[1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by tfox83, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    The modlist is final, once all the magic recipes are finished the pack will hopefully come out of Beta within a month or so. As far as conflicts with BoP, I have no idea, never had a reason to try it with that mod, but most Biome IDs from other mods in the pack are not default.
  2. ParAdoX83

    ParAdoX83 New Member

    so noone can tell me how to stop aromabackup and where it saves its autosaave files? ._.
  3. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Remove the mod and it will stop backing up
  4. ParAdoX83

    ParAdoX83 New Member

    Can i just delete it from the mod folder? Or do i have to remove it somewhere else? *absolute noob*
  5. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Either delete it from the mod folder or change it from .jar to .disabled
  6. ParAdoX83

    ParAdoX83 New Member

    ok, thanks a lot :)
  7. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    I haven't used it before so I am not sure where the backups go, but look for a folder called backup or something like that more than likely. It will tell you in the config where it is trying to save to. That's under configs\aroma1997\AromaBackup.cfg
  8. Amragoth

    Amragoth New Member

    I have a bug report for u. There is no way to craft signalum ingots which is required for crafting machine blocks for Ender IO and Thermal Expansion. Great work with the modpack BTW
  9. plagie006

    plagie006 New Member

    Smelt signalum blend, which comes from 3 copper dust, 1 silver dust, 1 bucket destablized redstone. Not a bug, just basic Thermal Expansion recipes.
  10. plagie006

    plagie006 New Member

    Aroma backups are in the "backups" folder inside your minecraft folder.
  11. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Is anyone having issues with the Demon Invasion from Blood Magic in this mod pack? I performed the ritual and do have demons spawning, but the structures themselves aren't forming correctly. In some cases they're 1 block above ground and also there no loot chests being generated. Using the same version of Blood Magic with no other mod's installed the village being generated works fine with no problems. I have tried deleted the config files thinking maybe from the update the configs needed to be regenerated. But that had no effect, and now it is forming path ways but no buildings. Here are some screen shots to show what I am talking about. http://imgur.com/a/aQawv

    If any additional info is needed let me know. Thank you in advance!

    Using version 1.07 of Dark Trilogy.
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  12. orranmargath

    orranmargath New Member

    it seems my tinkers weapons modifiers on my cleaver have no effect, is any one else having this issue?

    edit: correction, the effects seem to be random.. i have life steal, 1 level of smite, one level of sharpness currently on it. seems i get 0-1 heart back at random, damage per attack seems to fluctuate as well
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  13. Amragoth

    Amragoth New Member

    Yup but co make destabilized redstone u need magma crucible, to make magma crucible u need machine block from TE, to make it u need signalum so if there isn't another way to do it you are stuck with it
  14. EpicEraser

    EpicEraser New Member

    You don't need signalum to make a TE machine block.
    You will need steel though.
  15. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    Would love to see an answer to this.
  16. micmou

    micmou New Member

    Would you take a look at lanteacraft as an optional mod I know that you always say it is final but there is no similar teleportation systems I am forced to use Applied Energestics as a Teleport system. Although you will need to change the recipes and disable it so we do not have to find a way to retrogen it in.

    And random things as an optional mod.


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  17. scuzzyfuzzy

    scuzzyfuzzy New Member

    I have a small issue: I can't pastebin any programs into my turtle...has it been disabled or something?
    I checked the CC cfg, http is enabled...
    I use the modpack with Enderzoo enabled and with the addition of Fastcraft

  18. Amragoth

    Amragoth New Member

    Yup sorry my bad. I was looking on the Ender IO machine frame. Thanks fot replying :)
  19. PirateAE

    PirateAE New Member

    I give this pack for what ive played and looked though the recipes, a A- Overall... Biggest issue for me and its a pack breaking issue is, I hate Ic2, Forcing the majority of tier 1 of IC2 in (Generator, Blast furnace, Compressor, Metal former) to get the T1 of say thermal expansion (Pulverizer & Powered furnace).
  20. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    Congratz to @tfox83 on the 100k views mark ;)
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