[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

Discussion in 'thephoenixlodge' started by thephoenixlodge, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Kenidy

    Kenidy Member

    Natura berry bushes will also be nice
  2. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    Their is an issue with millionaire and cauldron with the villages not working. Wanted to know if you were running cauldron and if you were how to get around it.
  3. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to figure out, if/how to set up a forestry multifarm to use for all the agricraft crops.
    Sadly I seem to fail in my tries to find the right setup yet, like which electron tube to use for that to work. So maybe someone with more knowledge about this can help me about a few questions:

    - Do I need to use different tubes seen on the "plants" inside the cropsticks or is agricraft 1 special tube for all plants?
    - If the second: Which ones would I need to use for the magical crops to gather? (mainly want the farm for gathering the metal essences, lapis etc.)

    In 0.7.4 I worked with golems. But since they're bugged for the time being, I wanted to try the multifarm. Sadly it's hard to find any real informations besides the "standard"-multifarm (so no special seeds etc.) to set it up. :/
  4. balbo1221

    balbo1221 New Member

    2015-10-03_23.20.14.png I updated the modpack and re-unlocked most of my quests but most of my left page in chapter 5 is missing quests, how do you unlock these quests?
  5. Kmad

    Kmad Well-Known Member

    Well, I've been unable to make it work in SSP, or SMP, though the SMP problem seems to be different than the SSP problem.

    Seems like my SSP issue is a problem of space. I'm sure the SMP problem is probably related to one or more of my serverside mods.
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  6. rivvest

    rivvest Well-Known Member

    For a minimal setup, you'll need 36 farm blocks. From these, make a gear box (power), hatch (item input/output), and valve (water). Arrange these in a 3x4x3, keeping those three block exposed. Next you'll need a soldering iron, circuit board and a copper electron tube. Right click the soldering iron into the air, place the circuit board in the slot. Select "Manual Farm" and use the copper tube(s) in the effect slot. This will give you an 'orchard' circuit board. Place this into your farm, and you'll see the icons there change to cherries. Apply power, feed it water, and put some Forestry fertilizer in the Farm. You'll need one of the approved materials (stone bricks, others) to use as the base for your soil. On top of that, place whatever soil is required, crops, and your seeds as you normally would. Voila! Once the crop grows, the farm will harvest.
    (Note - I believe you must have at least one stone brick against the Farm on all 4 sides before it will work, even if you don't have any soil there.)

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  7. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin Well-Known Member

    Thank you alot :)

    Didn't think it would be the "orchard"-tube I would need for this. So it was one of the tubes I put away as "Surely the wrong one".
    Will try it out later *cheers*
  8. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Well if u want you could also manually update agricraft with the hotfix for the golems. It was released not to long ago and not sure when it will be updated in regrowth again. Recommended to update some mods yourself if you wanna play the latest version.
  9. rivvest

    rivvest Well-Known Member

    Try holding aluminium ore (or maybe it's an ingot..)
    Good luck.. this is the first time I've set one up for Agricraft; I'm excited to have an alternative to golems, as cool as they are.
  10. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge Popular Member

    Hold aluminum/bauxite and gold ores.
  11. Booker The Geek

    Booker The Geek Well-Known Member

    On the smp if you figure it out drop me a line? I'll do the same if we get it.
  12. rivvest

    rivvest Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is intentional, an oversight, fixable, or if I should just shut up.. :) I setup (another) Forestry multi-farm to collect lots of saplings for Witchery.. but since it converts the vanilla saplings to the Forestry equivalents, they are no longer valid for the Witch's Oven or the mana pool trade-in recipes. Still works great for the Witchery saplings (and no Ents are spawning), but back to the ol' Lumber Axe + Horn of the Canopy for the vanilla trees.

    Edit.. so.. I actually tried it, it worked fine. Stupid me failed at NEI. Nothing to see here!
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  13. FrostX1

    FrostX1 Active Member

    I seem to be having issues getting any milleniare villages to spawn in any worlds. i have made 3 and they won't spawn, and i have traveling well over 6k in every direction from my spawn.
  14. Rivalyn

    Rivalyn Member

    They don't spawn. You have to complete the thaumcraft stuff and find a primordial pearl to make a village creation wand. It's very very endgame.
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  15. Kmad

    Kmad Well-Known Member

    Will do.
  16. Urist McStout-Horn

    Urist McStout-Horn Active Member

    I have a small suggestion for a future update to the quest flow. I'm not sure where it would be nice to kind of introduce it (if it's not already in somewhere, that is) but... spoiler for keeping the pure, pure.

    So, me and my buddy were doing the quest "Green Thumb", which is lovely, and sends you on the path of aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements, among other things. However, at some point, after looking up the recipe for the requisite trowel, my buddy stumbled upon the recipe for the Gardening Trowel from AgriCraft. This is one of THE handiest tools ever when dealing with the crossbreeding and improvement of plants, not to mention the sheer convenience of transplanting a fully grown plant, alongside being able to SCAN THE PLANT while full grown. Yes, you have to plant it into crops again to see, but it's analyzed! I would like to suggest SOME sort of quest to introduce this tool once you've got the iron to make it. If it's already in there somewhere, intentionally later, that's fine too, but I WISH I'd have known about this tool back in 0.7.x when I started with this pack originally.

    Also: Keep up the great work. This pack is exactly the flavor I've been looking for in Minecraft in a long, long time.
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  17. Kmad

    Kmad Well-Known Member

    Disabled/removed all my server mods to test it out some more, the Wand of Summoning doesn't react at all when used.
  18. balbo1221

    balbo1221 New Member

    Thanks I've got most of them now!
  19. Gabor Garami

    Gabor Garami Active Member

    Dear creator, could you please make a quick update with the newest Agricraft? It solves the Thaumcraft golem compatibility, as they aren't able to harvest any cropstick thing in the pack. Please, please make an update for us! :)
  20. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Gabor not hard to do it yourself, so i don't think hes gonna update it for agricraft hotfix itself. Download the hotfix than just input into the mod folder and delete the outdated 1 so they don't conflict.

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