a save file backed up, thinking a fresh install would work. Nothing, so far. Could anyone help? I'm sorry if it's not allowed here, and if not, could someone point me in the right direction?

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  20. @Rainylynne I'll be honest I'm not 100% on the error but I might suggest trying the legacy ftb launcher and see if it gives a similar error or not. I honestly generally have nothing but trouble with the twitch app myself and switching to the legacy launcher unless something gets way out of date for some reason I don't generally have any issue unless I mess something up myself.

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